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Happy Valentine’s Day From PETA Europe!

Written by PETA | February 14, 2008

And remember: Pels Ud, Kaerlighed Ind!




Some more pics and video at these sites, which are presumably more informative if you speak German Danish.

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  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Sweet literally! I agree where’s the US version?

  • Antigone1000 says:

    I agree with Michelle. To all those who complain about “exploitation” I would also state that as ADULTS these women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions about what they will and will not do. When will women stop criticizing other women for the choices they make?

  • K says:

    Ooooh niiiiice! Happy Valentine’s Day Jack and PETA!

  • little big woman says:

    Jamie i can’t see any exploited women on these lovely pictures! Everybody looks gorgeous and the women are enjoying it! Me i don’t have problems with nudity if the models’ mind is clean! there are existing different kinds of nudity! if the model’s mind is dirty it can look pornographic even completely dressed! you should look the environmental movie ‘The Emerald Forest’ by John Boorman! There are native Indian communities in South America completely naked and pure in their Forest! At the end of the story they are ‘civilized’ and their women working in brothels with clothes and looking dirty!

  • Michele says:

    Jamie stop being so ridiculous. Whenever there are protests with women in little to no clothing the complainers always ask why there are no demos involving men now that there is one in the news this of course does NOT mean that there are not others going on elsewhere in the world maybe not with media coverage you of course STILL manage to complain. Mary PETA does not “allow” or “disallow” people in demos. It’s up to individuals to put together their own demo with PETA assistance andor materials if so desired and the individuals decide who is going to do what some people hand out flyers some hold signs some people dress up someone is usually a spokesperson and some do a combination of these things. No one is barred from such an event based on their looks. If your friend wants to organize something she is welcome to do so and she can wear a bikini if she so chooses. There is no prerequisite based on looks! If you take the time to look through the PETAfiles archives you will find photos of demos involving “average”looking people and those who are not necessarily superskinny try finding the one where they are lying around in large cellophanewrapped packages looking like the packaged meat in the stores.

  • John Carmody says:

    We done this in Ireland last year and it was also a huge hit!

  • Nancy says:

    That is just adorable. Beautiful people all around.

  • Monica says:

    HOT Veggie Men make me crazy! Gosh I love this meaty guy on the right!

  • Sven Lund says:

    This is real hot stuff i like it!

  • Jamie says:

    Michele a few men doesn’t balance out the hundreds of women that have been used in PETA ads. Like most ads the men aren’t used in the same exploitative way either.

  • Caboose says:

    Funny that its not from the other worldy places as well why Europe?

  • mary says:

    What happens when a member who doesn’t look like a model wants to help out…do you have demonstrators who aren’t perfect specimens? I work with a couple of proclaimed vegetarians who are just average looking normal people…bet you’d turn them down in a heartbeat because they aren’t skindeep pretty little things. Just saying you post photos of nearly naked bikini models all the time but never show real women or men the rare times men are involved doing these protests.

  • Sarah says:

    Wheres the US version?

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    GOODNESS they are just BEAUTIFUL. In every way possible. Happy Valentines day you beautiful souls. Beautiful bodies beauitful souls. Bless you. Peace!

  • Ana says:

    wow!!! Animal advocates are also good looking !!!!

  • NutMeg says:

    haha the women are more exposed but the guys look soo uncomfortable

  • Michele says:

    Great demo! Now no one can complain that we never see men’s bodies at these events. Yummy!