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Help Ali MacGraw End Horse Transport & Slaughter

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 5, 2012

Actor Ali MacGraw’s latest love story isn’t being played out on the big screen but rather in the halls of Congress. The longtime PETA member is working to protect U.S. horses from being transported across the border only to be slaughtered for dog food or human consumption. Ali wrote to her friend Sen. Tom Udall from New Mexico on PETA’s behalf imploring him to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, which she told him “would effectively end the use of U.S. horses for food.”

Horse: Adrian Parnham | cc by 2.0 Ali MacGraw: (c) StarmaxInc

Last year, Congress restored funding for U.S. inspectors to oversee horse slaughter, making it legal once again for horses to be shot in the head, be strung up by one leg, and have their throats cut in the U.S. However, nothing has ever made it illegal to transport horses on a harrowing journey to Mexico or Canada—crammed inside low-ceilinged trucks designed for cattle—through all types of weather with no food or even a sip of water and then be slaughtered.

The new bill is terrific and vital because it would end both the slaughter of horses in the U.S. and the export of horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

Please, Tom,” Ali wrote, “will you sign on to this bill right away, vigorously support it, and persuade others in positions of power to do the same? Time is of the essence. This extremely important bill cannot be allowed to fall through the cracks.

Join Ali in helping end all slaughter of U.S. horses by asking your senators and representatives to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011. Because thousands of horses leave the country for the slaughterhouse each year, time is of the essence.

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  • Patti sidway says:

    I wish I could stop this cruel practice done to horses and cattle, I have rescued 4 horses myself, and it was rewarding to give them a home in their old age, also a donkey who is spoiled rotten!!!

  • Jen Seymour says:

    What about closer scrutiny on the racing industry that just “turf out” unwanted horses that don’t make the cut? They should be held responsible for these beautiful animals that are used to make millions of dollars around the world. Also people that ill treat their personal “pets” should be blacklisted and heavily fined and should never be allowed to own another animal.

  • Kelly says:

    At this very moment, 55 rescued Tb horses in central Oregon are bound for slaughter on April 24, 2012. I have contacted as many rescue farms and media outlets as I can and only 3 have responded. I’ve also tried to contact celebrity horse advocates, with only one responding. I’ve even emailed and called peta, no response. I an dismayed and disappointed with the fact that all these people who say they are against slaughter and care for animals will not help. I am just one person who is trying to make a difference. Who wants to spread the word about 55 helpless horses?

  • Makayla says:

    I’ve heard of horses being slaughtered, and its just not right. Us kids grow up wanting that pony, or horse, and we grow up? Some of us go and slaughter them. It’s not right, their pets too.

  • Mintaka says:

    Why does my country hate seals and horses so much!? I’d expect a wealthy, multicultural country to be more considerate than most countries but it seems that we’re atrocious all the same. I beg everyone who’s fighting to stop the transport of horses to Mexico and Canada to also fight against the actions that actually take place in Mexico and Canada. Because if it stops there it stops altogether. One of my favourite animals are horses. They’re the closest thing we have to unicorns and are wonderful animals, completely undeserving of this horrible fate.

  • Concerned says:

    We can’t just blame the racing industry. I was with a rescue for several years and the horse that some rescued because she was slated for slauter was from a private party, no racing invoved. The ones in the worse conditions were NOT the ex race horses but private party owned. If anyone wants to be taken seriously on this matter they can’t blame one or two entities. Address the problem in a knowledgeable manner and convince people why we need to change, don’t just blame.

  • Barbara Smolinski says:

    Unless and until we stop the racehore industry and the government from rounding up out wild horse’s and donkeys the slaughter of innocent animals will continue without stop. The slaughter of hores and others in Mexico is comparible to the torture chambers in Germany & elsewhere during the war. NO MERCY, just pain.

  • Cayce says:

    Of course I’ll help. If anybody tried that kind of stunt with my horse she’d beat them up.

  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    Horses are our best friend they don’t need to go to a slaughter house. They were means of transportation in Europe and the United States. They are not food they our pets and friends. How can anyone do this to this beautiful animal. Horses should get adopted.

  • Deb Hg says:

    Keep up the good work and thank you Ali. I hope everyone will try to help get this bill passed. What a wonderful thing it would be for the horses if we could stop their slaughter!

  • Wendy says:

    I truly hope this passes.

  • husker02 says:

    Thank You Ali for your support of ending horse slaughter. We have not and do not raise our horses to be eaten. We must stop the over breeding by the racing industry and the PMU farms. Our horses are for sport, companionship and America needs to step up and help the equine; both domestic and wild horses. What is wrong with Americans that allow horses to be sent in unsafe double deck transporters to an awful death. The humane slaughter act is not being followed and we need some legislators with a spine to stand up for them. Thank You Ali!!

  • tiffany says:

    I will join 🙂

  • greyfel says:

    Stop the Slaughter and the transport of our American horses to Mexico and Canada. WE need to close down feedlots like the one operated by Dennis Chavez in Los Lunas NM where horses that are sick and dying are left to suffer while a veterinarian is on duty.The Chavez lot is a hellhole and should not be allowed to exist. The cruelty and abuse and neglect that permeates the slaughter industry is inexcusable and should be stopped forever.

  • Ivana Dufkova says:


  • Ivana Dufkova says:


  • David L. Kaliner says:

    I’d like to join actress and PETA member Ali MacGraw in supporting the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011. Preventing horses from being transported across the Mexican or Canadian border to be slaughtered for food is so important. These precious animals deserve much more humane treatment, and time is of the essence. Thank you.