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The Fighting Bull’s Last Stand

Written by PETA | August 19, 2010

Forty spectators were hurt when a terrified, frantic, and injured bull leapt for his life from a Spanish bullfighting arena and ran through the stands trying to escape. We regret that there is no shame in Navarra: The bull was recaptured and killed.




Some media outlets have spun this story as if the bull were the aggressor, but what else would he have tried to do but flee when crowds of screaming people were taunting him? Unlike a typical bullfight in which bulls are repeatedly stabbed until they die in a pool of blood, in this particular twisted event, a bull is subjected to constant goading in multiple events until he eventually ends up in a typical—and deadly—bullfight.

Bullfighting is on the way out. Last month, Spain’s Catalan parliament voted to ban bullfighting in response to public demand. Add your voice by asking Spain’s prime minister to ban this hideously cruel blood sport throughout the country.

Thanks to Leo for sending this story our way.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Meredith says:

    Bull fighting should be banned everywhere. I was witness to one of them and was horrified at the treatment of the bulls. They are taunted, tortured with spikes and then finally killed by the matador. People who participate in them and who go to cheer should be ashamed.

  • Linda says:

    Bullfighting is clearly the most glaring egregious expression of man’s cruelest capacities. Humans suffer too as it diminishes our humanity. Money spent by the curious tourists perpetuate the bloody spectacle. It has to stop. It would be very effective if the world’s largest animal welfare organizations coordinated a united front a huge worldwide campaign against bullfighting. There are so many international animal lovers and fundsin these huge groups of animal advocates. A strong tenacious driven motivated team could stop this bloody atrocity. Wayne and Ingrid please get this going the bulls and horses are crying out. Please.

  • Linda says:

    After reading all these comments about the outrageous cruelty to this particular bull and all other bulls and horses forced into arenas I empathize with all the anger and even the despair expressed. Someone even wrote this is so bad he experienced a wish to leave this earth. Please don’t go there. Yes this is awful but please don’t despair don’t lose sight of all the good people speaking out against bullfighting including many Spaniards. It’s really effective to fight back by boycotting Spanish products. Do not travel to those countries that allow bullfighting and explain why by writing letters to Prime Ministers there and to your local newspaper editors about this atrocity. Taking action any action will alleviate your emotional pain. You are not alone in your feelings. You are among the enlightened and compassionate who know bullfighting is wrong. The truth is on our side. The compelling truth always wins. Don’t under estimate the power of the pen. One person can make a difference. Take action and keep on fighting for the animals. They need you. Don’t give up. Be strong.