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Ingrid to Puerto Rico: Stop the Monkey Business

Written by PETA | June 16, 2009

Did you catch PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk on CNN Headline News last night? She was on Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell to speak out against plans to build a monkey-breeding facility in Puerto Rico.


Embedded video from CNN Video


Reports that this breeding farm would be stocked with monkeys snatched from their native homes in Mauritius are nightmarish enough, but the babies would then be sold for laboratory experiments. You know, like at Columbia University and Covance? Yikes!

Props to Jane Velez-Mitchell for recognizing that this story is newsworthy and for treating it—and folks concerned about animal rights—with respect. If you missed it, you should definitely check it out. Then head over here and tell Puerto Rico to cut out the monkey biz.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Steven Sloan PhD says:

    PETA was ill informed when this piece was written. The monkeys in Mauritius were brought there by sailors 500 years ago. They are not native to Mauritius. If you are pro monkey in this instance then you are anti- endemic species native to the island of Mauritius. Likewise, if you are pro- monkeys in Puerto Rico you are anti- endemic species of plants that will inevitably be harmed by these introduced monkeys. In Puerto Rico, we do not need to import monkeys they are already here. Three species are roaming around Puerto Rico: Rhesus, Patas, and Squirrel. From El Yunque to Cabo Rojo Rhesus monkeys have spread due to recent eradication efforts by government agencies. I am all for a solution that humanely eradicates monkeys from the islands of Mauritius and Puerto Rico. There are no simple solutions. Inaction is equivalent to being anti- endemic species. The Rhesus monkeys are native to India. The Endemic species of these islands that will be potentially impacted by introduced monkeys are found nowhere else in the world. How much money does PETA have to help solve this problem humanely? Comment: The Chimpanzees shown in the CNN piece above are not monkeys they are apes. Curious George is not a monkey either, he is an ape. The monkeys roaming freely around Puerto Rico carry Herpes B, a virus lethal to humans. In this case, pro- monkey may mean anti- human in addition to anti- endemic species.

  • ana anglada says:

    I was born and raise in puerto Rico. I been living in New York city for the last ten years. Iam truly concern in the way all animals are treated in Puerto Rico. I feel embarrased to take friends to the island and see the abusive behavior people have against animals. What is it? Poor education or poor moral values? What could I do ? How couls I actively get involve to help?

  • Margarita says:

    I am surprised that Peta hasn’t started a petition campaing against the building of this facility.

  • Lillian Santiago says:

    The question here should be Who was the person in Puerto Rico who approved or granted the permit for this facility to be build in the first place. If the people of Puerto Rico were unaware of this happening right underneath their noses some one is making a lot of money. Come on Puerto Rico stand up for what is right and forbid this from happening. QUE VIVA Puerto Rico

  • joan torres says:

    As a Puerto Rican and animal lover I totally recent this plan. I hurt each time I go to the island and see straight dogs and cats not neuter Horses not been taking care BY owner Mayaguez Zoo condition of animal is appalling and something should also be done there!!!

  • Maggie Gonzalez Rego says:


  • María Zamparel says:

    As a puertorrican living in Puerto Rico I am against this proyect. It is enough that animal compasionate residents take on the burden of collecting stray dogs and cats. We DO NOT need another source of neglect and abuse in our Island.

  • marilia bracero says:

    Hi I am part of the “Defensores de animales de Cabo Rojo” http://www.defensoresdeanimalespr. org for helping this animals I will need to know fisically where the construction is taking place. In what municipality thank you.

  • joannie says:

    I live in Puerto Rico this is new to and embarrass and shock!!! you bet Im going personally to this people with my team.

  • Jaime Riera-Seivane says:

    I as an animal rights advocate strongly opposed to any experiments on animals and object any plan of those that endorsed it or promoved it including the alleged scientific community. Also Puerto Rico’s officials shall not endorse or promote the establishment of any private entity that does this kind of “laboratory experiment”. We all know that these experiments are based on the false allegation that is for the benefit of human kind. I think that the only benefit they are getting is increasing their investments and bank accounts. Making money at the expense of suffering is not a good investment. Definitely progress is not based on harm.

  • maurikelly23 says:

    Thanks for the comments guys.. I have talked to a few people here and no is willing to do anything against it!! There is just me and a hindu friend who are into animal rights and veganism and she told me honestly she can’t be a part of any protests or anything like that due to her family!! So for now i am all alone in any animal rights fights!

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Margarita That’s wonderful advice and maurikelly You can also check out our Action Center for tons of ways to get involved httpwww.peta.orgactioncenterindex.asp.

  • Margarita says:

    To maurikelly Why don’t you try to start your animals right group with some of your friends and that way you would feel better knowing that you are doing a little bit of your part on this injustice for animals. Maybe Ingrid cannot spread herself all over the place as much as she may want to. I have organized a group of kids from my son’s high school and we do protests in our area besides other community activities. I guess Peta can give you lots of ideas and information on how to go about it.

  • Irina Seifert says:

    Please stop it

  • Anastasia Karagiannidis says:

    PLEASE I IMLORE you to not go ahead with this death trap!!! These poor animals are not meant to be caged up and treated so inhumanely. They are meant to live freely among each other without human interference. Let them do so. How do you sleep at night??????

  • maurikelly23 says:

    I just read about this and i am horrified. I live on the island of Mauritius and while i knew that we did export our monkeys to labs i thought it had stopped as our local airline Air Mauritius had stopped it my dad is an airline pilot fior them. We have a lot of problems when it comes to animal welfarerights and i would LOVE it if Ingrid Newkirk came and visited for a while and see what she can do to help our animals!!! I will protest this monkey breeding facility!

  • Margarita says:

    Actually there are some animal rights organizations in PR which we could work with to protest this facility like fepanimals which stands for ‘federacion protectora de animales’ Their address is And in there’s a lot of information about their work and they talk a lot about Jane VelezMitchell and how they worked together wih her for the feature that she did. They also announce that golden glove champ Chrissy Beckles will fight for Puerto Rican strays on Sat. May 16 in Brooklyn at Gleason’s Gym. Proceeds of the fight will go to help stray animals and also to help initiate a spayneuter voucher program in communities surrounding notorious animal dumping such as Dead Dog Beach. It also says that Beckles is also auctioning off advertising space on her boxing trunks bidding starts at $200 and ends May 1st. There is also P.A.W.S. inc. Puerto Rico Animal Welfare Society. Their address is And PuertoRicoForumfor

  • Louis Dooner says:

    Stop. They’re alive and can feel. Stop it.

  • Jose says:

    No way thats going to happen here!!!

  • griv r says:

    …this is not a big deal. as for those dogs in PR they are useless anyway.

  • Jackie says:

    Anything that can be done to stop this horrendous torture of monkeys has my support. Why should any of God’s animals live in torture? It sickens me. Jackie

  • Ingrid says:

    This is a total shame on us Puertoricans I had not heard this news before and I totally do not agree on this behavior. Something must be done especially with homeless animals wandering along the streets as if they were trash…

  • John Carmody says:

    Ingrid is just a totally amazing speaker i wish we could clone this woman and get her on every media outlet for animals everywhere! with love from your friends at ARAN in Ireland.

  • jeanie says:

    Alicia posted that the Gov and police look the other way Maybe PR needs to refresh there ploice and Gov. I cannot understand how anyone can be so cruel. Also Jane and Ingrid keep up the good work.

  • lynda downie says:

    Way to go Ingrid and Jane VelezMitchell

  • Alicia says:

    I work for a rescue group that is based out of PR and to be honest I have come to expect this kind of cruelty from them. They cannot come up with feasible solutions for the dogcat overpopulation except to go into people homes take pets then throw them off a 50ft bridge. We just took in a full bred boxer who had been hit with a machete. And that is just one in a hundred of the acts of cruelty that go on in PR on a daily basis. We have cruelty in the states but in PR it is more prevelent and in plain view. I do want to point out that not all Puerto Ricans are so cruel. Through all my trips down there I have meet some wonderful people who are really trying to make a difference and care about the animals. But you have no backup. The police and government both look the other way so it just turns it to a vicious cycle. But I also want to appluad Jane ValezMitchell. She is really trying to bring to light the problems in PR. She did a documentary on the plight of the dogs and from what I hear is going back in AugSept to meet with mayors and governement officials to TRY and turn things around. If you would like to see her documentary’s on the overpopulation problem go to I believe it was posted in March. But please keep the monkey breeding OFF the island! PR is estimated to loose 15 million a year minimum in tourism from the dog over population problem. There is no need to force breed ANY animal or take them from their native homes. You may think this could bring income for PR but all you are showing the world is the cruel intentions PR has and I would expect that 15 million to double if you go ahead with this project.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I really like Jane ValezMitchell. She seems to be the only journalisttalk show host on tv who really addresses antianimal issues. She showed that woman in Germany who fell into a polar bear enclosure in a German zoo and they had to haul her out. Jane mentioned that polar bears shouldn’t even be in zoos. She was also just about the only one to rip into Sarah Palin and her anti wolf and other anti wildlife barbarism. I hope her show stays on for a very long time.

  • Lyanne Luna says:

    I can’t believe such a thing! Don’t think all Puerto Ricans are like that…I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m TOTALLY against any type of animal cruelty. I can’t believe people would allow to do such a terrible thing!

  • Stephanie Heckman says:

    I love that video! I also love how that reporter at CNN called Ingrik her “personal hero” and called Peta’s book great. Go CNN and PETA!

  • Oswald Velez says:

    Stop this cruel behavior. Please leave the monkees alone.

  • Jax says:

    Puerto Rico can’t even take care of their DOGS! Lovely pets are abandoned to starve and be killed on the streets. They call them satos. Little sweet dogs that are so loving but people don’t spay or neuter there and have such cruel attitudes! It isn’t acceptable. It is so frustrating that educated Puerto Ricans tolerate this dog abuse!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Costa Rica should be a role model for other latino nations in reference to respecting animals nature and ecosystems. Since Puerto Rico is affiliated with the United States America should denounce this cruel and monstrous monkey business.

  • Delma S. Fleming, Ph.D. says:

    We Puerto Ricans those of us who live here and will have to live with that project OPPOSE IT STRONGLY. Don’t bring that kind of obsolete trash to our land.