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Foie Gras Can Hardly Be Halal

Written by PETA | April 7, 2010

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As the home of Western Europe’s largest Muslim population, it’s not surprising that France is experiencing a boom in halal food sales. But in their zeal to cater to the second-largest religious group in the world, food retailers are marketing so-called “halal” foie gras. Because Mohammed (PBUH) admonished his followers always to be kind to animals, good Muslims know that it is forbidden (haram) to deliberately harm an animal before taking that life. So how on Earth could it be remotely halal (approved) to produce foie gras, the “delicacy of despair,” which requires ramming a metal pipe down birds’ throats and pumping corn mush into their stomachs until their livers become diseased and enlarge to up to 10 times their normal size? I can’t think of any way that force-feeding can be done so that it complies with Islamic law.

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Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Tony says:

    It really depends on how the liver is harvested. Not all Foie gras involves forcefeeding and this method has been banned in many countries anyway. So is the Foie Gras halal because of the humane and natural treatment of the animal or simply because of the method of slaugter? As you have already stated halal is not just about how the animal is killed. It also involves how the animal lived. We need more details before we criticise and comdemn. Facts before feelings please.

  • Carl P. says:

    I live in Quebec Canada. I’ve been fighting against this kind of cruelty for years now.The entire Canadian foie gras industry is located in Quebec. And it has been producing foie gras for only 12 years. But in that time production has increased to 8500 livers per week for a total output of 2 tons. Today about 500000 ducks are killed each year in Quebecs foie gras industry. Please lets all help put an end to this cruelty today! a link to a petition at httpbit.lydCGdlx

  • Rachel A says:

    Most of the muslims I know are vegetarians. I don’t feel that killing animals for a taste sensation would be supported by any caring God. This is not survival this is greed. And this is not humane this is evil. Death can never be humane but foie gras is beyond the pale…!

  • Rija says:

    oh my god. being a Muslim I find that appalling. it definitely cannot be halal. that’s just horrible O.O

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Logan is correct in reference to the Prohet Mohammed. The venerable prophet denounced all forms of cruelty against animals and some of his quotes warn animal abusers about hell while also telling people that are kind to animals that they will be heavenly rewarded.