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Help Shut Down the Chinese Fur Trade

Written by PETA | April 15, 2010

The following is a guest post from PETA Prime’s Steve Martindale.

Cats, dogs, raccoon dogs, rabbits, and other animals are skinned alive in China for their fur. This fur is exported to consumers in the U.S. and abroad and often dyed to look like the fur of other animals. It’s sometimes even deliberately mislabeled as synthetic! More than half the fur garments sold in the U.S. are imported from China, where more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs each year suffer through a miserable life and an excruciatingly painful death as victims of the fur trade. While other sources of fur are unconscionably cruel as well, few do as much as the slaughter of dogs and cats to shake consumers out of complacency.



The cultural and economic inertia driving the Chinese fur trade is daunting—but with your help, we can slow down this juggernaut through dedicated efforts to educate consumers about the true price of fur. We do see glimmers of hope, and you and I can take action right now in many ways. Our new Web site is helping to raise awareness about the cruelty involved in the bloody fur industry.

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  • Gina WEbb says:

    I cannot watch this video as I am disturbed by just reading these horrific stories. Words fail me and I will spread this to all my friends and thank you Heather Mills and Paul McCartney for your publicity and help. Its total evil and we need to educate the public at every level to have this stopped.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why we don’t do something with more of an effort to stop this. This is disgusting. Animals feel that. They are being tortured. It’s hard to just watch and be helpless. I’ve owned several dogs, and to imagine that happening to them infuriates me. China can invent all the US’s child toys, but can’t figure out an easy way to trim fur harmlessly from animals to make products?

  • graham poole says:

    Just watched a video on facebook that i have found very distressing. How can anyone be so barbaric, cruel , and inhumane all at once . I have shared this horrific video of cats & dogs being skinned alive in a hope that it will stop anyone from buying cloths with any fur on them . It is disgraceful that no one does anything about this evil trade . i for one will be careful what i buy or choose to wear in the future . maybe they should put a picture of the skinned alive animal that went into the making of this garment in the department store or attach it as a cloths label so people can see just what they are buying into . I feel for them animal it saddens me

  • amanda says:

    i watch a video on face book, i broke my heart at the barbaric disgusting way all those poor animals were treated, they skinned one dog alive and threw it on the pile of other poor dogs, the poor dog lifted up his head and looked around with such sadness and pain in his eyes, my heart breaks at the slow painful death this poor dog will endure, how can any human do this to a living creature, it is the most vile sickening horrific video ive ever seen, i cant sleep all i see is those poor animals suffering, they dont have a voice BUT WE DO!!! we are supposed to be animal lovers so lets fight for the animals of the world that are suffering such barbaric cruelty

  • Rachel says:

    That was the most sickening and horrifying human act that I have ever witnessed. To say I am upset would be a severe understatement. It is footage like this that makes me ashamed to be human. It is disgusting the way that people justify this industry and that there are actually people out there wearing this product. Nothing has affected me as much as this and I would do anything in my power to help make it stop!

  • Cherry says:

    I actually vomited as it made me so sad. I read the details first and cried then tore my way through the videos. Regret complaining about the daily petty stuff now. I am going to donate more money. I have put stuff on facebook before but no one is interested. Alot of people turn a blind eye and try to justify or deny the cruelty that goes on. Many say they are too busy. But there are thousands of people out there, millions who are on the dole, on disability or pensions and doing nothing. No offence to them but they do have the time to help, like organize and go on massive demos, like the old days when people actually got up and demonstrated when they had the RIGHT to do so.
    All this online stuff is great for spreading the word, but i believe in good old fashioned public demos to show the true emotions of the public.
    Either that or the whole bloody human race should be destroyed.
    None of us are completely innocent although i admire those who do put in massive, daily efforts.
    Today I bought cheap shampoo and conditioner (no animal free products on shelf) but i bought it anyway as i was short of cash. Then i bought a coffee and a cheese toastie. I felt bad but i did it anyway so i must be as guilty as the chinese because in effect, I ignored the horrors that cows go through and animals tested in laboritories simply because of my own selfish greed. Trying to be vegitarian though at least.
    I am no angel. We are all guilty.
    But I still think demo demo demo and I dont understand why demos dont occur anymore.
    Animal lib in the UK was big once. Why dont PETA organize worldwide demos???
    One thing is for sure…I do NOT believe in God! But I am thankful for PETA.

  • Colum says:

    This is one of the most unnecessary and disturbing practices of humans.
    It needs to end yesterday!!!!!!

  • Melanie Clark says:

    This is totally unacceptable…STOP!!

  • Dominique van Hoogten says:

    This is a horrible way off killing and must to be stopped this unhuman way to put to dead those dogs only for fur !!

  • Hannah says:

    This just sickens me to have a loveble animal that has done nothing wrong. and it’s get’s skinned alive.How awful this is! I HOPE THE PEOPLE WHO EAT THESE ANIMAL GETS SICK! THOSE PEOPLE DESIVER IT!!!!! When,I watch it cried. I can’t belive people work at that place! They make me sick!

  • Emi says:

    They do this all for stupid fur? What type of monsters can even do this? I feel so helpless. I want this to end now. All those poor animals who have suffered this and still are. Can’t they at least kill the poor animal before skinning it? I can’t sleep at night knowing this is going on. It makes me feel sick.

  • missysherman says:

    I need to know what can be done about this. I want to take action. I am unable to sleep at night and cry daily thinking about this video. I knew I shouldn’t have watched.. I am enraged and could really do damage to those evil people that could do this to animals. I see the skinned animals eyes looking at the camera raising his head asking what did I do to deserve this?? why did you do this to me?Its really seriously got me in a very depressed state. You should post exactly what people can do, I feel helpless. If I could I would swoop in there and do some major damage to some people. It seems hopeless, the chine government needs to make some changes. I wish I could erase this from my mind, so I didn’t see those haunting eyes, and hear the screams.. and sit here helpless to reach out and comfort them, or fix the problem. Soo sad, my heart is broke forever for those innocent creatures.

  • Lorna Jones says:

    Yes, we must stop this cruel act. I can’t believe that they could actually do this to those innocent animals.

  • Kimberly says:

    How can we stop this as soon as possible ?!??

  • Samatha Rainey says:

    its so hard to sit back and watch this happen, it has to stop now, i think i would rather be the victim then animals being treated like this.

  • Rachel says:

    Please stop the fur trade. Skinning live animals how can anyone let this happen! We know about it, now lets stop it!

  • karen says:

    how do we stop this

  • Emma says:

    Will china ever stop?

  • Robin says:

    Sickening cruelty – get this trade stopped. These asian countries are responsible for so much barbarity, not to mention fuelling the trade in Rhino horn and tiger parts… screw the economy – stop trading with these countries !!!

  • Katy Blake says:

    Will anyone ever stop the Chinese?

  • Beverley yeadon says:

    Made myself watch a horrid video of the fur trade in china, physically sick, horrendous, anybody who thinks this is OK, so they can wear fur is evil, week minded, pathetic, I am so angry I feel useless to the cause, here am I sat at home unable to physically stop it so frustrating, heartbreaking

  • Elizabeth says:

    They should show this video at big fashion events/shows to spread the word. To make people realize what the animals had to go through and that its a big problem and not right.

  • nikki says:

    STOP THEM FROM KILLING ANIMALS UNITED STATES!!!!!! This is a WAR worth fighting!!!!!!!

  • nikki says:

    STOP FUR TRADE! We need to skin all those who are skinning those poor animals! It makes me sick that humans could actually be so cruel! Please skin those people that are skinning the poor animals…lets see how you feel! You are not human! PLEASE DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS, DO NOT BUY FUR! Don’t give these people that are going to HELL your money!!!! ADOPT A ANIMAL anfd give them ALL of your love! I hope these people who take fur from animals rot in HELL! GOD will not forgive you!!!!!!!!!

  • mel says:

    I stopped listening to lady gaga as she openly admitted that she doesnt care about where the fur she wears comes from.. “fashion is my passion, please respect that”. Em… i dont respect it and now loathe the sound of your voice you disgusting vile ‘person’. same goes for jennifer lopez, she doesnt care what suffering the animals went through, so long as she gets her fur coats etc.

  • Charlie says:

    Absouloutely horrific, tears are streaming for thos poor animals, would like to kill every single person responsible for their siffering.

  • Jane says:

    This barbaric evil must be stopped. How can any living being do this to another?

  • Scott says:

    I think the Chinese fur trade in barbaric to say the least. These sickos kill an animal like its not a living thing, I’ll do anything to bring an end to this sickness.

  • lisa says:

    We need to somehow ban imports of clothing containing fur from China into the U.S. Comodities have item numbers by their class, we need ones containing fur banned by our officials – premise being U.S. officials can control U.S. Second,more difficult, need laws in China modified so being caught doing live skinning carries long jail sentence plus stiff fine. My emotions are raging, and I also would like to fantasize about skinning the culprits over there, but fantasy does not help, we need to use the legal tools at our disposal. Anyone have plan on how to get these two things done?

  • Julie Ritson says:

    I can’t watch these video’s I would have nightmares I hate the chinese for what they do, this has to stop it is not fare on the animals to have to suffer at the hands of these horrible people, how can anybody do this to an animal it makes me sick to think about it, I wish I could wave amagic wand and stop all the cruelty that goes on in this world, why should animals be abused by the human and why does human want to abuse animals. I look at my lovely dog and I think how could anyone skin a lovely creature like that alive I’m afraid I would skin them alive if anyone touched a hair on his head.

  • Terra says:

    These are cruelcoldheartless souls.SHAME ON THEM!

  • Katarzyna says:

    Stop buying Chinese products. Stop wearing leather shoes belts and bags. Stop weararing the fur.

  • Sruthi Prakash says:

    Please write to the appropriate authorities. Spread the word and influence others to take an active part in it as well. So many voices against this some action is bound to take place. I have been writing constantly ever since I saw this video and many morethere was one where a dog was wagging his tail with expectation when they bludgeoned him to death I simply do not understand the heartlessness.I have seen enough cruelty to last me a lifetime. Its time all those are still humane to start ‘biting’ back.

  • anushree rawat says:

    its horrible to c all dis….if m in pain after seeing all much pain do dese animals have to suffer….I am from India… dere anythin i can do to help prevent dese killings…

  • saad says:

    it is extremely sadi wouldn even want to think about it being my cat out there.something does need to be done.this is cruelty to the max.i couldn even slp when i watched it.u guys say dnt but things frm china.that is so hard basicly everything comes from them.phones and more.chinese ppl are sick.they absolutly eat anything and everything.

  • Catherine Gilliat says:

    I am driving around with anti fur posters in my car!! THis horrific trade must be stopped!!!

  • songà says:

    I can’t wacht this video.they are murder.please say me which marka use fur

  • maureen says:

    If anyone has read the home page today then most of you have read that Xu Yuyuan slashed 28 children 2 teachers and a security guard in China.And they have 173 million people with mental health disorders. they must work at the fur farms But my point isif you can hurt people you can hurt animals.Then lets not forget about boiling ocean life to death. I know the U.S. has its shortcomings but have you ever seen or heard of a place that TRULY has NO REGARD for life. Now I know why I never wanted to visit that country.It is a DOG eat DOG world LITERALLY!!! Let us not forget how female children are treated there.because of over population Someone please tell me where the compassion is for any living creature yet we continue to support them in exports. Wake up people or the next time you eat chinese food you will have to rethink where it came from. I am all for America being the melting pot of the world but please not with living creatures like what is going on in New York.So please stop investing in COLD BLOODED MURDER.Do not buy “made in china” read read read labels as long as we continue to buy buy buy then this holicaust of life will continue. Thanks for letting me share my opinion.I share the same thoughts for any country that disregards LIFE to the extent they do.

  • Anthony says:

    Is there anything we can do to stop this?

  • Sophia Papadochatzaki says:

    This is CRIME!!! We should do the same to these KILLERS!!!!

  • irina says:

    i cant help crying.i feel so helpless.we must make them stop it but how?are they human beings?

  • Anthony says:

    Is there anyway they make it stop? i mean i get this horrible feeling that as time passes many more helpless dogs and cats die and we cannot help them. I feel just terrible after watching the video

  • Theresa A. Felske says:

    Please stop this cruelty now!! How can you inflict such pain and suffering on another living creature??? My heart is breaking for all of them!!!

  • Lori Vigil says:

    I agree it dose need to stop I can’t even watch the video’s.

  • R says:

    Makes me not want to buy anything made in China anymore.

  • Gilly says:

    Carla R.C. is not defending the people skinning these animals. He is merely defending the Chinese people in general who most of these commenters are attacking. The fact that these fur farms exist on China makes no difference than if they were located in the US or Ethiopia or the North Pole. I think it is quite rude for people to make ignorant comments like ‘Chinese people are so evil’ or ‘Chinese are disgusting sadistic people!!! It’s not racism or sterotyping it’s true!!! Nuke’em and wipe’em off Earth’s surface!!!’. I can guarantee you that most Chinese people do not know about these practices and probably would not support them if they did. It is the people who wear them who should be receiving the hate from everyone as they are the ones who are causing these practices to exist. And many of those wearers are located in dear old USA.

  • Gabrielle says:

    It is a matter of supply and demand. People in the USA have become aware and stopped wearing furs for the most part. But how about other countries who are not so enlightened? I’m relieved to know PETA is educating people on this and other attrocites. Since becoming a fan on Facebook I have learned so much. Get the word out educate the world and put the fur trade out of business!

  • Maud Jönss says:

    We have to comunicate and help the Chinese animal friends im sure that it is a lot of animals lovers in China. And keep on protesting we can also write to the chinese gouverment so keep on fighting for these lovely animals they count on you!