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Getting Naked, Princeton-Style

Written by PETA | May 9, 2007

What do you do when you have more naked activists than life-size, cellophane-wrapped meat trays? Double up. At least that was how they handled it at Princeton University yesterday, to striking effect. The demonstration, which was a joint protest organized by PETA and the Princeton Animal Welfare Society to draw attention to the suffering of animals used by the meat industry, got two different front page stories in the Daily Princetonian, including this one, about a follow-up presentation given by Dan Mathews to explain in a bit more detail why PETA does these kinds of demonstration instead of just putting on a suit and tie and pointing out the various inadequacies in the Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act. (The short answer, by the way, is that we do both, but people don’t always show up for the latter presentation.) Anyway, here are some pics:

Meat Tray Princeton 077.jpg
Meat Tray Princeton 098.jpg
Meat Tray Princeton 116.jpg
Meat Tray Princeton2 014.jpg
Meat Tray Princeton2 017.jpg
Meat Tray Princeton2 020.jpg

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  • willie stroker says:

    Can I get fries with that?

  • Blake Laatu says:

    I don’t get it Why not eat peolple? They are tasty.

  • Chrissy says:

    As to the comments about opposing using women and their “sexuality” in the campain…common lets get real herewe live in the same world..right?? If a lady in a bikini or even a naked lady attracts the attention of people that wouldnt normally give but a smug look to peta members gets attention and further gets our message acrossmaybe eve as “in”it saves lives of animals!! It saves animals of getting skinned ALIVE! I mean give me a break MILLIONS of animals tortured or a few naked ladies to get their attention to the issuehmmmmmmmmmm tough choice??? As someone to supports prevention of suffering i thingk NOT!!

  • Dennis Vail says:

    I’m a member of PETA and of their Writers Network and I actively support their campaigns to the extent that I can and when I think I can have an effect. PETA’s more flamboyant publicity stunts and their courting of celebrities are not my style but I can’t blame them for that if they think these pursuits have political value such advertising methods certainly have a long history in our culture. If you choose not to participate for whatever personal reasons that’s fine but I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to be casting stones. The women and men who do participate in these events do so voluntarily they’re not paid and they’re all adults. So do your own thing but let’s not be so natcissistic as to lose sight of the universal goal of improving the lives of animals.

  • Bluebeary says:

    I agree with you Steve Marcus. The objectification of women and the perpetuation of an exclusive ideal of beauty is a big problem I have with PETA and with some animal rights activists. Some animal rights activists don’t get the connections between all of the different forms of oppression going on in the world. Never stop speaking up for your beliefs. We need more freethinkers like you who look at things thoroughly with a critical eye instead of jumping on others’ bandwagons.

  • jimmy says:

    naked chick is cool. i’m gonna join her group not EAA.

  • naked chick says:

    I can’t wait to see what exciting worldaltering campaigns they come up with over at Earnest Asexuals for Animals or whatever group Steve Marcus forms when he puts his money where his mouth is. For now I think the Princeton protest was pretty damn great and congrats to all the participants for sparking an important debate on campus and changing some hearts and minds.

  • Maya says:

    Steve I deeply appreciate your speaking up for women. PETA has had women’s groups many that care for animals wish that they would stop their tacky campaigns. I’m glad that men as well get it. Those who don’t seem to understand should speak to a women’s rights group and educate themselves.

  • Steve Marcus says:

    Hi again To Jimmy I’m not saying that stunts in general a bad idea only the ones that objectify women. By those standards all stunts that involve equal amounts of nudity and publicity for men and women are okay. What I am critical of is specifically the “rather go naked than wear fur” campaign which purchased newspaper magazine billboard space for the ads. They obviously have money to spend on this business they should spend it on less sexist forms of advertising. To Australian no that’s not really true. Watch any of their promotional videos or look at their mainstream ads. They use conventionally sexy women because as Dan Mathews said at Princeton a couple days ago “sex sells.” Yeah it sells it also objectifies women and furthers the evident patriarchy of our country. Woohoo. To Chris kudos on being a male nude demonstrator that’s really cool. I know that PETA has a lot of women in the top ranks of the organization as do a lot of other groups that objectify women in their advertising. That doesn’t justify what they do however. Groups with African American leaders can still oppress blacks the same goes for Jews or any other minority group. As for women being able to do what they want with their bodies I agree with that. I just disagree with the way that PETA frames and goes about portraying them “sexy PETA chicks go naked for KFC!” “HOT PLAYBOY MODEL POSES NUDE” “insert conventionally hot looking model loves animals lol!” are common place in PETA’s advertising. To Freedom Fighter Judith Um I don’t really know what to say to “Steve Marcus is a weak man” I don’t really know what that means…. Fortunately I don’t think you’ll have to work for any company I own considering I don’t own any companies. And to everyone No one has answered my central claim that there’s ONLY A RISK THAT THESE ADS ARE BAD. They have 1. objectified women and 2. lost members for PETA numerous people have quit over this issue. Also no one has contested that there are NUMEROUS alternatives that are equally successful. Someone needs to give an reason why ONLY these ads are good why nothing else could work. If they can do other ads they should do them even if the ads aren’t absolutely the worst thing ever they’re still bad to some degree. The only thing we’re arguing about is to what degree they’re bad.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    You are a fantastic group of people. I so wish we could have done something like this at Berkeley. We would have made one heck of a statement… Plain and simple “meat is murder.” I also would not want a weak person like Steve Marcus running my company he is to weak of a man. Also the ladies involved in this were thrilled to be a part of this protestWhy you asked because they believe in it and they have every right to demonstrate as they feel fit to. Judith

  • Nadia says:

    amazing! I love it! GOOD WORK

  • Chris says:

    Steve you may also be forgetting that PETA is an organization whose upper echelon is comprised largely of women. It may be assumed that they aren’t the type of women who take being pushed around misrepresented or objectified lightly seeing as how they are integral to the running of the world’s largest and most effective animal rights organization I would like to stress “most effective”. Women have the right to do with their bodies anything they’d like. Sincerely A guy whose posed naked for PETA several times

  • doug says:

    AMAZING demo today guys….. Congrats on conveying such a strong message that animal flesh is just thae same as as our flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go…

  • Australian says:

    I think its great! PETA has used women of all shapes and sizes for their campaigns to liberate and empower women to embrace their shape. Think about it this way If its helping thousands of animals not to suffer by someone posing for an “I’d rather go naked than wear fur campaign” then is’nt it worth it? Iam a woman myself in case you have’ nt noticed and I’d be the first person to opose any grotesque attittudes in anything towards women. So the fact that I approve of this means something. That is all

  • jimmy says:

    Hey Steve It’s really not fair to compare PETA’s ad campaigns to companies that have multibillion dollar ad budgets. I’m sure with billions of dollars PETA could make use of other tactics too. But PETA gets FREE publicity through their stunts. That’s people hearing about animal rights. No other group reaches so many people with so little money. That’s why PETA wins marketing awards.

  • Steve Marcus says:

    Hi Kelly That’s not really a defense of the ads at all to defend that they’re good you need to prove 1. The ads are good and 2. There’s no alternative to the ads. If there’s any reasonable problem with the ads which I don’t think you contest other than saying that I personally am not doing enough to challenge them then why risk alienating the feminist members of PETA who have left over the scandal? Anyway as for your other point you can do a lot of things to challenge sexism in other venues. Here’s some things to do 1. Boycott products that objectify women in their ads. Thrift shop buy products like Dove and stores that make a point not to use women in that sense. 2. Attend or organize programs that challenge sexism. Education is key which is why it’s good we’re having this discussion to any social change. Here’s a great example Jean came to Princeton and she’s excellent. 3. Attend lectures or public events like Dan Mathews to challenge sexism in an open dialog hopefully my concerns raised at the PETA speech will create an open space to talk about these issues. 4. Empower women in any other manner. Support women speakers artists musicians authors challenge stereotypes of women when you hear them. Those are just some ideas. As for nitpicking towards organizations it’s a tradeoff I used to give a lot of money to PETA. I can now give that money that I think make more efficient and more responsible choices in their campaigns. This is a healthy discussion to have Steve

  • kelly says:

    Steve that is the lamest thing I have ever heard. Have you stopped watching television? Have you stopped watching movies? Reading magazines? Newspapers? Buying clothes? TOLERANCE is usually something an educated person attains and supports. You may not support everything an organization does but to nitpick over one thing and you bail? The animals need a little stronger backbone than that!

  • Steve Marcus says:

    Hi Kelly! I’m in fact the Steve Marcus quoted in the Prince. And actually I do disapprove of using female bodies in advertising as well. I think PETA makes a sort of valid point that they use males in demonstrations but it’s no where near as close as the amount of times that they sexualize women. Read the PETA posts on “three sexy PETA chicks protest a KFC!” and other demonstrations that solely utilize conventionally sexy females. At the end of the day there’s ONLY a risk that using women is bad. There’s NO reason it’s good when numerous ad campaigns the new Beetle the Budweiser frogs Mac vs. PC the wassup? ads demonstrate that you can create effective advertising WITHOUT essentializing and oppressing women. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a vegetarian and I still strongly support animal rights… I just don’t do it through PETA. Just some thoughts That Steve Marcus guy from the Daily Princetonian.

  • kelly says:

    I had to laugh at the Steve Marcus quoted in that article as having abandoned Peta and animal rights because of the “Go Naked” demonstrations. Giving up on the animals because of some naked or scantily clad people? It’s nothing worse than all of us see every day in advertising movies billboards beaches and some of our kooky neighbors. Something tells me Steve hasn’t given up on all that stuff but the animals should suffer.

  • Lucas Solowey says:

    you guys are absolutely incredible. looks amazing. i want to join in on this. its hot. brings attention to a powerful message in a hot yet clever way. keep up the awesome work!! p.s when we going to do that in Montreal? i want one of those!