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Girl Throws Puppies Into River, PETA Offers Reward for Her Identity

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010


PETA is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for drowning a litter of helpless puppies in the video above. Members of 4chan were able to track down the owner of the Bosnian YouTube account that originally uploaded the video and we currently have six possible leads, but the identity of the girl has yet to be confirmed. If you have information regarding this case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • SKAHT says:

    I really hope u guys got her aye that is sick an twisted but she’s not the only one to blame what about the person filming it that’s even worse. How can some one stand there and watch. That’s even more twisted than actually doing it both should be locked up or really need some mental help serious help!! I could never do that to any of my dogs! she needs to have an order were she cant have any animals at all for ever!!!! Those pups could have had an awesome life like my pups do!! did u know they say that’s murderers started off by killing dogs cats or even rats so wonder what she going to be like when she’s older even more twisted in the head!!!(GIRL U NEEDA GET YOUR HEAD CHEEKD OUT CAUSE YOUR F***D STRAGHT UP)

  • Decima says:

    This is extremely cruel and just sick. It is horrifying how she can just blatantly disregard life and viciously throw young puppies in a river. In times like this, I wish the police or heck, Anonymous is involved

  • student says:

    WTFF r u serious. i hope they found her. shes a disgrace

  • kk says:

    this is so sad. im crying so hard. How can someone do this to those poor puppies!!!!!!! i hope she gets what she deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  • animal love says:

    This is so imoral.. The only thing that comforts me is that Heaven will gain some good animals and that those who do these terrible crimes have chosen there fate and will go to hell.. Spay, Neuter, Adopt <3

  • Pimpin says:

    It turns out she was found, but won’t be facing any charges since she is too young to face a judge or do jail time. Which it really sucks

  • Gamaroff's says:

    First I hope everyone here understands that we live in a society that has laws and I am sure you people would be the first to burn her at the stake, right in the town square. That is why we have laws. So all you extremists don’t murder in the name of your cause. I mean you are saying she needs life in prison and to be put to death. She may need psychiatric help but I don’t think the death penalty is right.

  • A guy says:

    I am not an animal lover, never owned any pets – but I am not animal hater either.. Oh my god, I think she should be jailed for the rest of her life.. What a sick, SICK person!!! Those were little puppies, baby dogs… I really hope when she is caught, she doesn’t get off without any punishment

  • MarieAgnes says:

    I really hope you find this girl and lock her right away, she does not deserve freedom… 🙁

  • honulover says:

    Seriously.  She is one sick person!!!

  • Gabriel says:

    This girl is sick minded and what will they do to her when they find out where she is and who she is?

  • Manic says:

    I’d just like to say, I wouldn’t be interested in the reward. I’m not a vegetarian, hell, I’m not even really an animal lover, however, I would like to see her be brought to justice. I may not be an animal activist, but what this girl did is completely immoral.

  • TumbleweedDG says:

    Why the **** would someone do this?? That is sick. I hope she dies.(:

  • KC says:

    well LISA.. the fact that these kids taped this horrendous act clearly shows that they weren’t getting rid of the puppies since they live on a farm. They did it for disgusting reasons. This makes me sick! PETA needs to offer a better reward than 2k…

  • Guest1 says:

    did they find her? She is a sick demon.

  • Georgia says:


  • tori says:

    what ever reason this girl has to kill these dogs is not an excuse or even a reason. she should serve forever in jail and no she shoudnt be killed if we did kill her we are no better and all her life (no job, freedom would be hell to me)she should be kept in jail and the spectator too i am younger then her and yet i have more kindness, more brain, less stupidity, less cruelty

  • Sarah says:

    That is just SICK. Did I hear her say “Weeee” at the 23 second mark?! That’s wrong on so many levels. I hope she gets caught and arrested really soon.

  • lisa says:

    It’s not considered wrong over there, this is a common way even on farms all over America to get rid of puppies and kittens. I’m just saying since America kills more livestock in slaughter houses than any other country on earth, tortures more lab animals than any other country and is overseas killing people as well, we are very arrogant to point the finger at the behavior of others! Kind of like Ted Bundy whining about how bad child molesters are.

  • Kelli says:

    Lisa, She may have had a bad life but that is NO excuse! Many people have suffered from beatings among other things and they STILL know right from wrong! That girl is just sick!!

  • Lisa says:

    Perhaps we should consider that because this girl was born in Bosnia during the time America was bombing Yugoslavia we have played a part in how she is. We bombed the area then split leaving the whole country with no jobs etc and a generation of tramatized kids. Where she is there’s a high rate of teens hanging themselves and a high rate of glue sniffing. Many of the girls were raped as well. So she grew up seeing people being killed and day to day life is hard due to how we intervened but then we judge when she has no feelings over killing when she has had death all around her. People have a hard time feeling for animals when even the people around them suffer. I know people who live there and how their lives are. Since the war abuse of animals and women have gone way up.

  • eva says:

    qe pedo con esa vieja …pinche estupida de mierda !!!!!! no sabe lo ke es la vida!!!!!!!!

  • girl throwing hater says:

    Thats sick. Why did she even do that?!?!?!?! what did they ever do to her

  • Kate says:

    Its a pity there is’nt the death penalty for animal cruelty,God help us if that girl breeds!