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Help Shame Ringling Into Extinction

Written by PETA | July 24, 2009

This is it, people! The circus industry is built on masking animal torture as family fun—and it’s time to force that industry to crumble. As you may know, this week PETA broke our latest undercover investigation into Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. With the powerful footage obtained by our investigator, we are closer than ever to seeing animals freed from the living hell that is life in the circus. Can you imagine being stolen from your mom and chained for an average of more than 26 hours at a time, sometimes for as many as 60–100 hours straight, only to be beaten and forced to perform day after day?

My friends, you’re in a position to help end their suffering. How, you ask? For starters, watch the video. Second, sign this petition and forward it to all your friends via every social networking site you’re on. (There are even links at the bottom of the petition to help you do it.)

And finally, my personal fave—get your booty on the street and protest like these hipsters!


Ringling Bros Demo


Just think—this could be you!


Ringling Bros Demo


Standing up for animals is fulfilling, to say the least. Believe me. So get on out there, y’all!

Written by Missy Lane

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  • sabrina martinez says:


  • LALO says:

    i hate the circus since i was i know why….

  • Jaynie says:

    I am still wondering after all of the problems and all of the advertising that PETA does against Ringling Bros they still are allowed to have any animals at all. Year after year we try and try to have the circus give up having any animals and we can’t seem to stop it. I am discouraged and how much longer do we have to watch these poor animals suffer. I feel like we are losing the war. We have film and evidence and they are still in the circus buinsess. If we have to have animals in the circus why does the circus hire thugs to take care of them why don’t they hire people who love animals to take care of them….?

  • Derek, MD says:

    I am taking my family to Adventureland in Altoona IA in a couple of weeks August 15th and I must say I was surprised to find out that the park brought back the Royal Hanneford Circus to perform I believe that 2008 was supposed to be their last year at the park. Although it will not be a full scale protest we all my wife son and now 1 year old daughter will be wearing anticircus tshirts and will be armed with informational sheets on the Royal Hanneford Circus for those interested in striking up a conversation.

  • Lyberty Belle says:

    Are you going to protest Michael Vick’s NFL games? If so sign me up.

  • Wendy says:

    PLEAE! PLEASE! PLEASE!! Anyone everyone please DO NOT support anything to do with any circus! It’s beyond words to express the the horror that circus animals are put through. Enough of this barbaric behavior It needs to stop NOW!! Any attention on the way the circus treats animals or any animal that is treated like this is good as far as I’m concerned. Everyone needs to know how sad this is that such barbaric behavior is put on circus animals like this every day all the time. It’s insane to think any of this is ok because it’s so wrong!

  • NFerrigno says:

    Shriners treats their animals 1000 times better AND they put on a better show. I’m not against the circus just the abuse of animals. And Ringling treats their animals like crap! F Them!

  • Cindi Anderson says:

    I watched the videos on the Circus and made me physically sick. To think people all over the world must think as i DID the elephants are very well trained. We all need to take a stand and shut down these Murdering non feeling animals trainers etc out. I personally will do anything I can to go up against these murderers. I have never been to a circus and God knows I definately never will now. PETA thank you for caring enough to get this information out to us. You have people out here willing to stand by and with you. Just show us how….

  • Isabel Meyerhans says:

    It’s just shocking how they treat the poor circus animals. Nowbody has the right to beat and abuse animlas. I wish this cruelty stoped inmediately for the sake of the animals.

  • Jade says:

    Just for your edification not all the trainers at Ringling are inhumane. The circus had a tiger trainer named Sara Houcke who did not use a whip ON the animals and would instead talk to the animals. While she did receive a few playful scratches she knows when they’re ready to play and when they are not wanting to be bothered. Now they may have animal abuse in the elephant department and again if true I want the people doing it fired but I would just say that Ringling isn’t always as cruel to animals as claimed.

  • Mel says:

    I would have to say PETA you’re getting attention all right but in the wrong way. By protesting you are actually probably giving Ringling Bros. what they want free advertising. This economy any media good or bad actually helps out a place. While I have little doubt that there could be a case of mistreating animals here and trust me I HATE animals mistreated you don’t help the case by “shaming” a group. All you do is embolden them to take stronger measures to improve the condition of animals. Or more simply you won’t be successful in putting this show out of business. I know you don’t like it and I don’t like it if they’re truly mistreating the animals I always question EDITED footage because things can be spliced together but it won’t happen not if circuses have been around for over 1800 years.

  • Carla L says:

    This needs to be banned for good!!! Using animals for our entertainment is just wrong and sick! I never go to a circus nor do my daughters. People who do… are just foolish. Good Job Peta xo

  • Sprite says:

    Does PETA have any plans for demanding that Disney disassociate itself from Feld Entertainment until Ringling Bros quits abusing te animals? I saw that feld operates tow Disney shows including Disney on Ice. I am thinking about a letter to Disney asking them to kick Feld to the curb!

  • claudia says:

    today was my first time going to the circus and i can say i didnt enjjoy it that much. the animals looked miserabel and i just hate it that people can do such a thing to these amazing creatures. i support peta all the way!!! great job you guys keep it up!!!

  • Melanie says:

    I am so disheartened by this. I hate to see animals or people be mistreated. These animals were for the children to be able to see these animals close up. This is so wrong. I am ashamed that I have supported the circus and they are mistreating animals. I love elephants and this hurts my heart to see.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    On our way home from seeing “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince” Saturday my husband and I passed the Honda Center and saw the PETA Ringling Protest. I was wearing my antiRingling Tshirt which always gets a lot of comments and I hung out the window of the truck and whooped and hollered and waved anything to get the drivers of the vechicles around us to look. Good job PETA keep up the pressure!!!

  • kim shehan says:

    Can one person make a change? YES! Approx. 15 years ago me and my husband took our young family to BB Circus at our local colisuem. There were MANY protesters out on the street. It was the first time it occured to me to think how the animals must be feeling. As I watched the show that night I watched the animals closely their faces their mannerisms. They looked so sad! Since then I have never went to any kind of animal exhibit and support any group whom stands up for their rights! Thank You SO MUCH for making the rest of us aware! Kim Shehan

  • robyn feudo says:

    there is nothing more rewarding than being a voice for those who can not speak.

  • courtney lima says:

    I would like info on meeting up with others to protest the circus in Ontario at citizen’s business bank. Thanks!!!

  • Susan Rosemarin says:

    I was sickened after watching the video of the elephants and tigers being so clearly abused This is not acceptable and I would appeal to everyone to boycott attendance at the Ringling Brothers Circus.

  • Marga says:

    The problem is the ignorance of those who beat animals they need to be sensitized trained for compassion trained to be gentle and understanding trained not to beat animals otherwise the problem will not be solved. there are people who can train animals without being cruel in any fashion. I understand your dislike of circus’s for the reasons you state however it is better to cure a problem at its source than only the symptoms.

  • karen says:

    stop the cruelity to all the animals at ringling brothers circus

  • Eleni Michaels says:

    Besides the fact that animals do not belong in circus’ to be used for the purpose of so called entertainment it is now evident that they are being treated cruelty and this must stopped immediately. It is unethical to mock animals in this way they were not meant to be in circus’ to be ridiculed and tortured.

  • Francine Rodriguez says:

    I have never wanted to go to the circus when i was a kid and I will never take my kids to one…I support Peta 100

  • Cjkruger says:

    1st?? Anyways I couldn’t belive when I heard about this. I not that very fond of circuses because of many reasons one of them being my clownphobia. I always knew they were not treating there animals right but to beat them!! That goes way beyond the line.To even have animals is beyond the line.Plus elephants are my fav animals and nothing should be treated like that animal or not!! How would you lie to be beaten!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Almost 1800 years ago Basil The Great banned and condemned circuses for being exploitive travesties. He was right on target. Circuses are abominations.

  • jennifer baptiste says:

    We all need to stand together and fight this not to just have them follow federal animal laws but to have then stop using animals all together.. Why do we need to see an animal stand on a stool at the circus and think this is entertainment?