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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Jack Black

Written by PETA | November 6, 2007

242_jack_black.jpgNo, not that Jack Black … The Jack Black line of skin care products for men that’s taken the world by storm, with rave reviews and awards from Men’s Health and Esquire magazines. Now the company has teamed up with PETA to highlight its new cruelty-free Pure Performance Shave Brush with a contest over at

Until now, essentially all high-end barber shop quality shave brushes have been made with badger hair, so this is a real breakthrough. To be honest, I’m a little behind the uber-hip urban dude grooming curve. But even an emo guy like me can appreciate the fact that this brush helps guys get a nice clean shave, and more importantly, lets badgers carry on being badgers. It took years of development and commitment to make it happen, so PETA is presenting our Trail-Blazer Award to Jack Black cofounders Curran Dandurand and Emily Dalton for their commitment to developing products that are free from animal ingredients and never tested on animals.

The holidays are coming, so Mum and Dad, if you’re reading, I really like the looks of this stuff . . . I’m just saying is all. Oh yeah, here’s a direct link to the contest.

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  • sp says:

    Thanks for this products……

  • Janae Coston says:

    Big kudos to Jack Black! I’ve bought his products for my friends and they all love it. But the best part is knowing he’s a kindhearted merchant! I’m swearing allegiance for my male friends at least!

  • Carla says:

    Anything thats goes from cruelty too cruelty free has to get an Award. Congratulations to all effort!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hey Michele Glad you enjoyed “Trust Us We’re Experts”. If you get a chance please take a look at “Toxic Sludge Is Good For You”. I think you and Ariel and others made good points about the PETA Files being infiltrated. There are certain PETAphobic posters on here who will NEVER change their minds on animal exploitation. The same could be said about us PETAphiles. Most of us though were in the past on the other side. We can at least lay claim to be openminded enough to see the other side of the coin. The real battle here is not between the “pros” and the “antis” we all know we will never convince each other but for the allegiance of those whose hearts and minds have not yet been made up. That silent demographic’s support is what both groups are really fighting for and why we have to persist.

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