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Happy Fur-Free Friday!

Written by PETA | November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving is over and everyone is getting in the wintery, “Christmassy” spirit … but hey, don’t forget about my favorite holiday of the year! Fur-Free Friday! While most people are hittin’ the shops at 4 a.m. to dig through bargain bins and trample their neighbors to grab those $5 iPods, animal activists are going out of their way to remind holiday sale shoppers not to include fur on their shopping lists this year (or any year, for that matter).

We’re working hard today to tell mallgoers that cruel, furry designers like Donna Karan are so out and that awesome, fur-free designers like Stella McCartney are so in.

Since I’m feeling extra faux happy today, I’d like to share with you some pictures of anti-fur street demonstrations from around the globe to get you in the Fur-Free Friday spirit. Enjoy and have a wonderful, safe, and cruelty-free holiday:



Written by Christine Doré

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  • kris shulfer says:

    what a great reminder to everyone!! happy holidays and to all those animal lovers who do what you do to save the lives of animals THANKS!!

  • Bella says:

    I can’t believe people actually wear fur and arent ashamed to! Everyday there are people screaming to stop killing wearing and eating animals and they still have the nerve to do it! i swear it is a CRIME to be doing what we are doing today in modern america. What has america turned into? we were once a civilized nation killing animals only for food and now were are killing them for pure pleasure and fahsion! and quite brutally might i add. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US?!?!?!?

  • Freddie says:

    I LOVE THE NUDE PETA GIRLS WOO HOO!!!! I HATE KFC!!! I like their fries tho and Root Beer.

  • Maddy is really Paws says:

    sick as. I borrowed my parents laundry marker and now im making my own protest tees. One reads ‘who says im dinner?’ with a cow down the bottom so sick I’m doing a fur sux one next……………

  • HD says:

    I’m just in the middle of emailing Charlotte and Co I was about to buy something from their catalogue and saw that they have a rabbit fur trim gilet apparently the fur is a “byproduct” how misleading and misinformed! Merry Furry Free Christmas!

  • Tessa says:

    I am a selfish meateater… My friend Catherine finds meat disgusting. What is more unappetizing that chewing on decaying flesh? she says. Well I havent really thought of it that way. I actually prefer to ignore where meat actually comes from. I am not eating animal flesh. I am eating nicely cut and packed meat that I buy in Styrofoam containers at the store. I guess it is rotting flesh though is it not? Even as a small girl I would watch my father and uncle hang a deer carcass from its feet tear off its skin and cut its flesh into pieces. As I sat at the dinner table that evening eating stewed venison I never put two and two together. As I grew older I just put it out of my mind so as to be able to enjoy my indulgences without guilt. Actually the thought of eating animal flesh doesnt bother me after all I am from the land of barbed wire and calloused hands. The heads of several different animals hang in the homes of everyone I know. My family hunted not just for sport but to put food on the table. The difference between my family and todays meat industry is that the animals of yesteryear that were killed by my family lived a free life and died usually from one shot straight to the heart. What rests heavy on my heart is that the meat we eat today is derived from an animal that was tortured and mistreated its entire life then carelessly and inhumanely killed. Perhaps this is not always the case but more times than a few it is. Just visit the website and you can view an entire library of humans abusing the animals that are later on our plates. Shamefully I myself could not view any of these videos. I say shamefully because while I could not stomach the torture I stomach the result everyday. I chose instead to read the accounts of abuse. According to an article I read on animals that are farmed for human consumption are neglected mutilated genetically manipulated drugged and violently slaughtered. The details of the abuse are immeasurable. In short animals that are massproduced are crammed together in cages and held in windowless barns never to graze in fields or feel the sun on their backs. Poultry are usually caged and stacked upon each other left to live in the feces of the others above them. Their beaks are clipped to keep them from pecking one another to death as they would surely do because they are forced to live in confinement. They are force fed to grow faster and bigger than normal which cripples them as there legs buckle under their weight. Pigs live in similar conditions their tails and testes clipped and their teeth removed. Both of these animals are thrown into scalding water often while still conscious to make removing their feathers and hair easier. Cows are branded with a hot iron castrated have their horns cut off and are overfed to the point that their insides rupture. Then instead of treatment for their conditions they are pumped full of antibiotics long enough to keep them alive through the pain until slaughter. Fish themselves are not exempt from cruelty fish farms while on land or sea are rife with pollution and disease. Fish are crammed together in tanks or nets and deprived of healthy sunlight. Longlines lined with thousands of baited hooks are cast and drug along oceans and lakes by boats. While torturous enough to fish these lines also snag and kill many other animals like turtles and waterdwelling mammals. After large fish like Tuna are caught they are reeled to the surface stabbed with a pickaxe and hauled onto the boat where they are clubbed to death. Wow we humans are remarkable arent we? Would we do this to our beloved dogs or cats? Some countries do in fact. I imagine they probably say to one another Do you know in the united states they do this to cows and pigs? Why do we accept that this treatment is ok? I need to make a change.

  • NT says:

    Great job! I saw my sisterinlaw today and she was wearing a jacket with real fur trim. I mentioned it to her and she said no that she was sure it was fake. GRRRRRRR! How stupid careless and thoughtless can people be??

  • Blu says:

    What a nice montage of photos! I always enjoy seeing people smiling even when they are protesting something so awful. It helps lure the passerby to spread the knowledge On another note yesterday a lady came into my store and plopped down a mink purse onto my counter. I almost had to touch it to pick up the things she was buying. I must’ve broken down because she took one look at my face and took her purse off the counter. I couldn’t say anything seeing as how I was at work but omg I almost wanted to clock out and follow her outside of the store to give her the link to FurIsDead lol!

  • Barbara says:

    I saw on the telly today that Sheree or whatever her name is from The Real Housewives of Atlanta will have a clothes line coming out. I hope she does not use fur in her fashions seeing as to how she seems to be a furhag on the show. It made me sick seeing her posing for pictures in her fur coats. UGH! For some reason I do not feel they are fake either.

  • Gerson Firmino says:

    In the true I should same of to say that I’m very happy for these things when peoples make the possible for the animals and if became vegatarians of course this is very important because the world needs that peoples is always conect with it. Well first I need to say I so sorry for my english because is not very well same like this I thank this oportunnity of to say what i want thanks full.

  • Simran says:

    Cool!!! Happy furfree christmas

  • Tammy says:

    Although there is no Fur Free Friday here I wore my ‘Mean People Wear Fur’ tshirt I got from PETA! I wish there was a FFF in Memphis Tn.

  • jeka says:

    I am really amazed on how PetA can give a difference on people for example on their everyday meals.. eating friedchicken on lunch but doesn’t know where or how did it came from before it was sold on markets.I am from Philippines. I read about PetA on a magzine and realized how people hurt animals just for their own sake.One day while i was walking my way home I saw a man stumping up on a puppy foot. the puppy cant help it because it was chained. so it cried so much and its foot was so painfully red and a lil’ bloody. I can help it but I really felt sad about the puppy and for myself.I cant help it because the owner of the puppy might accuse me for some reason so I just painfully went away. I really wanted to join PetA so i can help more and change lives

  • Haley says:

    WOOT! i’m so pumped for the protest today!

  • SASHA says:

    What a great job! Hopefully sales will be way down on fur this yearand one day maybe against the law. We have to keep up the fight.