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Fur-Labeling Bill Could Become Law!

Written by PETA | December 13, 2010
furryscaly/CC by 2.0

Shoppers will soon be able to know, without a doubt, whether a furry garment is a fabulous fake or was ripped from an animal’s back if President Obama signs into law a bill called the Truth in Fur Labeling Act.

The act would require all fur products to be labeled with the species of animal who was killed to make them as well as the products’ country of origin and manufacturer, among other information. Currently, the labels of fur garments that cost less than $150 aren’t required to provide this information, and some real furs are purposely mislabeled as faux (a sure sign that real fur has fallen out of fashion).

Let’s hope that President Obama quickly signs this bill into law, because it will help compassionate consumers steer clear of the real (dead) thing while reminding all the Cruella de Vils out there which kinds of animals were killed for their coats. While we wait for the president’s signature, we can take a stand against flaying animals for “fashion” by adding our own autographs to PETA’s fur-free pledge.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • J.G. Reynolds says:

    I have wrote my legislators and several newspapers about this very important issue. I hope this bill becomes law since it would end so much animal suffering. It would also deal a massive blow to the evil fur industry!

  • HajPaj says:

    looks delicious

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Here are a couple of ways to tell if your fur is faux. 1. Clip a small amount of the fur from an area on the garment where the clip will not show. Put the clippings on a ceramic plate, then hold a lighted match or cigarette lighter next to them. If the clippings melt, they’re faux. If they burn, they are real fur. 2. Hold the garment under a lamp. If the fur has a shiny, plastic appearance, or sparkles, it’s faux. You can also part the fur to see what material it is attached to. If it looks like cloth, the fur is faux. If it looks like skin, it’s real fur. In the past I have owned both a real fur coat, which I inherited from my mother after she died (I sold it; I needed the money) and a beautiful faux fur coat which I wore for years until it fell apart. Also, my aunt owned a consignment shop for many years and she trained me to tell the difference between fur and faux.

  • Racine Clifton says:

    I think that this bill is fantastic. People need to be more compassionate and realise that animals have rights and feelings also. God created all creatures with love, we need to return that love to one another.

  • Magdalena Stachowiak says:

    my dream is that making and wearing fur be banned