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Great Starbucks News!

Written by PETA | March 24, 2008
ThisNext/Creative Commons

This little piece of good news comes to you courtesy of my friend (and occasional PETA Files blogger) Joel Bartlett, who spends more time in our local Starbucks than some of the people who work there. (Incidentally, Joel, who is PETA’s Marketing Manager, actually seems to have something of an obsession with coffee-marketing news).

“Loyalty benefits. Starting in mid-April, customers who use registered Starbucks cards in select U.S. and Canadian stores will get several benefits: Starbucks will not charge for any syrups, milk alternatives and other extras added to drinks, no matter how numerous or complex. Senior Vice President Michelle Gass said she isn’t concerned that will lead to more expensive, time-consuming orders.”

Soy lattes will always be cooler, more fancy, and less pus-filled than the dairy version, but now they’re just as affordable.

And, for those of you still hankering for more good news on the soy latte front, here’s an update on the Dunkin’ situation. I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Karen says:

    Uh… “r” Starbucks does not put “real” cfes out of bussiness. Starbucks is the PUBLICS choice of coffee and Starbucks is not forcing them to go there instead of other cfes. Please.

  • lamestarbucks says:

    This makes me wet my pants. Yeah right. Any news on what WalMart is going to do for me in the $29 DVD player department? Same base level of quality really.

  • BullyDawg says:

    I wanted to add that while vegans in metropolitan areas have a much wider array of choices re vegetarian outlets folks such as myself that live in smaller communities don’t have those dining options…rural Mississippi doesn’t have too many Indian and Mediterranean places! So having options from outlets like Subway Taco Bell etc. make it easier for a lot of people to go vegetarian. The fact that WalMart carries Boca and Morningstar products is a plus as well for smalltownvegs!

  • Joel Bartlett says:

    sharik Thanks for being such a regular reader of the blog! It’s true that I do get a lot of excitement about vegan options being widely available all over the world. Starbucks has introduced soy milk to more people than… well… pretty much anything or anyone else. And it’s always made me happy when people’ve said it’s difficult to go vegan to be able to list off Taco Bell Subway Quiznos etc… as places you can find anywhere along with ethnic food places etc…

  • Jack says:

    I think we need to be careful about confusing our issues here folks. Starbucks is the largest and most popular coffee company in the world and it’s massively important that they are both popularizing dairy alternatives and setting an example for the industry that providing soy milk to customers is a good business decision. Similarly while many of us may make a personal ethical choice to boycott all Yum! brands products because of KFC’s abusive treatment of animals it is still important to recognize the value of having vegan options available to Taco Bell customers. Whether we like it or not most huge corporations aren’t going to be 100 percent in line with the most progressive ethical standards and while we do need to push them to do the right thing that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t sometimes accentuate the positive. rant jack

  • r says:

    REASONS TO BOYCOTT STARBUCKS unionbusting cheerleading for Israel’s war crimes blockbusting urban sprawl putting REAL cafes out of business commercial coffee that destroys farmers families rainforest birds toxic dairy products cheap sweatshopmade chochkes… Go to a REAL cafe instead. Please!

  • sharik says:

    Joel also listed Taco Bell as a place to get one of Norfolk’s “ten best meals” Dec 24.. Let me get this straight PETA’s Marketing Manager supports rodeos with his coffee in the morning and Yum! brands KFC’s owner on his lunch hour. Outstanding. Well I guess it’s not a big deal….

  • lynda downie says:

    Oops! My bad! That would be StarbUcks!

  • lynda downie says:

    Yeah we’ll have to work on that rodeo thing. But the soy news is greatthough doggone it I love my Starbacks black Jack.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Kelly and Ana thank you for alerting us to Starbuck’s support of rodeos. I won’t buy from them any more. Interestingly as I was sitting here my boyfriend just heard a news report that Starbucks also confiscates a portion of money from the tip jar that is supposed to be for employees. Shameful. Peace ladies.

  • Ana says:

    kelly They do support rodeos and that is why I boycott Starbuck’s. I wrote them two letters about rodeos and how they should not support them but they sent me a ridiculous answer and my second letter they did not respond to. Maybe PETA does no do enough about rodeos but supporting Starbuck’s is supporting rodeos. Boycott Starbuck’s!!

  • BullyDawg says:

    Mike I think a “registered” card is a gift card that you register through their website or perhaps through the store. I remember I had a Sonic Card oh yeah this was before I went veg and had the option to register it they’d email me coupons special offers etc. Since it is a debit the money runs out but you can “reload” it.

  • Michele says:

    thats awesome about starbucks…im obsessed myself. ive written to dunkins and made out comment cards in various locations a few times and still no soy. but on their website in their menu or nutritional facts or something it says that they have soy lattes…so ive been waiting for them to come somewhere near me in ME! hopefully someday soon. there are a million dunkins near my apartment but no starbucks within walking distance.

  • Peter says:

    this is awesome! i actually find the more places i go to and order something like salads without chicken on them actually take off a few dollars for the lack of death on the delicious salad. I have to say though i am still a little angry that Dunkin Donuts doesnt offer soy milk but lets try to change that

  • Hb says:

    About time soy milk was considered “main stream”.

  • kelly says:

    I thought Starbuck’s supported rodeos?

  • Sandra says:

    I worked at two different coffee houses while in high school. I wasn’t a veg at the time but I actually used to promote the soy milk over cow because it froths much nicer and fluffier! So if you work at a coffee shop or are at one chatting with someone reccommend the soy milk if they want their froth to be smoother!

  • Mike says:

    What the heck’s a “registered Starbuck’s card”?

  • Mylie says:

    awesome. i wonder if this means they will start making their blended drinks with soy too? hopefully…

  • Jessie Strand says:

    I wrote Starbucks a letter asking them to start serving vegan pastries. They responded and said they’d look into it…but I haven’t seen any. More people should write to them!

  • Mark says:

    I was a Starbucks Barista one summer to help pay for a documentary on animal rights ironically and I passed the time by plugging soymilk to all the customers “Have you tried it with soymilk? It’s so much better!”. So for all you coffee shop and anything else employees don’t forget to plug animalfriendly products! I didn’t talk about pus though. Maybe I should have on my last day at work.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I think this is a great gesture although I also agree with Glen and no doubt others who will eventually chime in that we must look at the company’s practices as a whole. Starbucks has a confusing history. Although they are a big company they are at least in publicity making a huge effort for the environment and vegan lifestyles. I always look for SHADE GROWN coffee but always find “Fair Trade” instead. Contrary to popular belief they are not the same thing. Most coffee from South America requires huge amounts of deforestation ruining habitat for sloths and many many other species and plants. Starbucks seems to be promoting shade grown coffee but not selling it! They also seem to be good about offering travel mugs but some places offer a discount and some don’t. To look at their educational materials it seems as though they are indeed promoting good environmental and vegan practices will they make a real tangible difference in how they run things though? The pressure must stay on corporations to practice what they preach in a serious manner relative to the size of the company.

  • Glen Venezio says:

    Actually anything Dunkin’ is kind of a nono at this time because Dunkin’ Donuts has had a partnership with Mars Inc. since earlier this year they sell 2 cobranded products using Mars chocolates in Dunkin’ Donuts. PETA has a current campaign against Mars Inc. for conductingsupporting animal testing. Dunkin’ is “very proud” of their partnership with Mars Inc. thus they should not be supported as a business for teaming up with a company that not only commissions cruel animal testing but then tries to confuse the public by saying they do not when the controversy first hit the media due to PETA’s campaign.

  • Ashleigh M. says:

    Yay! No more extra charges for soy!

  • BullyDawg says:

    Hurray! Admittedly I didn’t really mind spending 30 more cents on a latte considering how expensive Starbucks is anyway but it did almost feel as if we were being “penalized” for wanting soy instead of dairy. Now I can indulge in my cinnamon dolce soy lattes on the cheap well relatively speaking…it IS Starbucks!.