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All This Horse Needed Was a Little Teeth-L-C

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 21, 2012

When PETA learned about a horse in Washington state who appeared very thin and sickly, we contacted animal control, which refused to help him. Fortunately, we knew a local humane investigator who agreed to go and check on the horse.

The horse’s owners said they were giving him plenty of food and water but that he was still losing weight. A checkup by a veterinarian the humane investigator had brought along revealed a simple solution: The horse’s teeth had become overgrown, so he needed to have them filed down so that he could chew properly. After getting the much-needed veterinary care, the relieved horse began to eat. He has subsequently gained weight and is looking much healthier.

People often acquire animals on a whim, without knowing how to care for them properly. When your friends and family are thinking about bringing home a new animal, offer them PETA’s factsheet along with that new toy or treats so that they know what they’re getting into—and so that the animal goes to a home that’s prepared.

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  • paula says:

    good thing somebody called about this poor horse. sad that some people don’t do their homework before adding a animal into their lives.

  • attila says:

    What a cutey!! If I were as fortunate as these ‘owners’ are, I wouldn’t be taking the responsibilites so lightly. Horses require alot of care; that’s why more often than not, wealthy people are in a financial position to purchase the land, ranch-hands, food, veterinary services, etc. $$$$$$$$ necessary to keep the equines happy and healthy!!! If I could be so lucky!!

  • Deana Smith says:

    Poor baby, I’m glad he can eat again. Now he needs a cozier place to rest. Thank you to those caring individuals who saved his life!!