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Fourrure: Cruaute Inacceptable

Written by PETA | January 3, 2007

There are a few good ways to get people thinking about the fur issue. You can wear a T-shirt with an anti-fur slogan, hand out leaflets and information outside fur stores, and bring up the topic in casual conversation. Or, if you’re the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in Paris, you can just wrap a big ol’ bus in a PETA ad and drive it around France. Voici le reste de votre manteau de fourrure, biatch.

anti-fur bus1.jpg

anti-fur bus2.jpg

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  • Ponkey says:

    Hi I’m absolutely in love with great fashion designers and read lots of fashion blog. this one is quite A stupid parisian girl talking about fur and all the more stupid girls leaving comments about the beautiful fur they all dream about. I work in fashion and unfortunately there is a revival fur becomes trendy again. We need to ban these stupid socalled fashionistas to spread nonsense and cruelty. Ponkey

  • paul says:

    I think this is cool. I think more exposure is needed However I think PETA needs to be careful on it’s approach to expose how bad the furtrade is becoming. This is the stuff small kids have nightmares over. Also I feel outraged that the IFTA International Fur Trade Association claims despite declines in fur through protests there is going to be a revival in fur and the methods used in furfarms are quick and humane. To the IFTA Bunch of Liars

  • jean-jacques says:

    so when madonna asked a permission from brigitte bardot to make a film on her life sublime brigitte answered furget it!

  • Sarah says:

    that’s awesome

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree with you Blitz in some cases this could be a frightening sight for a young child. However it is a reality. I have two daughters 4 and 7 and I don’t make it a habit to show them pictures such as the one on the bus but I do make sure they know what they are wearing and how cruel the world can be. My older daughter checks everything she puts on or sees in a store to make sure it is not real fur furthermore she asks me all the time “is that real fur” and she knows that China is a bad place when it comes to animals. My younger daughter is still a little clueless but she does know that wearing fur is mean. I think it is extremely important to educate children appropriately mind you about the horrors of the fur industry. Like I said it can be frightening but it is fact and if we teach our children early they will grow up having compassion for animals and hopefully not wanting to have anything to do with fur.

  • Blitz says:

    So this will turn heads this might get a few people to think twice about wearing fur. I’m just trying to imagine being a six year old kid who has nothing to do with China or the fur industry or animal cruelty overall and who sees this bus drive by. I don’t know about you but I’d probably have nightmares.

  • Michelle Siriani says:

    I also live on Long Island. I wish they provide more exposure to the fur industry here. Some people really dont know what goes on over there as well as here in the US. Maybe if they saw how horribly the animals suffer they would stop wearing fur. Thanks Peta. You make such a difference in this world!

  • pcb says:

    This is a follow up on a comment I made earlier… I looked for more information of fur farms in China to try and understand why they won’t legislate new anticruelty laws prohibiting farmers to use inhumane and cruel practices on animals. Fur trade in China is a major export. Although some fur farms are family business Some of the Larger furfarms in China’s Provences have upto 20000 animals 15000 foxes and 5000 minxes held captive ready to be killed and harvested for Fur. The fur trade gives the country a economical boost by generating revenue in the hundreds of millions$150200M What saddens me most is As China is a developing country fur farms have increasing investmentfrom businesses and private investors and growing technology why they can’t adopt certain western methods that are more humane into chinese Husbandry!!. I guess if they adopt different methods farmers may believe it’ll hinder the quality of the fur. As long as people still willing to buy fur this is always going to be a problem. PETA!! Keep up with the Good Work

  • Elizabeth says:

    I think this a great way to be heard. I live in East Hampton NY and there is a man who lives in Brooklyn and has a van equipped with media and he drives around New York City with the side doors open airing footage of animals being brutally trapped and killed and footage of fur farms etc. so people can see firsthand what is happening in our world. I think it is an excellent idea and we are trying to get him to come to East Hampton village during Memorial Day weekend when it is most busy. The man is from a program called the “Witness”. He grew up not really liking animals but one day rescued a cat and from then on became an activist and vegetarian. Check out the show if you can find the dvd. It is very informative.

  • pcb says:

    I’m Pleased campaigns like these help raise awareness and support. Like many people I oppose the usewearing of Fur. I’m surprised Fur farms in places like China can get away with such cruelty. I read on a related website that nearly 5060 of fur in US and Europe comes from China and because there is no way to track where the fur comes from Fur farms like the ones in China can get away which such inhumane and sadsitic methods to gather and harvest fur. I also read that the Chinese Government and officials are not accepting blame because the West still buy fur even though know many people wish to change that. China has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world so I can only assume the government’s reluctancy to change is because they believe it would be a bad economical move. With many people out of work! You’ve done a Great Job!! campaigning against fur however I think campaigns like the one you’ve shown in your picture would be reinforced by international petitions for BAN on FUR FARMS!

  • Sonny says:

    Thats crazy I never thought of that PETA should do that over here.

  • John Carmody says:

    This is great could PETA possibly do something like this in USA or even Europe i am sure this will certainly get headlines and turn heads too! Imagine driving this down 5th avenue!