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White House “Spay/Neuter” Petition Up NOW

Written by PETA | September 24, 2011

Update: In just over 24 hours, the “Stop Animal Homelessness at Its Roots” petition surpassed 5,000 signatures and became one of the first petitions to reach the level necessary to be sent to the Obama administration! Please keep asking everyone you know to sign this important petition so that we can alert the White House to how strongly people feel about the animal homelessness crisis.

Folks, this is huge. Starting today, we have a chance to show President Obama and our government that the companion-animal homelessness crisis deserves national attention.

The White House just launched a site on which citizens can post petitions, and any petition that receives 5,000 signatures in 30 days will merit review by administration officials. PETA has posted a petition asking that all animals adopted from animal shelters and bought from pet stores, puppy mills, and breeders be spayed and neutered. Bob Barker will be signing it, and he’s asking for your support.

This is an opportunity to get the White House to pay attention to the fact that millions of dogs and cats are abandoned on the streets or turned over to severely crowded animal shelters each year.

Stars such as Cloris Leachman, Mickey Rourke, and Metta World Peace (aka “Ron Artest”) support spaying and neutering because it saves lives, and you can too. Please sign PETA’s “Stop Animal Homelessness at Its Roots” petition now and forward it to everyone you know. Get your family, your office, your old school pals, your club, your gym—everyone!—to sign it pronto. Please!

If the petition site doesn’t work, please try back later. It looks like the site has been having some issues this morning, and we’re hoping that it’s just because so many of you have been signing the petition that the site is trying to catch up.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • debbie c says:

    Ok, after ALL these years, and at My age, as Far back as I can Remember, going back over 50+ years, Nothing Much has changed regarding the abuse, neglect and Murdering of These Defenseless, helpless animals….Just because there are NO homes or Parents or People to care for them…Not like they’ve done ANYTHING Wrong, to be Put DOWN…and killed…Trillions by now, and certainly MILLIONS EVERY SINGLE YEAR….talk about MASS MURDER? Things will NEVER change if Drastic CHANGES are Not Made! It’s Apparant Nothing has worked…Why? because just like with Homeless and Hunger of People as with Animals across the Globe….all organizations, “charities” People with Greed in their “hearts and minds” except the Real Purpose these Organizations, Charities and Groups were supposedly Founded FOR….Tax breaks, but More Salaries and WASTED money, ALL going to VARIOUS places…when it SHOULD ALL BE going to “hands on….Fix the problems!”…as in Mandatory Spay and Neutering of ALL animals and of course you idiot, we mean the dogs and cats….these are being Murdered by the MILLIONS EVERY SINGLE YEAR….and YES the BREEDERS ..DO….NEED to be ATTACKED….at least in THEIR POCKET BOOKS AND BANK ACCOUNTS and so forth…because they are PIMPING out defenseless….helpless animals FORCING them to BRRED FOR MONEY!!!!! Just the same as having CHILDREN that YOU will NOT take care of!! These are all Gods Creatures, even if you DON’T Believe in God, believe that there is KARMA…there is a Balance of GOOD and EVEI, and this CONTINUED Killing must stop! Trillions of dollars, in DONATIONS…..TAX Breaks….Salaries….You name it…IF IT’S NOT going to STOP the further Breeding of animals to only also END UP MURDERED, ABUSED, NEGLECTED, and DUMPED and GOD FORBID…WORSE….then it’s a waste!! Bob Barker, and ALL who Really DO care and love all animals?? Please listen…Real change HAS to be made…to continue as it has “always been?” is MADNESS….how Many years did you ask people to spay and neuter only for there STILL MILLIONS since, maybe BILLIONS still being Murdered….and like you said about the poor circus animals…the Best day of Their lives is probably the DAY THEY DIE! How fricken Horrible is that? ALL BREEDERS NEED to BE SHUT DOWN, and Make it the Law AND ENFORCE THE laws, fine these greedy bloodsuckers, FINE them and USE THAT MONEY to spay and neuter SOME MORE…use the monies donated by the Billions to do More Spaying and neutering! House those who are in Need of a Home, Shelter them from abuse and starvation and Worse….the monies are all around….Just Greedy, organizations and charities WASTING more money than USING it DIRECTLY FOR THE ANIMALS they are COLLECTING ALL THIS MONEY FOR! Start “training people” who will sign a Volunteer Contract to take training paid by these “organizations, and non-collected Prior exempt from tax…and all their Salaries and Use those monies to Train these Volunteers….to spay and neuter animals IN EVERY CITY, TOWN and STATE!! Let’s DO SOMETHING Different….Nothing has changed and Nothing has worked to stop the Killing! I am Positive Volunteers would sign up for this, because they TOO would FINALLY be DOING something that would Really work! This “concept” could also help the homeless people as well as the Animals, at least we Hope….the people aren’t YET being Euthanized because THEY have NO homes! Start Real programs to work on Decreasing the animal POPULATION!! END the BREEDING UNTIL THESE MURDERS…yes call it Euthanasia ALL YOU WANT! It is STILL MURDER! Not in one HALF A CENTURY has ANY REAL CHANGE been made to Help these DEFENSELESS, HELPLESS, LOVING Animals…We need more Shelters, NO KILL SHELTERS! Close all KILL SHELTERS, START SOME REAL SPAY AND NEUTERING…NOT JUST ONE “SPAY DAY” a YEAR! Not a BARGAIN BASEMENT CHEAP CLINIC….that again STILL DOES NOT take all animals from people who want these animals but just cannot AFFORD…especially in these TIMES…to PAY for these Extremely costly operations and procedures…anyone realize that since the economy has gone DOWN now for almost 10 years….that vets cost More than EVER?? OK WHAT DOESN’T…after all, They DO need to Keep their doors open too, But really? Some of the “fees”? Not even in line with all the INCREASES…again…STOP THE BREEDING, START REAL NUMBERS BEING SPAYED AND NEUTERED, GET THE MONEY DIRECTLY FOR THE ANIMALS>>>>and ENFORCE THE LAWS we NEED WRITTEN for ALL THIS!! Charities and Organizations who “say” they’ll PUT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY and Happily DONATED MONEY>>>FOR….THE ACTUAL ANIMALS?? MAKE THEM PUT the MONEY WHERE THEY SAY THEY’LL PUT IT….FOR the ANIMALS! Start the Spaying and Neutering “lessons” for the Volunteers who will DO these “procedures” for FREE!!!! I’ll SIGN UP!! I’ll learn and I’ll DONATE. Volunteer until the day I no longer Breathe! Yes I DO understand they’d be expenses, for medicines, for anesthesia, for TOOLS, all COULD be from the BILLIONS if NOT?? EVERY year….start DOING and stop just saying….”OH I KNOW, IT IS HORRIBLE!” Or “I KNOW, somethng needs to be done!”…DO IT! Stop talking about it!!Doesn’t ANYONE realize how much is spent on Animal Shelters who DO KILL?? Who just go out and pick up homeless and some NOT homeless to again just KILL them?? All this money could be spent in a Much better way! Stop the BREEDING…we don’t NEED more DESIGNER dogs and cats, they TO end up at these KILL PLACES!! Some of the Breeders will even Kill their own if they don’t THINK there PERFECT….sure THINK that doesn’t Happen and I Have some Ocean Front Property to sell you for a Dollar! If you believe that then you’d believe anything! It does happen and they DO! SO much WASTED money, year after year, that could go to making a Real Change to Help end these Murders of helpless, defenseless, LOVING Animals…SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE A REAL CHANGE to the “SYSTEM”….Bob Barker…what do You think??

  • nicky melville says:

    I have spent most of my life rescuing poor unwanted animals that have been abandoned. It is just cruel and the result of ignorance and the fact that so many unwanted animals are born because the parent animals were not spayed or neutered. We just CAN’T go on pretening that this issue is not important. Governments should do all they can to put into action laws that make neutering mandatory, except in exeptional cases where the certain permission can be obtained where it can be proven that there is an extremely good reason for producing more animals. Animals are not toys and should not be treated as such. The harder it is for a person to own a pet, the less likely they are to ‘impulse buy.’ Governments also need to realise that people on low incomes trying to do the right thing for their beloved animals, should have finacial assistance to get their animals spayed. Too many people will say they abandoned their animals becasue they could no longer afford them,( Whilst they are telling you this they are smoking and drinking in many cases!!!) We just HAVE to do something. The suffering that this causes animals is just horrendous!

  • CharMin says:


  • L says:

    This petition says ALL ANIMALS BOUGHT FROM BREEDERS. So cattle farms are breeders, Poultry are breeders, ect. Is there to be no meat? I understand dogs & cats overpopulate as I have worked in rescue alot. I understand things need to change but this needs to be specific & if ALL ANIMALS fall under this then where will new blood come from? Instead of attacking the breeders help educate the public & help to get animals spayed & nuetered. Alot of people would get it done if it was more resonalble. By the way all my dogs & cats are rescues & have been fixed.

  • Luke Swanhart says:

    I’m for ANY spay/neuter legislation. ANYTHING to help the animals. PLEASE PASS!

  • Julianne Harris says:

    Please require mandatory spay/neuter and help reduce the number (millions) of dogs and cats that are inhumanely euthanized in this country every year. Ghandi said that “the greatness of a nation can be determined by how they treat their animals” and this is very very true. We are supposed to be a great nation, please let’s try to get there & quit torturing and killing our own pets!

  • Laurie Plumb says:

    This should be a law everywhere in the United States and the world. If this can be done, it will eliminate so many problems with the dogs and cats today.

  • Curtis says:

    SIGNED! Curtis T Eugene, OR September 28, 2011 Signature # 8,505

  • JOHN CASALE says:


  • Lisa Sherman says:

    This huge number of homeless animal population is absoutely horrid and must stop. Peoplcan NOT ignore it anymore. It is truly a disgrace. As a dog rescuer, I have seen horrible situations that were you to see them would truly make you sick. We must all do our share to be responsible and spay and neuter the animals. I reiterate, This problem needs to STOP. PEOPLE who dump their animals should not have them and be responsible for spaying and neutering these animals who suffer from people ignorance or whatever the causes them to do such things have to pay a huge price for something they had nothing to do with!!!!!

  • S. Steelman says:

    Reputable rescue organizations and many animal control agencies already require that the homeless pets they adopt out be spayed or neutered prior to release. If “breeders” want to claim that they are acting responcible and are a reputable breeder they too should FIX any dog that they sell prior to handing it over to the new owner. After all breeders charge triple the amount of money that rescues and animal control agencies charge and most often the rescues oganizations expenses to get the homeless animal in a state of good health because of all the neglect it has been subjected to is more than they charge to rehome the animal. BREEDERS SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO SPAY OR NEUTER ANY ANIMAL THEY SELL PRIOR TO RELEASING THE ANIMAL TO THE NEW OWNER. FURTHER MORE THOSE WHO WISH TO BREED ANIMALS IN MY OPINION SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A STATE LICENSE TO BREED, PAY A FEE + TAXES AND BE SUBJECTED REGULAR INSPECTIONS BY THE US AGRUCULTURE DEPARTMENT.

  • Sheri Phillips Yancy says:

    Please everybody sign this. Every poor innocent animal deserves a chance to be loved, no to be abused or tested on. The average time a prisoner stays on death row 11.5 years before put they are put to death It also cost 1 million dollars a year to house an inmate. Stop testing on animals and test on prisoners, let them earn their money the government pays for them. The rest of them money can go towards feeding and housing the homeless people and animals.

  • Lia says:

    If all pets are spayed where do the new ones come from. Are you trying to exterminate animals? I agree with an animal coming froma rescue but all?

  • Brittany says:

    Should be a must everywhere

  • Jennifer Morrison says:

    please pass

  • Vee Sutherland says:

    2006 STATS for NC, From Animal Control only, Does NOT include other shelters. 306,151 dogs/cats taken in X $99.23 avg cost per animal = $30,379,363 Conservative STATS for US 11,000,000 X $99.23 = $109,153,000,000 Please act on this petition and turn this money over to education. “The question is not, can they reason nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer?” ~Jeremy Bentham “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

  • jenn says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to see that we’ve already reached the 5,000 mark. Even more reason to get MORE people to sign it! I hope and pray that they actually take a careful look at this and that it opens their eyes to the horrors that are going on everyday because of this problem. So many people are ignorant to this issue, I’m worried they just wont get it. Even if we can’t get the entire nation, it would still be a step in the right direction and would save millions of lives.

  • Jenny Karlsson says:

    Spay and neutering is very important for making the lives of animals better – MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • jackie mitchell says:

    lets stop the killing of the animals in the shelters through no fault of their own

  • sylvia says:

    please dont ignore

  • JEAN AZEVEDO says:


  • Suzanne Zimmerly says:

    spay/neuter saves lives, reduces animal suffering, this is a must.

  • shane fradella says:

    major problem

  • shane fradella says:

    major problem

  • Krissy Fradella says:

    This must pass in order to control this major problem.

  • shell0505 says:

    Please support the spaying and neutering of all animals that are bought or adopted. We need to reduce the overpopulation of animals!

  • Jill Coletti says:

    Spay and Neuter……PLEASE !! This is the root of the problem….we need to start at the beginning. Thank you !! JC

  • Lesli George says:

    Please help to stop the exploitation of innocent animals


    Please Please sign!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris F says:

    Come on, this can be achieved!


    This is very, very, real!!!!Please sign!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Rabusin says:

    Excellent idea, hope it gets the go-ahead 🙂

  • Erika Burrett says:

    I have always spayed/neutered my animals and will continue to do so.

  • Sharon Nunez says:

    Please support The spay and neuter program

  • Christine Young says:

    Such a great idea which will save thousands of dogs.

  • Shelly Adams says:

    Responsible pet owners spay or neuter their pets unless they are professional breaders.

  • Ann Suleiman says:

    This “issue” is a duh issue, just need to happen!

  • craig fine says:


  • Melissa Laware says:

    I am definitely for it!!! Kudos to PETA!!

  • Frances Takacs says:

    This is the best thing for the animals, it will also cut down on the unnecessary deaths of many animals. We all need to work together to stop this crisis. Think of how much money it would save the taxpayers also, that always helps.

  • Shai says:

    No more homeless animals… poor babies…

  • Melissa Elaine Gacuzana says:

    There are many vets more than willing to be helpful with the cost as long as they are approached. We really need to get the pet (and our) population under control before “competition” turns ugly. Thanks!

  • B. Sandmeyer says:

    YES! SPAY/NEUTER of pets adopted from Shelters, Pet Stores & Breeders. Exceptions for: Stray herd situation or individuals + pets too young for neuter yet-need alt plan.

  • Juliette Trope says:

    Please lets pass this bill to end animal homelessness!