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An Interview With Sir Paul McCartney

Written by PETA | April 21, 2008

In an exclusive interview with PETA, Sir Paul McCartney has a lot to say about why eating meat is the worst thing you can do for the environment. I just want to say this one more time, so I can relish the moment: Exclusive. Paul McCartney. Interview. OK, I’m going to shut up now, and let the man talk.

Paul_McCartney_PSA.jpgWhat do you think is the most personal change a person can make in their own lifestyle to help the environment? Some people often think recycling and taking shorter showers is all they need to do. What wouldyou add?

I think the biggest change anyone could make in their own lifestyle would be to become vegetarian. Although this may seem to some like an unusual answer, the Global Meat Industry and the land & water required to service it is one of the major contributors to Global Warming. This surprising fact has emerged in research over the past fewyears. So I would urge everyone to think about taking this simple step to help our precious environment and save it for the children of the future.

What do you think about the fact that most major environmental organizations and the most prominent environmental advocates are omitting vegetarianism from their list of the top ways to help curtail global warming?

I think it’s very surprising that most major environmental organisations are leaving the option of going vegetarian off their lists of top ways to curtail global warming. Of course there are many powerful businesses which would wish to resist this idea but it is becoming clearer that a simple change in peoples’ lifestyles could make a major difference to our environment. What is interesting is that nowadays it is so easy to become vegetarian and so many people are reducing meat in their diet. That is a simple but extremely effective step that many people could take to help the environment and improve their own health at the same time.

How do you feel about the disappearance of birds, other wild animals and natural places around the globe?

It is such a pity that the wildlife and natural places of this beautiful planet we inhabit are being destroyed by thoughtless industrialization. This scandal can be halted and there are hopeful signs that people are starting to realize that this must be done to secure a brighter future for our children and theirs.

What do you feel is the best step for a person who is concerned about over-fishing, marine pollution and the clear-cutting of the ocean floor by commercial fisheries, to take?

Unfortunately many people seem to think that vegetarians eat fish but this is not so and when you consider the over fishing, the marine pollution and the huge damage to our precious oceans that are caused by commercial fishing it becomes obvious that a vegetarian lifestyle would greatly improve our environment and help to save ouroceans. The surprising thing is that even though many of us, including me, were brought up as traditional meat and fish eaters, it is a simple matter these days and an exciting one to consider changing your diet to a healthier one which not only brings benefits to the person who does it but also to the planet as a whole.

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  • Sharon Chaffee says:

    Everyone has their own time and space to allow change in their lives. Hopefully with the information about industrial farming being brought to light even more more people will realize that it’s best not to financially support this industry and body wise you’ll live a healthier and better life as a vegetarian. Overall being a vegetarian is the best choice for many reasons best for all on the planet including the planet! Thank you Sir Paul for bringing awareness into the lives of millions.

  • Stuart and Elaine Armstrong Third says:

    Sir Paul McCartney deserves to be a Sir . I think he is wonderful role model to the human Race and I respect him deeply for his stance against animal cruelty. Thank God for him We should all be proud there are people in this world like him who actually cares . Thank you Paul I hope I can help and put in an effort to educate the public as I believe they are ignorant of what is going on in Factory farms!!!

  • Clint says:

    Paul is an amazing person as well as vegan. If you want to help the environment the animals and your health GO VEGAN! I personally have been a vegan for 4 years and it is the greatest change I’ve ever made. I feel better I have more energy I am more physically fit and muscular. It is an amazing choice to make and one that I encourage everybody to choose.

  • KimThi says:

    i think animal have soul if people eat them it so sinful. no i am vegetarian. since i left meat. i see my mind really peaceful and pure. last time i easy got angry but since left animal. i see i genle and alays ant to help people. it so amazing. but i believe if e ant to proteck inviroment. e have to leave meat. eat meat not good for health. make people get sick and fatty. let choose vegatable and beans u ill see the life so happy. finally i hope peole let leave meat. i sure ur health alays be strong.

  • Irene says:

    Paul McCartney is the reason why I became a vegetarian more than 20 years ago…

  • cristina says:

    You cannot or should not become vegan over the night. Don’t face it as an objective but as a path you’ll enjoy. Start by cutting off meat some times per week and look at vegetables not as side dishes but as main course. Cook with friends once a week a vegan dinner let your imagination run free. Then take notes about the dishes you’ve enjoyed and start up your own recipe booklet there’s plenty of vegan recipes all over internet to inspire you. Soon you’ll notice that meat or fish are no longer a must on the contrary and you’ll feel so much better about yourself because you know that no animals will ever be sacrificed again to satisfy your appetite.

  • ctwalker says:

    I am a Vegan and I do believe it is the best lifestyle change that I have ever made to teach my children the importance of loving our planet and sharing it with all our fury crawling friends.

  • Erika says:

    aww I love Paul McCartney so much!!333 oh and regarding to user Mr. Foley i also have that problem. I really want to be a vegan but it’s really stressful since no one in my family supports me and i do not work. I’ve been vegan before but it was really hard and i wasn’t doing it the right way… ughh…

  • Sarah says:

    Why do people not understand. that While we are against cruelty and killing animals… that because we’ve done wrong for so long by breeding them in so many weird ways over breeding them… now to put things right sadley we’re going to have to stop breeding them and the over population of them will have to be put down. Its not the PETA thats in the wrong if non of the meat industry had started we’d never have to do it in the first place to be healthier better and stop global warming. Were not the killers.. the meat eaters are. You started this. Your the ones who kill and eat them every day. sadley us non meatdairy eaters are looking like the killers cause we have to kill so many now to put things right. Meatheads. No pun intended. Good on you Paul! full respect there.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The most diehard animal loving vegetarian musical stars are Paul McCartney Chrissie Hynde Morrissey Annie Haslam Tom Scholz Joan Jett Moby and Jeff Beck.

  • kimberly says:

    All you need is love… For yourself the animals and the planet! Well done Paul!

  • Judith Toth says:

    It just makes me said to realise every day that I am surrended by people who live on the same planet with me and do not know how to appreciate the environment along with its animals and plants around them. My deepest respect to all of you who do! If we all made the slightest positive change in our lives to eradicate cruelty our planet would indeed be the lushest place in the universe. What is sooo horrible about that?

  • Mr.Foley says:

    I am 13 going on 14 and have been a fan of peta and Paul McCartney for years. Yet due to my family lifestyle I can’t cut fish from my diet. I went vegan for a month but It was very hard. Can anyone give me any tips?

  • Lizzie D says:

    I absolutely love Paul! He has done so much for animals has been a vegetarian for over 30 years thats just amazing and i look up to him so much! I have been a vegetarian for over a year now and i want to do all i can to help animals and to have some of the greatest celebrities helping animals being vegetarians. It is just a great reminder that there are people who care out there and maybe one day all animals should live as they were supposed to Happy!!!

  • Stephane Le Clair says:

    Thumbs way up for Sir Paul and also to the late lovely Linda Mccartney who also did a lot for animals..and while I’m at it kudos to the beautiful Stella for walking in her amazing parent’s footsteps. It is very odd that whenever politicians speak about global warming they never actually talk about one of the main causes of it The meat industry.I don’t get it…I meanspeak the truth for God’s sake. It is quite sad for both vegetarians and environmentalists. IF YOU LIKE MUSICIANS WHO ARE VEGANSVEGETARIANS LIKE SIR PAULVISIT MY PAGE ON MYSPACE http://www.myspace.comstephaneleclair AND LISTEN TO MY SONGS…It’ll be a pleasure to have animal lovers as listeners. Peace thank you for making this world a better place for all living creatures by making ethical and compassionate choices…YOU ROCK! SLC

  • Adele says:

    I must comment on Brien Comerford’s post You are ignorant and so misinformed If the meat industry did not existthese animals would not be bred for that purpose and if you saw the inhumane way the animals are slaughtered and still think it is okay to eat meat well then you are just a monster!! Also there are alternatives to keeping the flys off the sheep other than mutilating them. It is obvious that your comment is strictly for the purpose of undermining the efforts of PETA and animal rights activists in general. You make me sick and you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  • Kris says:

    So what is Sir Paul’s carbon or GHG footprint?? How does he justify it? How many homes does he maintain for himself? Etc? He is a worldsaver when it is convenient for him. If he started riding bicycles everywhere… now that would get people’s attention… and people might do more vegetarian meals.

  • faina silber says:

    i believe that people who are vegitarians have a calmer and more creative disposition

  • maryanne florisson says:

    hey Paul I am still a big fan of yours since I was a little girl I sang with the beatles you and john lennon were my favourte back in the 60s I also sing if I want to I can go into the music industry but I don’t want to I am studying to become an Counselorwelfare worker instead.I used to do security I still have a license for securitycrowd control I am very down to earth caring honest and a good listener. Take care email me you got my details. from Maryanne60

  • Jonathan Crane says:

    Thank you for engaging Paul McCartney in your interview. He certainly makes an eloquent and compassionate statement. I appreciate the effect that someone of his cultural stature has in demonstrating a path to a plantbased diet.

  • ewa niczyporuk says:

    I think that it could spare lives of animals and forests in Alaska if everybody could have in their home energy from sun and wind and geothermal heating and cooling.That’s why everybody should get some cheap credit from government to afford yourself to install sun panels and wind turbines on their roofs and geothermal wells it’s enough if they will be 15 wells deep. People could recharge their cars from sun panels and wind turbines on their roofs. some car factories in U.S.A produce speedy powerful electric cars like Ford for example.If people could also get small credits to buy them or adapt their old cars to this energy it could make millions of households in U.S.A energy independent and lessen global warming.

  • ewa niczyporuk says:

    I agree with statement of Paul Mc Cartney but I think we will be doing better if it was vegan organization in New York. I’m in United States already 15 years and this same time I’m vegan. I’dont eat meatfish milk and eggs. There is bad quality air in New York. Manhattan have F quality airbut other boroughs have also this same quality air. People complain on quality of air while they smoking cigarettes. People used to nicotine by eating meatfishmilk and eggs. These products contain nicotine urine and cholesterol. During frying nicotineurine and cholesterol from meat get to the air and even non smokers vegan and vegatarian inhale this and become sick. During I was living with women who ate nothingbut fried meat my cholesterol was very high when I have living in another apartment my cholesterol became very low.My dream is that herein New York should be big vegan organization with their own building where everybody can come and talk about new solutions to our environmental problemshealth problems and animals. I only can say that I’m very poor person and my friends also. I have to say many interesting things but I even don’t have my own computer. I wish Paul Mc Cartney everything good. I admire his strength in posting good aims to all people in the world. I’m sorry for my English.It is still not perfect.

  • Angel says:

    you go Sir Paul!

  • Ron says:

    Kristie Olive Your logic leaves me breathless!!! Breathless to figure out what you could possibly be using for formulating rational sensible thoughts. You had to have been joking right???? Surely you do get the point don’t you or maybe you don’t!!!!!

  • Avatar says:

    kristie olive just stop the breeding and the torture ends! for this i’m not a BREEDLOVER!

  • Leanna says:

    Oh My Gee.. Its Mr P M!! Hes my idol yet I ad no idea he was vegiterian!!.. EEEEEEEEK I LOVE YOU PAUL! anyone want to chat??

  • lynda downie says:

    As a kid I was so proud that Paul McCartney was lefthanded like me. Now a little older ok a lot older it’s his commitment to the environment and animal rights I’m proud to share with him.

  • kristie olive says:

    By not eating meat how is the cattle population going to survive. They will become over populated and there won’t be enough space to keep and feed them. How cruel is that. Not to mention the effects of the families that would be affected by the loss of income. Being vegan is a choice and one that should not be thrust upon us meat eating heathens who respect the rights of everyone especially the animals who special bred for the purpose of meat. This is as rediculous as the idea of not mulsing sheep. Have any of you seen the effects of fly to the sheep when they become flyblown? what a quick way to go about ruining one of AUSTRALIA’S major exports.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I want to commend all the music industry’s proactive animal loving vegetarians including Paul McCartney Chrissie Hynde Tom Scholz Moby Morrissey Will Tuttle Joan Jett Annie Haslam Michael Franks Jeff Beck Crispian Mills and The Church’s Steve Kilbey.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Paul has done so much for the animals of the world it is incalculable. I’m sure he has also inspired many a person to go veg and has certainly enriched all our lives with his amazing music. Jack speaking of the environment you mentioned in a previous blog about the new film from the Jewish Vegetarians of North America “A Sacred Duty.” httpblog.peta.orgarchives200803newfilmfromj.php I received my free copy today and I was absolutely floored I just had to send them a donation. The photography and interviews in this documentary are outstanding and while there is naturally mention of the Jewish faith it is lowkey and not the raison d’tre of the DVD. It has a very strong focus on the environment and cruelty to animals. They encourage you to reproduce and freely disseminate the DVD and that’s what I intend to do. Any one who appreciates Earthlings etc. must watch this DVD.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Beautiful statement by Sir McCartney and wonderful Tshirt PETA. Plus congrats Jack. Very cool. In addition I think that adopting animals from shelters instead of breeders will reduce the need for factory farmed animals for cat food.

  • Ashleigh M. says:

    Wow everything that man says is brilliant…

  • Sarah says:

    What a man!!!!

  • Nini says:

    ROCK ON! i am a veg too!

  • Holly says:

    He is right. Very good interview….