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Hundreds of Fish Killed in Traffic Accident

Written by Michelle Kretzer | October 30, 2012

Hundreds of bass were crammed into tanks inside a truck traveling through Irvine, California, bound for the market. They never made it. The truck flipped over, cracking the tanks, and when firefighters opened the doors, the fish spilled out onto the roadway. Those who were not already dead from their injuries or lack of oxygen suffocated on the pavement.

Had the accident claimed human lives, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see a memorial erected for the victims. So, because fish feel pain, value their lives, and don’t want to die, just like human beings, PETA has requested that Irvine allow us to place a sign at the accident site in their memory:

Fish are intelligent animals who have impressive long-term memories and develop complex social structures. They use tools, tell time, count, and enjoy singing. But fish killed for food are typically either cut open and gutted alive or suffocated to death

The best way for people to keep fish from suffering is to stop eating them. But erecting a memorial that reminds the drivers who haul them to be careful with the lives that they hold in their hands seems like the least that we can do.  

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  • Poor Fish says:

    This is awful. We should set up a fund to donate money to the families of all the deceased fish.

  • So sad says:

    All those fish that has their bright futures taken away, feels bad man.

  • Fashionfan says:

    Exactly right: if the victims were human, no one would bat an eyelash at a memorial. Fish feel pain, too, so why should we be callous to their suffering?

  • Art says:

    I love PETA pushing the envelope, getting people to THINK. Most will shake their heads initially, but ONE MOMENT’S THOUGHT would help them realize that there’s something irrational about NOT caring about other animals we happen not to have given serious consideration to even though biology and commonsense show us that they feel pain and fear as humans do. I love this. GO PETA!

  • nicola macdonald says:

    so sad x

  • Tasha says:

    R.I.P Fish