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Good Job, Steve Jobs!

Written by PETA | April 29, 2010

Sure, Apple banned our Be Nice to Bunnies app after catching a glimpse of sexy Stephanie Pratt in the buff, but PETA doesn’t hold it against Steve Jobs. In fact, we think that Jobs and the rest of the Apple crew are pretty great after learning that the App Store said “no way” to an app called iSealClub—a game in which users wield a metal-tipped club and earn points by bashing seals to death.

We’ll stand side-by-side with Apple in declaring that it’s “objectionable” to make light of the bloody slaughter of tens of thousands of baby seals in Canada, and we’re sending Apple CEO Steve Jobs a thank-you note along with some yummy vegan chocolate seals as a token of our appreciation.

People all over the world—including President Obama, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the entire European Union (EU), and so many others—have condemned the seal hunt, and the market for dead animals’ skins has tanked. It sounds like Canadian seal killers would be better off playing iPhone games than spending their time bludgeoning baby animals. In fact, I can direct them to a list of apps that could teach them a thing or two about compassion.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • kathy says:

    I hate the fact that my country does this!! it is truly a disapoinment. Seals are beautiful animals and don’t deserve what is being done to them.

  • Jacob says:

    I am simply shocked by this horrid act of brutality. I am Canadian and i am doing a report on environmental issues and my teacher decided to talk about the Seal Clubbing that was taking place and I researched how old these pups are when being killed is only when they stat molting which is arould twelve days and this is around the time the seals mother leaves them. I would love to have this act of barbarism made illegal. Way to go PETA!

  • John J says:

    What about kitty cannon? Isnt it on the Iphone apps now? If its just a cartoon then why make a big deal over it. Video games let us do things we would or could not do in real life.

  • Sam says:

    It’s banned? How is it still on the App Store?

  • Keiya says:

    I’m more bothered by Apple’s hypocrisy than pleased with their rejection of the game. There’s dozens of hunting games there already not to mention games like Grand Theft Auto. Hunting innocent humans police officers and military while stealing cars motorcycles and in a couple locations tanks while funding your operations by trading drugs is less objectionable than clubbing seals?

  • Manic Monkey says:

    Wait a minute wouldn’t this game get more publicity about the fight against the seal hunt?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Adam Is having a fur to wear a good enough reason to cause a monthold animal suffering and death? I don’t think so. None of us can prevent all suffering but the commercial seal hunt is basically about supplying pelts for the fashion industry. To me this frivolity in no way justifies the unnecessary carnage. Also with diminished or broken ice due to climate change mother seals are finding it difficult to locate seal pans suitable for birthing. Many pups have died already this year from the inadequate ice. This is a species that in a very short while may become endangered due to the high pup mortality. All the more reason to let them be.

  • rosemary carrizales says:

    Awesome it’s good to hear the canadian seal clubbers market is tanking due to PETA! Thanks for everything you guys do!

  • R B J says:

    Thank you Steve Jobs! I always knew that Apple wasn’t a scumbag business!

  • Klara says:

    I can’t believe that the seals still get hunted nobody likes it obviously…

  • lucille says:

    Let’s keep the heat on Canada till the hunt is history. Seals are beautiful animals and deserve to live and thrive in their habitat.

  • Shari says:

    Hurray! At least Apple has a heart. I’m sure they are going to love those yummie vegan chocolate! Those vegan chocolates are going to make them melt! Thank you PETA for rewarding Apple for having a heart!

  • Adam says:

    Honest Question Why protect Fur seals? their not endangered just cute same as dolphins why not spend more time and money on silver backs or elephants? or Tuna? can someone answer me honestly without going nuts? please and thank you