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Free Body Bag With Purchase of a Puppy

Written by PETA | July 15, 2008

Readers of Dog Fancy magazine opened the recent issue to see an ad that read, “Just bought a brand-new purebred puppy? Welcome him or her into your home with a free gift bag! Call us today at 1-866-834-6061 to claim your bag and hear about our products.” The ad’s offer sounds good enough, right?

Well, for people who actually called the number, the offer may have lost some of its appeal when they learned that the “gift” bags are actually body bags! If readers knew the ad was placed by PETA, they may have expected the shocking twist, but why would we want to give away a little detail like that?

The ad and the body bags were created to serve as a strong reminder to all dog lovers that for every dog you buy, another one will die, because every dog purchased from a breeder takes a spot in a home that a homeless dog is dying to fill. With the millions of homeless animals in this country, it’s insane to buy rather than adopt.

Our video “Buy One, Get One Killed” drives home that point nicely.

Posted by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Karen says:

    If you spay and neuter every “pet” in the world and shut down breeders how long will it take before there are no “pets” in the world? Domestic dogs cats etc. would become extinct. If we all became vegans the wild animal population would be either by extremely overpopulated and would result in death of those animals due to starvation and disease. If we all became vegans more and more of the land would be cleared for farming to grow the things we need to eat for survival. Also more textile mills would crop up to produce “vegan” approved materials thus taking more of the natural habit. Again this would cause starvation and death in the wild animal population due to an loss of natural habit which is already a problem now. Of course when there are no pets stores would close and the cost of “vegan” foods will rise creating human starvation as some will not be able to afford the food and clothing. They will suffer from disease and death created by not having sufficient nutrition or protection from the elements. The rate of unemployment would reach staggering numbers due to loss of jobs in the pet industry that provide food necessities health care and the foo foo things that we that love out pets buy. The amount of jobs created by growing vegan foods would not make a dent in the amount of jobs lost. Without pets many people would die of loneliness. Pets are a large part of many people’s emotional health. They aid in the recovery process of those who are very ill. They give unconditional love and fill the void in many people’s lives. Pets provide help in the daily activities of living for those that are disabled. I am sure that President Ingrid is aware of this. While I am against puppy mills good responsible breeders do not contribute to overpopulation. The people that purchased that puppy that was “so cute” is the one to blame. They did not look ahead to the years of responsibility that they had taken on. They did not think about that cute little puppy growing up. They did not preplan for life situations that could affect the pets future. With these type of people the pet is disposable. Just look at some of the movie stars that change their cute little puppies so often after they have grown up. These are the people to go after! Make them sign a binding contract that states they will care for the pet for it’s lifetime. Microchip the pet with their information the kind that you can access through a national registry to track them when they abandon a pet. Have a clause that they will spayneuter their pet. Fine them and make them accountable. A pet is a lifetime commitment not to be taken lightly.

  • Denise says:

    I understand where you are coming from but.. You guys should still understand some people’s situations. I pretty much had to buy from a breeder. I wanted a maltese because they’re hypoallergenic. If I were to buy from a shelter there’s a bug chance that I could be allergic. My whole family has allergies! So making me feel guilty just makes me slightly annoyed. Keep up the good work I guess Peta..

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Kylie I understand what you’re saying and of course store bought animals have a terrible time and need good homes. However what happens is that for example I buy a puppy from a store because it’s sick and I want to take it home and care for it. Now the store owner has been given money he will go out and buy more puppies and neglect them as well. That doesn’t even include the money we gives pet stores that goes towards ripping wild birds and reptiles away from the Amazon and into cages where many die. If these stores were boycotted they would eventually find homes for the last animals and go out of buisness never to abuse and neglect again. Tbat should be my goal as well as yours.

  • Kylie says:

    I think a way to have this all solved is unless supervised by Gov. all pet animals should be spayed or neutered. Animals are animals and they are going to do what they want to do… but we all know the gov wont do that so…. until then I think shelter animals and store animals both need homes. They are already born so whats the point in holding back. If you dont buy store animals they are just goin to go to shelters just like every other abandoned animal continuing the process where the breeder will have more litters and the store will get more anyway… there are better ways in reducing pet population then telling people they cant take home the one they love whether in store or shelter…

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi Tabitha! You’re most welcome. I enjoy this topic very much. Here’s the thing there are some aspects of cat behavior that are very hard for us mere mortals to understand. Cats are very much like us in that they are very very attached to their homes and territories. Unlike dogs who don’t give a flip where they are as long as they are with their owners pack. All cats are skiddish and cautious. A new home is a shock for sure but cats also become attached to certain sleeping and resting places. Cats want to feel secure and they prefer to have their backs to something so nothing can sneak up on them. They also like to be up high. So once they find a chair in this new home they like they think well at least I found ONE place that feels familiar and safe. They will cling to that object for a long time until they feel secure enough to begin exploring the house. One note of caution anyone who gets a new cat should take them to the vet right away. My cat Ives was acting that way when I brought him home from the shelter. He just stayed in one place but a few days later I found him unconcious. He had a fever of 106.5 and almost died before I got him to the clinic. Of course if this cat has seen a vet and is eating and all and not showing signs of illness I’d say he’s just acting like a cat. By the way you might love this book by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas called The Tribe of Tiger. Cat behavior. Anyway feel free to ask away any time!

  • Tabitha says:

    okay..I’m getting off topic again..bear with me… You answered something for me that I’ve been wondering about for a while. When my little catman came to live with us a few years ago dunno if I told you his story he was found on the banks of the river near my house for the first few days or so he REALLY scared me. He got in a chair and wouldn’t move. Every once in a while he’d get up but then just lay back down. After about three days he stopped started playing and he’s been great ever since. Recently a kitten came to my workplace. We took him in fed him and my boss’s son took him home. Few days later I asked how the kitten was..he was doing the same thing! “He won’t move! He just lays there!” I told him to give the tyke a few days then sure enough! He’s all frisky and kitteny now! So is it just an adjustment period of sorts? BODY BAG BODY BAG there. i’m back on subject. And thank you for answering my question

  • sparks_red says:

    Well it has been nine days since I and some friends called this number. Our only question is When are they sending the body bag?

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Tabitha Excellent question. Every animal shelter wants a behaviorist but not every shelter can afford to hire one. I worked at the MSPCA and they got one at the end of my stay. Dog and cat behavior is an imperfect science. I’m a cat behaviorist and usually things can be worked out between owner and pet but predicting how an animal will behave in a home is tricky. Putting dogs and cats in shelter environments puts them in high stress can result in them becoming “cage crazy” they literally go insane. This is usually temporary but it makes animals hard to read. Cats often become very lethargic sick and depressed. This makes them seem very placid and joyless but all the cats I’ve brought home from shelters have been high energy. The adult cats become more depressed than the kittens so people think the adults will be boring and low energy which is usually not true at all. We rely on previous owner’s notes about the dog or cat’s personality. Sadly some people refuse to spend even a few minutes filling out the form because they’re “late for work”. So behaviorists do their best to size up animals in a short amount of time all my adult cats that I did behavior profiles on turned out to be extremely wonderful always with more energy than they had in the shelter. Sorry for the long answer.

  • Tabitha says:

    Maya maybe you can help me on this since you wereare in the field….but don’t animals who are taken in at the shelter go through behavioral tests to make sure they’re adoptable? Or is that just a ASPCA thing?

  • Jess says:

    Wow how funny some of you are saying that purebreds can’t be found in shelters. If you actually looked there are PLENTY of purebreds in shelters needing homes. And shelters dogs being bad?…. the ones that are that way are through no fault of their own. If their previous owners actually cared about them to begin with and treated them right and then didn’t dump them when they no longer wanted them they wouldn’t act out. I have 5 dogs all rescues. 1 a purebred yellow lab and 1 a purebred beagle. I couldn’t ask for better dogs. Money couldn’t have bought me a better dog from a breeder the lab was free ’cause I was a volunteer at that shelter and the beagle cost me $35 at a pound. They love all people little kids can crawl all over them and they just love it and anywhere the kids go they’re right there following with their tails wagging. The lab even loves kittens and helps when we have foster bottle babies. One of my mixes who is prettier than most purebreds was abused and dumped out in the country with her two pups. It took some work as she was very afraid of people didn’t bite would just hide but she sure came around fast and now just loves everyone and realizes not all people are bad. Bravo PETA!

  • Zoe says:

    Thank you PETA! As a recognized credentialed former breeder of show dogs I can offer many additional reasons for adopting dogs from shelters rather than buying purebreds from breeders. If the “purebred” was bred by a “backyard breeder” or “puppy mill” you have no idea what youre getting in a dog. We’re even seeing more “rage syndrome” in “purebreds” you cant tell whether a dog has it until the behavior appears which is usually suddenly. Even if the purebred was bred by a recognized respected breeder because of overbreeding within selective gene pools that’s done in an attempt to breed for certain qualities purebred dogs not infrequently have medical problems that may not be easy to detect right away. These commonly include faulty bites that can cause pain difficulty chewing as well as immune system problems and structural inadequacies in hips knees that may require surgery with an uncertain outcome. Since it can be difficult to detect these problems especially at the younger age that purebreds are typically sold buyers of purebreds can’t always make the informed choices theyd like to. This is true even when breeders provide buyers with reports of testing both the sire and dam which dont by any means forecast with certainty. Dogs adopted from shelters are typically older so it can actually be easier to notice medical and personality issues that could help you choose a pet that will be a happy healthy addition to your home. And yes you will be saving a dogs life.

  • CB says:

    Zeta “Also does anyone else think that getting a dog you don’t want from a shelter instead of getting a dog you are willing to love and care for that you got from a breeder or puppy mill is probably going to end up with the poor animal being put back into the shelter?” What kind of question is that? “getting a dog you don’t want from a shelter” … why would you get a dog you don’t want? You would find one you like or not get one yet. “instead of getting a dog you are willing to love and care for that you got from a breeder”………so you can’t or are not willing to love a care for a dog because it comes from a shelter? It is not as worthy as a dog coming from a breeder or puppy mill? You either want a pet loyaltycompanionshipor you don’t. If one is that indifferent to an animal because it’s not EXACTLY WHAT I WANT…maybe they should not really have one at all. Is is that indifference that fills the shelters to begin with.

  • Zeta says:

    Wow! I can’t believe PETA would go to the level of omitting! Or maybe even lying if you guys posed as a comapny or whatever. I’m not too clear on the as my family is coming to visit next month and my mind wasn’t completely on the blog. My friend told me that PETA and its supporters respect people’s choices to be omnivores and in this case whatever animal they choose to own but apparently not. I agree with the person who said that PETA should use what little publicity they get to something more than representing dogs’ lives with body bags. Also does anyone else think that getting a dog you don’t want from a shelter instead of getting a dog you are willing to love and care for that you got from a breeder or puppy mill is probably going to end up with the poor animal being put back into the shelter?

  • CB says:

    Kelly are you serious??? “another mean Shelter dog” “But Shelter animals are often in the shelter for a good reason” Are you really that ignorant to say such stupid uneducated things or you just trying to sound that way? Wow yea thats it these animals really belong in prison…yea that’s it…the shelter is a prison for “mean ” animals…and they belong there for some fictional “good reason”. LOL Maybe they broke an animl law or something…ya think? Most animals are in shelters because people buy them and then when the choices get tough or it becomes a hassle they quit on them and give them up. 1. “it got too big” gee didn’t know german sheperd would get over 5 pounds.. 2. “can’t have in my new apt.” gee thought I would stay in my current apartment for 15 yrs… 3. “no time for it” gee never thought the animal would require some of my time.. Heard them all. Some truly have a valid reason the other 98 are full of BS. Saty away from those “mean” shelters now…hear.

  • Smiley says:

    Peta has gone too far and has been too extreme. This is complaining it is not doing anything about the problem. It is just making people dislike PETA.

  • Jill says:

    Wow this is scary. I have trying to convince my friends to adopt rather than buy for ages and none of them will listen. When the time comes for me to ADOPT a dog I will choose a dog based on personality not looks. Plus people go to and there are THOUSANDS of purebred rescues out there where you can find all kinds of purebred dogs!! I work with a nokill shelter as well as a humane society which does euthanize animals. The top reasons for surrendering a dog are not at all behavioral most are “Moving landlord won’t allow too big no time etc”. Also to the comment about shelters paying your apartment pet payments? Really? How much money do you think shelters have? I volunteer for both of my shelters and all of the nokill shelter volunteers are unpaid. Shelters at least in my area receive no state or federal funding and rely solely on adoption fees and donations. No money to pay YOUR apartment fees sorry! The reason I think for this campaign or tactic is simply to inform people of the millions of animals that die in shelters every year about 4 million to be exact. PETA is about education and if it takes shocking people to do it then so be it. Nothing shocks people anymore so why would they pay attention?

  • Tabitha says:

    Dana I think that is a BRILLIANT idea! Hopefully someone will read it and run with it!

  • Dana says:

    To everyone that thinks you should buy an animal from a shelter You know there are purbred dogs in these shelters but not the breed I have. How many shelters take PIT BULLS and immediatley put them to sleep because stupid people gave them a bad name? I have gotten animals from the shelter before and I have also had to take one to a shelter before. I wish people would buy more from a shelter but shelters should not require you to spend so much on a dog that you are saving their life. What do think would happen to my pit bulls if I took them to a shelter??? They would kill them. If I had the money I would open a shelter for pit bulls since they are dangerous dogs so dangerous they may lick you to death. So to PETA I think the body bag is a horrible way to get peoples attention.

  • Judith says:

    Wow! I’ve been watching MSNBC all morning and PETA is there! About breeders and teens. GREAT campaign PETA! Peace for all animals!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    PETA’s ad is kind of over the top and I’m not sure people will respond by being enlightened probably more like enraged. But I give them credit for trying to wake people up. Just for the record PETA did say “bought brand new purebred”. I assume this means “bought from a breeder” PETA is perfectly well aware that many purebreds come from breed rescues and many from shelters as well. Ask away I’m sure PETA will be more than happy to tell you that those animals count as rescues. Just a side note however I worked in a shelter that took in 7000 cats in one year. Just over half were strays. The other half were give ups many purebred. Every single one of the strays were destroyed. Not one was adopted. Strays are the truly “homeless animals” The original animal shelters were built for strays. We need to go back to strayonly shelters. People should not be able to treat shelters as drivethrus where they drop off their unwanted cats during their lunch break I’m not kidding about that.

  • Dragnet says:

    peta’s just simply gone over the deep end. Just because other idiots have contributed to the homeless pet population it’s now my responsibility and there I cannot get the dog that I want..but have to get the dog that peta dictates? I wouldn’t trade my PUREBRED BOXER for anything. I’m sorry that there are homeless dogs but I didn’t put them in the shelter. peta needs to go after the real problem irresponsible pet owners not responsible pet owners like me who owns a PUREBRED

  • Amy says:

    I agree 100 with Kristin. My question is what sort of positive impact did PETA’s fake ad have on saving dogs’ lives? The people who were targeted are people who ALREADY bought purebred dogs so it’s a little too late. It seems that instead of making efforts to effect positive change PETA would rather act as our collective conscience and try underhanded tricks to “punish” those who act contrary to their beliefs. I am the owner of two adopted shelter dogs and have fostered and transported countless other deathrow dogs I am staunchly proadoption and antipuppymillpet store but I can take this stance without making myself look fanatical and quite franky silly which is what PETA seems to do every time they get a little publicity. They sound very proud of themselves for “pulling a fast one” on people but what a wasted effort! Educating people taking measures against puppy mills and pet shops working with shelters that do nothing to promote adoption and rescue etc would be positive and proactive and might actually get results. Shelter overcrowding is not caused by people buying purebreds from responsible breeders which of course I know is not how everyone gets purebreds. The problem of shelter overcrowding stems from puppymill operators profitmotivated backyard breeders animals’ being sold in retail establishments ignorant owners who won’t spayneuter andor take responsibility for the resulting litters and people who get dogs and then won’t commit to ownership. Attacking people AFTER THE FACT who’ve bought purebreds seems like misdirected anger. How about using that anger and doing something REAL?

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Kelly With all due respect I am really offended by your comment. Most shelter animals did nothing wrong to “deserve” being in their situation. I’ve worked in animal shelters for a long time before becoming a veterinary nurse and here are the facts Almost all surrenders to animal shelters are because people are moving to apartments where pets are not allowed. Those represent about 80 to 90 percent of surrenders. Other reasons are that people’s kids have allergies or that they bought a puppy or kitten to teach their kids responsiblity and the kids refuse to take care of the animal. Those are the most common reason. We always ask where people bought their animals from the vast majority got them from breeders or pet stores. In fact 30 to 40 percent of dogs and cats in the shelters are purebreds how do you reconcile that fact with your statement?

  • Tabitha says:

    As I work for a newspaper Kelly I take offense to your comment about getting pets “through classifieds.” Often we have people who place classified ads to give away kittens or puppies they have taken in from strays. These people are also very peticular as to who they go to to make sure they do indeed go to a good home. More often than not they’re the FARTHEST thing from pure bred. So what do YOU suggest they do with them?

  • Anita50882 says:

    My stepsister bought a great dane puppy last year. She then proceded to mutilate his ears for God only knows what stupid reason. She has no patience with him and as he grew she became less and less interested in him. Now she’s having a baby and she is getting rid of him because he’s “too big to have around children”. DID SHE NOT KNOW YOU WANTED KIDS BEFORE SHE BOUGHT A HUGE DOG????? DID SHE THINK HE WAS GOING TO BE A GREAT DANE DWARF??? The kicker is she paid $1500 for the dog!!! Do you know what a rescue group could do with that kind of money??? Do you know what I could do with that kind of money??? I protested with her through every step of this but people are so damned selfindulgent that they take no time to think about the poor creatures they buy or eat or use to entertain themselves. It reminded me of Ingrid in the ” I Am An Animal” movie when she said that a neglected dog was a “thing” to the owner. I wish I could crop her ears and keep her in a cage. I wish she knew what it was like to be a “thing” to someone. PS Don’t call the cops I’m just venting.

  • Sierra says:

    i just went on the dog fancy web page to send them a strongly worded letter and found a list of over 200 breeders that you can buy from that are puppy mills. i cried when i read this. it is so sad that we as a species can care so little for others. but it gives me hope that the world can change with things like PETA and the people that are members and are concerned for the well being for everyone

  • Celina says:

    I recently bought a mixed breed from a breeder and although i desperatley wanted to adopt we simply couldnt find anything close to what we needed……or anything that doesent shed…as unfortunate as it is all the people at my local shelters are TERRIBLE human beings….and they do not seem intrested in the health and well being of the dogs they care for…. the shelters should be ashamed of themselves for employing such terrible people…. wounderful ad PETA you continue to amaze me with your creative and wonderful ideas….i hope to work for PETA when I am older so I can help with the education of dimwitted people who continue to belive that animals have no rights…

  • Kelly says:

    Luckily for Maeghan it was her boyfriend and not a child that got attacked by another mean Shelter dog. I can’t believe that a human sitting or laying down was a threat to a dog. But Shelter animals are often in the shelter for a good reason. I always like that at least with home breeders they know the history of the pups and have been able to observe their temperment to better match them with the right owners.

  • Bridget says:

    So i totally just called that to hear it. amazing. go PETA!

  • sparks_red says:

    I think that this is a cruel trick by PETA to use the guilt factor to sway people to your ideas. I think I am qualified to say that as I have 4 rescues in my home all but the guinea pig is spayed and neutered. What about the people that just adopted a puppy from a rescue and paid the adoption fee? Are you going to send them a body bag? I just feel that this is not the way for an organization to get a message across and wouldn’t be surprised if you are not brought in front of a judge. Dirty tricks and dirty tactics are not the way to change peoples thinking. It is however a way to turn people off to your organization me included. With that said I am sure as this is my first post that the chance of it being posted are slim.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Maeghan Please understand that if done correctly almost all shelter animals are very gentle. You said that your boyfriend was bitten in the face while petting a beagle. Unless the beagle is five feet tall how could a beagle bite his face unless he was leaning over the beagle? Hovering over a short dog is very intimidating to dogs. Although your boyfreind was obviously just trying to love the beagle the beagle probably beleived it was a form of aggression. I learned this when I was a new veterinary nurse. A client brought in a scared dog. I leaned over the dog to say “Hello Sweetie!” The vet immediately scolded me. She said “Actually that is a very aggressive stance”. I was trying to be nice but instead I made the dog more frightened. Understanding animal behavior is crucial when adopting any animal. A good shelter will have a behaviorist and trained caregivers on staff to explain how to prevent tragic accidents like what happened to your boyfriend from happening. Shelter animals may need more understanding but purebreds are given up to shelters and kill off the chances of mixed breeds and strays from getting adopted.

  • yf says:

    sorry to hear about your bf getting hurt by your adopted dog.. sounds v. nasty .. many of these dogs that are dumped or abandoned.. some may have been abused or treated badly themselves.. even physically attacked by it’s owners .. they may have a checkered history.. or.. it could just be it’s temperament.. either way you will not know but a generally good natured dog at outset shoudl be a good sign.. but as I have said.. unwanted dogs do have a chance that they themselves have been mistreated.. or owners found them difficult to handle and abandon them .. but not cases of course.. but it can happen.. if you raise a dog from puppyhood more like you would find out if it had an aggressive tendency right from the outset.. but all dogs deserve a chance in life.. and to killeuthanize a perfectly healthy animal in my eyes is always wrong.. and an absolute last regrettable resort..

  • Kristin says:

    I think posing under a false company name and tricking people into calling a telephone number to give them a “jolt of conscience” is an underhanded and shady publicity stunt that doesn’t serve the shelter pet community. Frankly it just makes PETA look like jerks. I support shelters. Adopt exclusively from shelters. I think PETA could find more positive ways to support the shelter community than this.

  • Jennifer says:

    Brandi R If you or anyone else cannot afford a $500 pet deposit you shouldn’t have a dog. A $500 deposit is just the beginning of the financial responsibility of owning a dog.

  • Reader says:

    Um where’s the ad? I like the video saw it before but I assume that’s not the ad in the Dog Fancy unless Peta enclosed a DVD. Pic please?

  • maeghan says:

    You know i used to support this 100 until i adopted my first dog. My boyfriend and i adopted a beagle from the humane society about 8 months ago. Things were going fine and then one night my BF petted him and the dog lashed out and bit him in the face. He got 15 stiches. With the pound you never know what you are getting. It truly is luck of the draw. For that reason i bought a pembroke welsh corgi and she is the BEST dog i have ever had. i love her with all my heart like she is my own blood. So please don’t hate the people who at least tried to do the right thing

  • beetz12 says:

    I do agree that stray dogs also deserve good homes but I really doubt people will stop buying pure breds in order to protect the strays. Many strays are a mixed breed and that makes them unpopular. For someone that wants a golden retriever or a grey hound it would be difficult to find that animal in a pound.

  • kelly says:

    nikki “dogs in pet shops need homes?” It is thanks to ridiculous thinking like that and people like you who buy from pet stores and websites that help the puppy mills abuse even more dogs. And get worse. Do you work for a puppy mill becuase it sure sounds like you do! When people stop buying from pet shops websites classified ads the puppy mills will shut DOWN and the abuse will stop!

  • CB says:

    uuhh nikki? wow..the reason the animals in the pet shops need homes is because stupid people keep buying animals from the pet shop…hence they have to be replaced by more animals from puppy mills. its called a vicious cycleIf people stopped buying from them they would not reorder them…and then the animals in shelters would get a chance. People always feel sorry for the cute little puppy in the store but by purchasing it you just give them incentive and money to create more poor little puppies.Everyone always thinks that the one little purchase they make does not make a difference…it does just ask the puppy mill owners as they go to the bank and invest more money to replace the “one little purchase” you made. Dogs cats rabbits…its the same for all….if you take one they will replace it…if people stop taking “just one” the stores will cut back or eliminate the selling because they don’t make money…which it is all about.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Great ad very true. In addition to breeders who sell purebreds that kill shelter animal’s chances there are also HUNDREDS of purebreds right in the shelters!! Once purebred cats and dogs are dumped at shelters the stray cats and mixed breeds are sure to end up right in the trash cans by the end of the day!!! Keep up the good work PETA!!!

  • Brandie R says:

    Well if the pounds that are overcrowded with dogs and cats helped people adopt I think more people would really. I live in an apt and this is my husbands and my 3rd year in the same complex. When we first moved in the pet deposit was $400 and we could split that up in 2 payments 2 rent checks. Then when we were gonna bring his dog home from Corpus Christi they told us the pet deposit was riased to $500 which we just simply could not afford and still can’t. The pet deposit is still $500 and now the renter must also pay a $10$12 monthly fee AND you only get half your deposit back. To me this is not worth adopting a dog from the pound. We don’t have a back yard not even for a small dog and we just simply can’t afford that. IF the pounds did some type of aid to help people pay for such pet deposits at least then I think more people would adopt. I know I certainly would. If they were willing to even pay $250 half of the pet deposit I certainly would manage to get the other $250 and just pay the monthly pet fee too. But they do not offer any type of assiatnce that I know of. Instead of complaining that people buy dogs from stores and breeders help do something about the issue to get more people to adopt a kitty or puppy from the pound. Yeah the adoption fee may “only” be $50 and that pays for more than just the dog or cat but for some that is just the beginning to a long road of other expenses that they may not be able to afford. I would love to adopt 2 dogs one big one small. But simply don’t have the funds nor the room. Get the pounds to help people. It’s not an unrealistic goal.

  • Anita says:

    I would have to say that I don’t totally agree with this. Yes I believe you should go to shelters to adopt a dog over a breeder but the “buy one get one killed” is a bit extreme. There are nokill shelters.

  • Carla says:

    Hey Dr.Breen using a different alias? I’ve caught on to your one liners lol!! But hey you’re not anti or your not pro you just want to be heard I guess.

  • Linda says:

    Welldone. It’s not graphic but it’s still intense and it makes the point beautifully. Kudos to the script writer!

  • nikki says:

    This is so extreme! I can’t believe PETA of all organizations would assume that animals in pet shops don’t need homes too. The point they are making is gross and appeals to shock value only.

  • kelly says:

    Dog Fancy also shills for the AKC and pushes the sick defective purebreds that the weirdo AKC breeders make all their taxfree income on

  • kelly says:

    Dog Fancy has ads from PUPPY MILL BREEDERS right in every issue including some people that have been busted for animal abuse It is a sham of a publication and is helping animal abusers sell dogs

  • Soliel says:

    Right on PETA. It’s inexcusable. In LA county at any given moment there are all kinds of dogs tons of even small dogs young dogs middle aged dogs and older dogs all DYING for a home. No excuse.

  • Judith says:

    Perfect! Sometimes you need to hit a human mentally hard to reach their heart or a nerve or just plain old common sense. But then there are those that just never get it! Peace for all animals!

  • gemc says:

    dog shelters are crowded because people ‘buy and dump’ not really because people buy from pet stores or puppy mills churning out puppies.. although they are.. still part of the problem ie. excessive overbreeding.. if less people bought puppies they’d breed less simply becuase there was no outlet to offload these puppies.. the real culprits here are those people who buy dogspuppies and then dump them later or after a few years when they tire of the responsibility of owning and looking after the animal at a dog shelter for someone else to come along and pick up from where they irresponsibly left off.. which is not guaranteed to be so.. so the poor dog will may end up being euthanized..