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Iditarod Loses $1M in Funding

Written by PETA | December 8, 2009
kamchatkatracks / CC

Here’s an upside to the economic downturn: The Iditarod—the famous dogsled race for which dogs are tormented and killed every year—has reported a $1 million loss in funding, which will result in a $100,000 cut in prize money for the 2010 race. We’re hoping that the decrease in possible winnings will encourage prospective dog abusers mushers not to compete and to look into more humane racing options that don’t require them to run dogs to death.

Last year, at least eight dogs died during the Iditarod, succumbing to freezing, exhausting conditions. With its depleted endowment, it looks like the Iditarod may be on the road to dissolution—help continue the Iditarod’s downward spiral by urging this year’s sponsors to stop funding the cruel event.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • manda says:

    At Rev re dogs loving to pullrun That would be fine except that a husky pup who has never pulled a day in their life if let off lead will run until they fall down from exhaustion…with or without an ‘owner’ urging them on or even present. These dogs are not ‘trained’ to run and to pull they do it from instinct….they are merely given direction as to how to coordinate their efforts. If you’ve never seen a husky in real life and don’t know the breed don’t make assumptions.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    To Rev. Meg It is your right to vote for whoever you want but just make sure if you vote out Obama Sarah Palin doesn’t take his place! If you did not vote for him this time did you vote for McCainPalin? Or maybe one of the other candidates.

  • Kurt K says:

    Rev. I stand corrected. Assumptions are the mother of all f ups.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Also Kurt not every United States citizen loves Barack Obama. I did not vote for him. A lot of us are just putting up with him until we get a chance to vote him out of office in 2012.

  • grey52 says:

    the iditarod is a huge deal up here in alaska to the point where you get a little ostracized for speaking against it. but you do know that theres a cash prize for whoever wins it right? a very LARGE cash prize. take that away and the whole thing would probably collapse.

  • Michele says:

    Kurt you’re an idiot. Read the posts VERY carefully. If you read them properly in the first place you would see that no one is blaming “everything” on Sarah Palin. You need to get some skills!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Sarah Palin has got to be one of the most vicious people in the country! Yet on all the news and talk shows nothing is ever said about her bloodthirsty lust for killing moose caribou bears and her love for having wolves killed from aircraft and the wolf pups murdered in their dens. Why don’t the hosts of these shows address these issues? Maybe if the word got out more less people would support this poor excuse for a human being!

  • Kurt K says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t the Iditarod been going on since well before Sarah Palin was even in politics? I find it amazing that you people keep blaming everything on her. Whether you like it or not she is the one politician that has more in common with the average person in America than any other politician. That includes your beloved President Obama.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Every time I hear people say that sled dogs love what they are forced to do This is my reply Those dogs do not love pulling those sleds. They do it because dogs will do ANYTHING to please the PEOPLE they love. Saying a sled dog loves to pull a sled is like saying a slave on a cotton plantation loved the cotton gin.

  • susan says:

    Brien you are so right about the gun toting animal hating Sarah Palin. I have written many email letters to her about her cruelty and have never received a response. If people think Alaska is bad lets hope she doesnt run for president! The thought alone makes me cringe!

  • Siew Eiselt says:

    This is no better or worse than our dog friend Michael Vicks a sports hero no less. What is he doing back on the field? He should be banned FOR LIFE. Do something PETA! Don’t let him get away with this.

  • PETA FAN says:

    As the so called most advanced species it is unforgivable that we can’t think of enough creative forms of “sport” without dominating and harming other species! The problem is too many people who say they love animals stay silent and refuse to accept that what often appears wholesome or what we are told is humane couldn’t be further from the truth! THANK YOU PETA FOR ALL YOU DO! YOU ARE HONORABLE AND HEROIC.

  • Shari says:

    Good to here this. Maybe we could think of something else they could so for sports so they will not use these dogs ever again !

  • roxanne says:

    Thank goodness for this good news. Shame on anyone who funds such cruelty on these beautiful dogs.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    This dog race is one of way too many inhumane activities and atrocities that transpire in Alaska. Their star Sarah Palin is synonymous with deadly cruelty against wildlife.

  • Joan says:

    Even worse cruelty goes on in the kennels. Many of these dogs are chained to live outdoors and nonperforming dogs are just killed inhumanely often shot. They breed far more dogs than they use for a silly game run by ignorant adults who should know better

  • NT says:

    My only concern is that they will make up for their loses by spending even less money on the care of the dogs which was abhorrent to begin with.

  • Rachael says:

    just stop

  • Max Turpin says:

    Do whats right

  • Aneta Sokolowski says: