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‘Fowl Play’ Afoot at a Montana Nursing Home

Written by PETA | June 25, 2009
mooseyscountrygarden / CC

Recent news reports have confirmed that there is fowl play going on at the Polson Health and Rehabilitation Center in Polson, Montana, and according to inside sources, the residents of the facility couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, last week’s visit from “Fowl Play”—a “therapy chicken” program featuring Carlita the Cornish game hen and Alex the rooster—left the crowd begging for more.

Accompanied by their adopted mom, Jana Clairmont, Carlita and Alex visited the facility to cheer up residents. The plucky pair were treated like rock flock stars and basked in the attention as people cuddled with and cooed over them. That’s why we wrote to Polson officials and asked them to chuck the chicken meat off the menu—out of respect for Carlita, Alex, and the billions of smart, interesting birds just like them who are abused on factory farms each year.

In return, we’re willing to supply Polson with oh-so-yummy Gardein mock-meat products—approved by Carlita and Alex! Check back to keep abreast of our Polson poultry plea.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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