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Inspiring Video: 100 Protesters in France Take Over a Bull Ring

Written by Chrissy Matthies | September 12, 2013

This, my wonderful PETA friends, is animal action at its finest. Watch as an army of determined protesters link arms against the French national military police force in an anti-bullfighting demonstration so powerful that it will bring tears to your eyes:


Roughly dragged and tear-gassed, the protesters remain strong, chanting, “This is not tradition!” as they’re hauled away one by one. The protest was organized by Fondation Brigitte Bardot, Comité Radicalement AntiCorrida Europe, and Animaux en Péril to bring attention to the annual torture and murder of more than 1,000 bulls in southern France. Spanish-style bullfighting is still legal in certain regions in France, even though it has been outlawed in the rest of the country.

Join these brave activists by helping to put an end to this bloodsport.

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  • BULLFIGHTING IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Ideas to put them out of business: 1. nearby free sports (bikes, skateboarding, running, ballet, opera, etc.) events that are fun and exciting. 2. nearby free film festival – at the same time as bull murder. 3. contests with a variety of rewards: singing, dancing, cooking – emphasize copying famous French people.

  • Alena says:

    This Sets me on Fire!

  • maria ruello says:

    Good job keep up the good work.