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Hayden Panettiere: SeaWorld Is ‘Disgusting’

Written by PETA | March 8, 2010
watchwithkristin / CC by SA 2.0
Hayden Panettiere


“How do you put an interactive, social animal, one of the smartest animals in the world … and you’re going to stick them in a tub and make them do tricks? How do you do that? Because they make money? It’s disgusting and SeaWorld is absolutely wrong. This is a big wake-up call. How many more people are going to have to be killed? When are we going to realize that these animals are not supposed to be there?”
Hayden Panettiere

When it comes to speaking out against SeaWorld, the stars are aligning. The vegetarian Panettiere—who appears in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove—joins Matt Damon, Bob Barker, Pamela Anderson, and many other celebrities who have lent their voices to support Tilikum by publicly denouncing the use of marine mammals for “entertainment.”

Will you be the next to speak up? Ask SeaWorld to release the animals to sanctuaries.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • melissa says:

    Please view my facebook! sign the petition and send it to our Prime minister to end Commercial whaling!

  • noobforveganfood44 says:

    This is so true! Seaworld should release their animals back into the wilde even the onse that are born captive!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    A revolution is happening and people are realising that what Seaworld does is not entertainment. Keep pressing them. They will either collapse or pull the marine animals.

  • carly and maddy says:

    soo true omg i tottaly love animals and the people who try to save them i wish i could do more to help them

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Matt Damon presented the Best Documentary to The Cove in last night’s Oscar telecast. I didnt know he was among the stars wanting to get orcas out of Sea World. So he was very appropriate to present this award. I was glad it won for best full length documentary.

  • Lee says:

    Another reason why I absolutely love Hayden. She’s one cheerleader I would definitely save.