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Graffiti Artists Release ‘Animals’ Onto City Streets

Written by PETA | September 20, 2010

More art to move your heart: The European art collective Neozoon has transformed discarded fur coats into running “bulls,” wobbly-legged “lambs,” and climbing “bears.” The ersatz animals are now “roving” streets and parks in Berlin and Paris. Neozoon’s striking installations inspire viewers to ponder society’s mistreatment of animals.

Neozoon has also created an exhibit at the Münster Zoo—and it appears that many zoogoers can’t quite figure out whether the “non-toed fur-coaties” are real or robotic animals.

The image of “Lambs to Slaughter” gave me goose bumps. What do you think of Neozoon’s project?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Inu-Yasha Chan says:

    when i saw everything, including the non-toed fur-coaties,i thought it was an amazing way to get people to realize what is happening and how wrong it is.

  • Emmy says:

    moo.leeno. This is a very bad thing, he is using fur as art, and the more he uses fur the more artists might like it and more animals will be murdered for this so called “art”

  • Toby says:

    The concept is GREAT, but lots of common people will think, “uuummm…ooook… so someone spent hours setting up some animal shapes…”

  • moo.leenon. says:

    wait i dont get it?,,is this suppose to be a bad thing or a good thing?please inform me cause i dont wanna think of it as the wrong way..

  • bon says:

    I have always looked for creative ways to honor the dead animals in furs. What a great idea. I wonder if we can donate furs to this cause? I was left a skin coat that I will never use, but would like to see used in a way that brings some peace to the animal that died.