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Watch: Fur-Wearer Attacked by Dancing ‘Animals’ in Fashion Week Performance

Written by Heather Moore | February 11, 2014

Masked “animals” sniffed, stalked, and bit a fur-wearer in front of Lincoln Center this afternoon. The animals—actually modern jazz dancers choreographed by James Koroni, the founder of Enforced Arch—carried the woman’s limp body off to mourn all the animals who were killed to make her fur coat.

NYFW Fur dance 4

This “performance,” organized by PETA, will turn heads and provoke debate among the models, designers, and buyers who are in Manhattan for New York Fashion Week.

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  • nick says:

    Hundreds of millions of animals are skinned alive each YEAR!! Fur farms need to be banned and all the rabbits and dogs and cats and minks etc. need to be set free. Great video. I saw a woman wearing fur a few days ago and she walked past me and said hello and I ignored her and looked back and all i could think of for the next day or two was how many animals were brutally and inhumanely tortured. Fur needs to be banned in every country in the world.

  • Ashlee says:

    I had the privilege of seeing this in person and it was great. As someone attending the shows to report on eco-fashion (of which there ain’t much at the main stage), I was prepared to see a lot of fur, but not as much as I actually encountered. So glad that PETA and Enforced Arch were there to put this tasteful, artistic spin on advocacy. Well done!

  • Ashie says:

    Its a cool way to get attention to this issue – fabric sourced from animals should be banned. Go Vegan!! save animals and environment….Midwestern states need this kind of awareness

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