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The Grim Reaper Knows His ABCs

Written by PETA | October 24, 2008

With Halloween fast approaching and folks covering their homes and yards with the dusty plastic décor of yesteryear, the sight of gravestones might not make many folks bat an eye …. But when it’s activists—including the Grim Reaper himself—urging Petland shoppers to stop letting dogs die, it just might get your attention.

Some great folks in Olathe, Kansas, did just that. They gathered outside a local Petland to remind folks that when people buy dogs from money-grubbing breeders, they are denying homes to needy dogs in animal shelters and subsidizing the animal overpopulation crisis. Petland, animal-peddling “pet shops,” and breeders all continue to flood the market with more and more new animals, even as those in animal shelters are dying because of the lack of good homes.

Check out these awesome pics from the demo!


Gravestone Demo
Gravestone Demo_5


It’s as easy as ABC, folks.

Written by Sean Conner

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  • patycakes says:

    Right on Antigone1000!So true! Cee Ceeplease let your local policeor your local humane societyknow whenever you see an animal who looks like you described!Please do not let those careless greedy people get away with it.Make sure the situation gets looks into and that the animal gets taken care of.If we animal loversprotectors don’t speak up for themwho will?

  • Antigone1000 says:

    SavethePits Anyone breeding dogs in a day when there are hundreds of thousands of them dying in shelters for lack of homes is not “responsible” in my view. If they were truly responsible and cared about something other than money they would stop breeding and devote time to rescuing the existing dogs of that breed they claim to love so much. THAT would be a responsible breeder.

  • SavethePits says:

    If someone is going to buy an animal wouldn’t you prefer if they bought from a responsible breeder instead of a puppy mill? There are good reasons to be wroking with breeders right now as they are the main competitors of puppymills. You attack responsible breeders you are only furthering the cause of the puppymills. Good breeders can give advice and help to potential owners on what that particular breed needs the most responsible breeders always try to match each dog with the family’s lifestyle so that everyone is happy and the family won’t have to give the dog up. However things happen and sometimes a family HAS to give up an animal and that is why responsible breeders say right in the contract that the animal should be returned to them so the dog will always have a home. Please stop attacking responsible breedersits time to work with them not against them.

  • Valerie says:

    A place where you can pick a pure breed yet not from a puppy mill is on the internet. Go ahead and look up your dog or cat you would prefer. You will see some adorable ones at PetFinder. But look again if a rescue group owns the dog you are only going to get it if you have flawless vet records going back 5 years. A lapse of only a few months of heartworm protection yet all other vet care up to date resulted in missing out on adopting any rescued dogs. You might be put on a little list DNA do not adopt because of this if you inquire with another rescue group. Only a few are not like this don’t get discouraged keep looking and call the shelters to ask about a breed but try to get there before the ‘rescue’ groups do! ASPCA does not have this strict of a policy and has screened animals or at least at the time 3 years ago they did not. I was totally turned off by the whole rescue rules but I am slowly making sure that my vet record is flawless I only have a few more years to go of a record of monthly heart worm preventative for my pets. I wonder if this will get posted even one rescuer with a blog was bemoaning the fact many rescuers were putting their dogs down. I commented a question if the flawless vet record was required in order to let more of the rescued dogs live. My comment was ‘censored’.

  • pam says:

    There are reputable breeders out there who breed animals for quality not quantity like the puppy mills that sell to pet stores. Unfortunately they are few and far between. Personally I would rather adopt a four legged friend from an animal shelter than buy one from a pet store. Rescue animals do make better pets because they are far more appreciative of the home you have given them. The city where I live most pet stores refuse to sell pets that have come from mills opting instead to use their facilities to adopt out animals from the local animal shelters.

  • BBR says:

    All I can say is most people want what they want and don’t care at what cost. Most people want instant gratification. AND most people want a specific breed. They don’t wanna search through animal adoption agencies pounds etc. It’s unfortunate for those animals who are never adopted but no one said life was fair. We as a world do not and never will hold animals in the same regard as people. There are only a few laws towards animal cruelty. Some pet stores do offer pets that are from the humane society. I saw a beautiful and sweet short hair siamese cat adoptable for $80 all shots included.

  • vegancoin says:

    reduction andor elimination of suffering does not mean extinction of a species that is a myth. dogs and cats will not go extinct there will always be backyard breeders unfortunately. and taking the abusive actions of greedy and ignorant people out of the equation does not mean animals will die or that any species will go extinct. Puhleeze!

  • amy says:

    so what happends when all the breeders stop breeding… do you want our dogs and cats to become extinct? i think that breeding should be limited to purebreads to keep those breeds alive. and i totaly agree puppy mills are bad but are people just supose to leave those poor puppies in stores and at breeders? i think its a harsher life for the puppies to stay in places like that rather then going home. i just think that people should think more about the consequences of their actions. i understand that you do not like this puppy store but stopping people from buying dogs is just hurting the puppies even more. they have to stay in the store longer because you are telling peope not to buy them. go after the store itself to get it shut down dont make the pups suffer longer.

  • Lilly says:

    I know people who breed dogs and they are such ignorant jerks and I’m not saying that just because they breed dogs. They really are! Thank you PETA for the wonderful. I have two adopted cats. They are very happy kitties. Thank you PETA!

  • Cee Cee says:

    i really dont like Petland. i went in there the other day to check it out and there was this week old little puppy laying there sleeping and it looked like it was going to die because it had been separated from it’s mother to early!!! that really made me upset!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess says:

    If only they allowed dogs and cats where I live More great work you guys. Keep it up!

  • Curtis says:

    Wow what an eye catching protest! Way to go!

  • Brian says:

    Another impressive move by PeTA the message is clear and thought provoking. In the past I don’t think many people made the connection between buying a new puppy and allowing one in the shelter to go without a home and ultimately get put down. This should get the dialogue going for animals that need it badly.

  • Allie says:

    This is really fantasticThank you so much for doing what you can to create awareness of this problem. Kindest Regards Allie

  • Karthik says:

    This is a general comment just so you know I havent read the blog but i probably will at another time. I have often considered joining your ranks but the ridiculous naked fur ads have always repulsed me. I always thought PETA was about action. Talking about meat culture in the USA I cannot stand it and I cannot understand why we dont have a lobby to make a poignant political statement. I mean Its only as OK to kill an animal as it is to kill a human being! I am sick and tired of sitting around and being a pacifist. I think something ought to be done about this mess. And if you have a plan count me in. Karthik

  • Ben Y. says:

    Yeah I adopted my doggie and we are going on year 11 of awsomeness. Plus when one thinks about it its cheaper to adopt than to buy one so everyone wins. Go adoption!

  • SASHA says:


  • rose says:

    no ethical breeder sells to pet stores.

  • kelly says:

    ALL Petland puppies come from puppy mills some of the worst in the country For more history on the evils of Petland and ALL Petland stores do the same thing see