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Introducing: Win It Wednesday!

Written by PETA | February 11, 2009

PETA is psyched to declare today our first-ever Win It Wednesday! Every Wednesday, right here on the PETA Files, we’ll have a cool prize up for grabs. All you have to do is post a comment for a chance to win. This week, we’re choosing three lucky winners to take home the exclusive PETA Crow and Roach couture T-shirt, which is popping up in all the most fashionable circles these days.

Hip L.A. T-shirt company Spiders & Caviar designed and made this limited-edition shirt especially for PETA. It’s super-soft, super-cute, and could be super-free!


PETA's Crow and Roach T-shirt


How do you win? This shirt reminds us that all animals—even less popular ones such as crows and roaches—are important. What is your favorite animal, and why? Post your answer in a comment to be entered! If you’re a winner, we’ll also ask you to tell us which style and size T-shirt you prefer.

The contest ends on February 25, 2009, and we’ll choose the most endearing comments as the winners on February 26, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Cheri says:

    My favorite animal changes daily. Right now my toddler and I love watching the roadrunner that traverses our AZ backyard daily.

  • Rachel says:

    I absolutely adore ALL animals for so many reasons! Not just because they are cute of course but they also have such great personnalities that nobody really seems to care about wich is a real shame. I am a vegan along with my twin sister And i Honestly do believe that every living thing human and animal even insects should be treated with respect and not be taken advantage of like most of them are today. I have a bunny nammed Mocha and she is just the nicest creature in the whole wide world wich is why i would like to talk about her…She is the softest cuddlyestfriendlyest cutestmost amazingadorable astonishingdazzlingincrediblefantastic humorousgracefullfatcapable crazy energeticbrighthelpfullfabulous knowledgeable jolly fascinating mysteriousflawless beautiful brown and white bunny ever i 3 peta

  • Drew says:

    My furkid Gizmo because I can’t sleep without him.

  • Drew says:

    Don’t Eat Crow Join PETA

  • Hannah says:

    My favorite animal is a rhinoceros. As a child I got to go on a field trip to the Denver Zoo. I almost lost my group when we came to the rhinos. He was so sad. We just stared at each other. I started crying. A few years ago I took my nephew to the Denver Zoo. He is a sneaky little guy and he ran off. When I finally spotted him he was with a rhinoceros but I don’t know if it was the rhino I met years before. He was reaching out a peanut butter sandwich through the smallest part of the fence and there was the rhino stretching his neck over the pit to gently take it from his threeyearold fingers. Since then I have come to realize that why I get sad at zoos is because they are cruel. But that does not make it less beautiful when humans and animals can connect beyond stupid prisons and barriers.

  • audrey says:

    i have two ratties that were rescued from a vet tech college in queens. they buy new ones at the beginning of each year use them to teach their students then kill them at the end of the semester. it’s horrendous. i love my ratties!

  • Molly Clay says:

    My favorite animal would have to be ducks. My reason for this is due to what has been happening by my school lately. Right behind my school is a lake filled with ducks and fish. Some of the student earlier in the school year thought it was fun to throw rocks and spit at the ducks now that the season has turned they have moved on to snowballs. These poor ducks aren’t that fast and a lot of the time get hit. I have tried talking to these people but there so thick headed they won’t listen. I am continuing to try to help and am doing as much as I can. But for now the ducks just stick it out. These ducks are the lakes little wariors and I hope they can see through this mess.

  • Katie says:

    Spiders are my favourite animals because they’re just so amazing they can climb walls build webs and some can even fly using parachutes! And some spiders have such fantastic markings and colours have you even seen the cobalt blue spider? So pretty! I wish everyone else could see the beauty of our fourlegged friends and not squish them o

  • vicky says:

    Hi PETA! My favourite animal is a cat a house cat or a wild one!! their all gorgeouse and very fasinating to me!! I have five cats and 1 small SHI ITZUsheedzoo! I have never owned a dog beforethey are so opposite of a cat. I’am enjoying her every dayshe goes every where I go!!!I love all my animals and yes they are loved very much and taken careof!!! I have one cat who has missplaced knees so he whabblesI worry about arthritisgets older!Fornow I just love and care for them all !!!!!Luvvicky! I love PETA!!!

  • Nicole Carter says:

    My favorite animal is baby chicks…They are so cute when they are small and when they get older…but they shouldn’t be used as nuggets it’s wrong and i love every animal as if they were my own family….

  • Aryiel Astolfi says:

    Of all the amazing animals in the world I would definitely say that elephants are my favorite. Elephants have an incredibly large range of emotions expressing those from joy to compassion to grievance. Baby elephants splash happily around in the water or hold on to their mothers with their trunks shyly. Two elephants will entwine their trunks affectionately and celebrate when one returns to the group after leaving it for a while. They feel a sense of loss when a member dies and will bury it but tossing earth over himher. The will even stop to grieve at a place where one had died in the past. Elephants are also extremely intelligent beings. They recognize their own reflections and use objects as tools such as foliage to scratch themselves or brush flies off of themselves. The are also very communicative animals and have many ways of conveying their thoughts using numerous sounds that lie below the frequency of human hearing range that can travel for miles through the earth. They also have incredible memories. Besides the fact that elephants are environmentally helpful theyre like vegetarians and contribute to ecological balance as their treading spurs restoration in a rotation of clearance and revival I love elephants because of their magical essence. Their compassion and intelligence make them a remarkably majestic creature.

  • Pamela Reich says:

    I never met an animal I didn’t like. How could I possibly pick. Perhaps chickens. I once visited a farm that had a few chickens pecking about the yard. My 12lb terrier decided they were great fun to chase. One chicken didn’t take kindly to being herded by a strange dog. We spent a fun afternoon watching them both chase each other around the fenced in yard. They soon became friends playing a mischevious game of tag with my dog yelping and wagging its tail and the chicken sqawking and leaping in the air at my pup. We were all sad when we had to leave behind I new found friend that day.

  • Dave Perkins says:

    Cool! Another day to win another shirt supporting animal ethics!

  • John Maynus says:

    Cats are my favorite animal. They are cute and fun to watch and play around with. They are like small children and always learning and anytime they are in a new place they have to go check EVERYTHING out.

  • Natasha Laity-Snyder says:

    Pigeons! Pigeons are just great. I had a pet pigeon who was not only adored by my family but also completely charmed his old family. Unfortunately for his previous owner she became so afflicted by lung problems she could no longer keep him. Pigeons are dusty birds. Biggie the pigeon flew all over our house fell madly in love with our cat played tag would fall asleep lying upside down in people’s laps and his gentle ways taught many children that birds are interesting and cool. Unfortunately Biggie died from unknown causes about a year ago and he’s irreplaceable. I also enjoy watching wild pigeons which are a society unto themselves. They come in all kinds of fascinating colors and patterns and they have distinctive personalities.

  • David says:

    My favorite animals are cats. Some of my earliest memories from childhood are of the first cat we ever had Missy. I still remember that she went completely blind in her later years but you would never know it. She continued to maneuver throughout the house as flawlessly as if she still had her vision. Mom remembers her being especially fond of me. Once after she had spanked me for some sort of misbehavior Missy was so angry that she walked into the kitchen where Mom was standing and smacked her with her paw! All of my life we have had cats. All of them have been strays or rescues. We always provided them with proper veterinary care good food toys and of course lots of love. Each one is uniqueeach endowed with their own fascinating personality lovable quirks and playful nature. I have enjoyed watching each one of them as they grew learned new things and developed new aspects to their personalities throughout the course of their lives. And it hurts when it’s time to say goodbye. As I write this I have to fight back the tears because I just recently had to have the last of our family cats A.P. Adam Pussycat put down due to complications of advanced stage kidney failure. We were in each other’s lives for 18 years and I consider it a privilege to have been his caretaker. The first time in my nearly 43 years that I have been without a cat. I will be adopting another one in the near future but first I want to acquire some new toyssupplies order Ingrid’s book about taking care of cats to get some new ideas and finish grieving for A.P. I truly don’t mean to ramble but I adore cats and I loved my little guy very much.

  • Luna Wolf says:

    I don’t have any favorite animals because then I would have to have a least favorite. But especially love Emus Chickens Turkey Vultures Lobsters Wolves Rats and Cockroaches because they are all so abused and maligned yet are all so gentle and would never hurt us. Also I have some Cockroaches as friends so I’m pretty desprate to win that shirt. X3

  • Lena says:

    I love all animals which is just one of the many reasons why I’m a vegetarian so it is difficult to choose! One of my favorite animals are deer because they are very majestic and beautiful creatures with such soulful eyes.

  • Chelsey Childress says:

    My favorite animal is a panda. I am not quite sure what it is about them they attracts me to them they are just so beautiful. BUT I do love ALL animals as well.

  • Brandy says:

    One of my favorite animals are groundhogs AKA the woodchuck. Other than forecasting the future of WinterSpring these docile fuzzy pudgeballs are veiwed only as a nusiance. I exercise regularly in a cemetary near my house that has a “community” of groundhogs and I have found them to be fascinating intelligent creatures who are familyoriented and excellent “excavators.” When Summer approaches the cemetary is riddled with wire traps…this is when I get the most exercise patrolling the area twice a day releasing the frightened herbivores!

  • Jazz says:

    I adore snakes. Most people I know are afraid of them but I don’t buy their bad rap. I find snakes to be mesmerizing in their grace and agility. It breaks my heart to see reptiles in glass cages but I love to watch wild free snakes in nature films.

  • Beau says:

    Elephants for sure. These majestic beings demonstrate a sense of peace and beauty as they roam across the savannah. Plus I constantly use their massive size and strength to bust the myth that herbivores whether human or not are strong too.

  • Aisha says:

    I also love all animals though I would have to dedicate vegetarianism to my chicken Bomber who inspired me to go green. Chickens are so adorable cuddly and surprisingly the best pet I’ve ever had.

  • kylie thompson says:

    My favorite animal hands down is the great white shark. My dad has been an animal lover since he was a little boy. But he’s always been fascinated by sharks. I definately inherited his genes for compassion for animals because we’ve had just about every Kind of pet possible. But the both of us are crazy about sharks. In 6th grade I was actually excited to do a research paper on great whites! In fact I was so excited I got an A! Haha yesss also when daddy was 19 he got a tattoo of a shark on his shoulder and in 2008 for my 19th birthday he and I went to get a symbol of how alike we are and how close we are. It was the exact replica of the shark he has on the back of my neck. So to me a shark represents how we are strong but peaceful and how strong our relationship is. Sharks are so misunderstood and they are feared for the wrong reasons. They’re beautiful and majestic. And before we die we want to swim with the sharks just to be able to be that close to something that means so much and inspires us. I can’t wait! I love you Daddy D

  • Sophiya says:

    I love all animals by my favourite is penguins. I like them mostly because they are so adorbale and just seeing a picture of one puts a smile on my face for some strange reason But I also like them because they are very smart. Like during winter they each spend turns on the outside of the huddle and the mothers risk their lives during the march of the penguins in order to get food for their unhatched children.

  • Carley Pysher says:

    I really can’t say. I mean all animals are unique in their own ways. Even if we don’t see them the way other animals do and are frightened it doesn’t mean they really are. All animal deserves to live and I am so for that. And if I could choose just one animal I couldn’t say that. I would love to get to know nature and explore their natural habitats and really get to see what they are like without being in cages or performing. We say we are the smartest human…but who REALLY knows? That’s what HUMANs think. And animals don’t think the way we do so how can we say that? Anyways…lol…I really like all animals. Big slimy scally furry and everything inbetween. They are amazing and I thank God that he has created such amazing creatures to roam this earth and to explore but we have abused that. We have take too much control and have hurt them. How can someone abuse or see an animal being abused and not care at all? TO ALL ANIMALSYOU ARE AWESOME!!

  • Meggan Anderson says:

    What a neat idea! I love all animals but I would say cockatiels! I rescued 4 of them over my lifetime and they have been such a joy!

  • Kyleigh says:

    My favorite family of animals is Cetacea. But to be more specieific my very favorite animal is a BELUGA whale. Mostly because they are freaking adorable but also they have the prettiest little voices that I love to listen to. Oh yeah and can anyone say “Baby Beluga”??? The stupid furwearing Olsen twins sure can! Full House reference…

  • Gen says:

    Like everyone else here I love all animals. But by far my favorites are the orca and the horse. I just can’t decide between the two! I just can’t get over people who can harpoon these beautiful endangered animals or abuse and starve the other. Its sick. They are both so loving beautiful majestic and peaceful. I can’t get over how absolutely wonderful both are. I LOVE the Tshirt btw. I also think it would be amazing to give away a free antifur shirt. I’ve been planning on wearing one after I finally buy one on the train to and from school because there’s so many fur hags and Union station it makes me sick. I want to show them just what I think of them! Love you guys! 3 Gen

  • Philip Loos says:

    My favorite animal has to be spiders. Even though I’m too scared to take the big ones outside when I find them in my house I will manage somehow. I wouldn’t kill a spider no matter what size it is. God created it and why should anybody have the right to kill it for the pathetic reason of SIZE?! Imagine there were no spiders. Spiders are fascinating. The webs they create they climb everything their speed their eyes and their legs. They’re like ninjas. I hope I will win this awesome PETA prize! Good luck to everyone and lots of VEGAN Luvin’!