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Hidden Cameras Expose Canada’s Shame

Written by PETA | May 4, 2009

In PETA’s new ad, Joel Gibb of Canadian indie band The Hidden Cameras announced that “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks.” and he’s not talking about JELL-O shots.


Joel Gibb ad


Today, Joel and the band teamed up with PETA for a public unveiling of the ad in front of Queen’s Park in Toronto.

The Hidden Cameras performed a short acoustic set, during which fans sang along to “Animals Belong Alone.” The chorus goes like this: “We take and take, we know it’s wrong. The earth belongs to animals, and animals belong alone.” The performance must have been a good one, because a group of people at the park to protest the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka even joined in.

Talk about compassion bringing strangers together!

Click here to find out more about my new fave band, the Hidden Cameras.

Written by Karin Bennett

Here are some photos from the event:


Hidden Cameras
Hidden Cameras
Hidden Cameras
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  • Mark says:

    In reply to the callous poster that pretended sympathy for the extinct Carribean monk seal to somehow make Canada’s bloodbath seem acceptable Canada is in the business of extermination. Canadians have driven a dozen species to extinction on the East Coast and the corrupt DFO is INTENT on doing the same to the harp seal John Efford the former Fisheries Minister stated publicly he wants to see every last seal killed and even DFO propagandists admitted the seals would be reduced by 70 by 2015 right before authorizing insane quotas for their 2009 massacre. It’s amazing the euphemisms DFO propagandists use like “harvest” and “industry” as if seals were just crops or automobiles to justify the bloodiest most savage and barbaric massacre of wildlife on the planet with massive consequences for the environment. For what? So that a small mafia can earn around $400000 in the offseasonthe net revenue this year because of the EU ban and no buyers last year it earned a pitiful $6 million while bilking their own taxpayers for $30 million in support and three quarters of a billion dollars lost in seafood boycotts or around $300 apiece for each thug that spends the remaining ten months on public welfare instead of working like honest Canadians do. Add to that the unsold pelts which stack up in government subsidized warehouses alongside unsold pelts from last year. Pelts are at $12 this year because of the European Ban and no buyers. That means virtually no profit for the 2000 thugs that take part which is why most of them stayed home this year. The seal population is dropping like a rock a catastrophe has been occuring where seal nurseries have disappeared because of ice loss due to global warmingeven DFO propagandists admit at least 70 of the seals will be gone by 2015. The people who take part in this crime are traitors to Canada willing to destroy other fishermen’s jobs and sacrifice trade relationships which earn thousands of times more than this mafia crime. Seals are not livestock they are part of a complex ecology where seals eat the predators of food fish like skate and squid. Those predators eat food fish like cod and their minnows and eggs so when sealers kill the seals the predators are rampant and the vast populations of fish that Canada destroyed by 1992 have never recovered. Sealers are antiCanada and even antifishermen and have no qualms about destroying Canada’s future and their own fishing communities for greed.

  • SparkyGump says:

    Regarding JellO shots Isn’t JelloO made from gelatin which is comprised of animal products like hooves? Nice poster though.

  • Jayme says:

    michelle It it selfish when natives or innuit kill anaimals to live.

  • lynda downie says:

    Thank you Joel. Good point Brien where are the other Canadian rockers?

  • michelle says:

    Logan Your informative article do not justify the seal hunts and two wrongs don’t make a right. The extinction of the monk seals is no wrong doing from PETA or any animal rights group so instead of posting this on here why not write an opinion to your local newspaper editorial expressing your anger towards humanity for killing off yet another specie for pure selfish greed. Thankyou.

  • Logan says:

    updated 342 p.m. ET Fri. June 6 2008 After five years of futile efforts to find or confirm sightings of any Caribbean monk seals even just one the U.S. government on Friday announced that the species is officially extinct and the only seal to vanish due to human causes. “Humans left the Caribbean monk seal population unsustainable after overhunting them” Kyle Baker a biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service said in a statement. “Unfortunately this led to their demise and labels the species as the only seal to go extinct from human causes.” A Caribbean monk seal the only subtropical seal native to the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico had not been seen for more than 50 years. The last confirmed sighting was in 1952 at Seranilla Bank between Jamaica and the Yucatan Peninsula. Guess you didn’t hear. Next time try saving a smaller numbered species instead of the most numerous seal species in the world. Ok? Thank you

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Finally a Canadian rock star lambastes the seal hunt. Why nothing from KD Lang Bryan Adams Neil Young Leonard Cohen Joni Mitchell or Jane Siberry or Rush?

  • carla says:

    HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!