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Gravely Ill Puppies Rushed to Animal Shelter

Written by PETA | February 1, 2012

After discovering that a family of stray dogs had taken refuge at a vacant property in Texas, a kind-hearted soul contacted the landlord to get permission to go in and remove the seriously ill and injured animals. But when local law-enforcement officials and rescue groups were unable to help—no animal shelter serves the county—the dogs’ defender called PETA.

PETA’s cruelty caseworker persuaded an animal shelter in a neighboring county to take in the dogs and found someone willing to drive more than an hour to transport the two dogs and five puppies to the animal shelter.

Within minutes of their arrival, however, four of the desperately ill puppies died. And one of the adult dogs—suffering from a severe head injury as a result of having been kicked by a horse—was euthanized. But the fifth puppy pulled through and is being fostered by a shelter staffer, and the other adult dog, who had been suffering from severe mange, has been treated and adopted into a loving home.


How You Can Help Homeless Dogs and Cats

Life for homeless dogs and cats is dangerous and often deadly. Please, if you see stray animals, never look the other way—do whatever you can to get them off the streets and into a safe place.

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  • Sky says:

    It’s a shame what happens to these poor animals. I wouldn’t hurt a poor, innocent animal if my life depended on it. Animals are some of the most important things in the world to me. R.I.P.

  • Philip and Barbara Burghardt says:

    Thank God, the landlord got the dogs help, now I want to thank PETA for always being there for animals.

  • maribeth hendrickson says:

    It’s heartbreaking that so many animals suffer. It’s tragically heartbreaking when they suffer because of the indifference, neglect, abuse and cruelty of human beings.

  • Barski Barbara says:

    poor animals

  • Diana Ildefonso says:

    we help, repeated, and love our animal friends.

  • Michele says:

    Poor babies!! Very heartbreaking with all of the suffering. Thank goodness for the kindness of the person to get involved and PETA for trying. RIP babies and I pray the others will know love forever!

  • Macy says:

    Poor, poor babies! May they rest in peace! The others that survived, I wish them the best in life! Poor babies! 🙁

  • Katherine says:

    RIP the poor dogs 🙁 I’m so glad there are caring people out there, so that last puppy could survive!

  • Diana says:

    Since I was a very young girl back in the 50’s I have always brought strays home and found their owners or a home for them. As I got older in the late 60’s on a few of us gals would go to the dog pound and pick up several dogs each. Take them home, Get them fixed and find good homes for them. One I found 7 years ago was a 7-year-old Pom.I knew from the start he was mine. I was really hoping no one would claim him. I posted his photo at all the groomers, vets, laundromats & stores. No one claimed him His name is Thor and went from 1 1/2 lbs. to 8 lbs. I had him fixed and he is a wonderful companion. I have found several dogs in the past few years and found their owners. One man wanted to give me 200 dollars. I told him to donate it to the shelter. I hope he did. I really wanted to keep that little girl Chihuahua. She was just so sweet. I was heart broken when I got a call and he described her to a tee.

  • Victoria says:

    Poor animals… Thank God you found them and stopped their suffer. I wish there were shelters for stray animals in my city and in my country.There are some in Ukraine, but they are mostly overcrowded. Animals suffer there too. 🙁 And there are no decent shelters in my native city. Strays manage to survive only due to some not indifferent people who feed them. It hurts…