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Ho Ho Ho, PETA Activists Are Coming to Town!

Written by PETA | December 16, 2008

With shopping season in full swing, PETA volunteers and campaigners are out there braving the cold. Check out photos of some of our recent attention-getting demos below:

In Massachusetts, PETA’s “Grim Reapers” descended on Donna Karan’s storefront and dragged bloodied furs through the streets of Boston. Taunting the heartless designer to “bring out her dead,” they urged shoppers to never buy animals’ skins. Who, after all, would be caught dead wearing Rudolph?


Donna Karan demo


As the circus dragged its beast wagons into Charlottesville, Virginia, one of PETA’s sexy “Tiger Ladies” posed caged, nearly naked, and painted head-to-toe with stripes to let locals know that wild animals don’t belong behind bars. Some may say she’s naughty, but we know it’s Ringling who’s actually getting the coal this year.


Naked tiger demo


Other PETA activists held a demo on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, urging holiday shoppers to buy alternatives to exotic animal skins. Snakeskin bags, shoes, and jackets all come with a high price—paid by the animals who are ripped from their jungle homes and skinned alive. If someone on your “good” list likes the look of animal prints, check this out for more information on compassionate, fashionable alternatives to cruelty to animals.


Exotic Skins Demo


Feeling filled with holiday spirit and want to get involved? Fire off a letter to Ringling, Donna Karan, and other cruel companies that exploit animals for profit, and let them know that they “better watch out”—PETA activists are coming to town. And remember, ’tis better to give than to receive, especially when your gifts will save lives!

Written by Liz Graffeo

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