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Suffering Puppy Left for Dead

Written by PETA | October 11, 2011

When little Pokey’s family moved away, they simply left the malnourished, close-to-death puppy in the yard like an old sofa—except that sofas don’t get scared, go hungry or thirsty, or suffer and die when you turn your back on them, never to return.

Although Pokey was about 7 months old, she was as small as a 3-month-old pup, her growth stunted from bad food, inadequate rations, and illness. She was covered in mange so severe that she also suffered from a serious secondary infection, and her skin was painful, cracked, bleeding, and oozing pus. She was also loaded with intestinal parasites, ticks and fleas ravaged her body and sucked her blood, and she was suffering from anemia, her gums white as chalk.

Thankfully, a compassionate area resident reported Pokey to PETA. We immediately responded, snatched Pokey up, rushed her to the vet, and got her started on treatment for her multitude of health issues. In order to be taken outside, Pokey had to be wrapped in a blanket to avoid hurting her super-tender skin. The only way to show her any affection without hurting her was to kiss the tip of her nose.

Despite days of intensive treatment and being showered with love, Pokey’s condition deteriorated, and the veterinarian said that the most humane option was to free the puppy from her suffering. One of her rescuers said: “I held the little girl until her last breath. She was very strong, but not strong enough to deal with the hand life dealt her.”

PETA is pressing for criminal abandonment and cruelty-to-animals charges against Pokey’s owners. If you hear of an animal in need, please don’t let him or her suffer another minute. Call your local animal control agency or humane society, and if that doesn’t work, contact PETA for help.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Irish says:

    Yeah, that’s the tckiet, sir or ma’am

  • aries mae says:

    poor Pokey .. really ssoorryyy for you my dear little one, you’re in a good hand now, free from suffering, abandoning, abusing etc .. YOU’RE THE BEST PETA, thanks for saving Pokey though in a smallest time :))

  • Becky says:

    Will the former owners be located and charged? I certainly hope so. I’ve heard of far too many cases like this. I can’t believe a human being could be so uncaring as to abandon an animal with no chance. Rest in peace, Pokey. You deserved more love and care than life gave you.

  • Kerstin Woll says:

    I am crying about such a unbelievable cruelty!

  • lisa says:

    Pokey your in a better place now where you will be loved im soo sorry that your short life was in the hands of people that didnt care, i wish an angel could of come to your rescue earlier im soo sorry for what you had to endure xxxxx

  • vasiliki says:

    please keep us posted….these people need to be brought to justice

  • Heather says:

    Im so disturbed. I cant begin to imagine how much pain and suffering and how lonely that puppy was. How hard is it to at the very least drop your animal at a pet shelter? How hard? That would be better then letting the puppy starve and cry alone. To much. It breaks my heart.

  • Julie says:

    Thank you PETA for making her last moments a little better and know she was loved. And thank you on behalf of all of us who strongly feel these “owner” of hers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • audreyale81 says:

    These people should be subjected to the same cruel treatment; otherwise, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. How could someone be so brutal & live completely void of compassion? I see this often in rural areas that have little options for abandoned pets. I’ll see you in heaven Pokey.

  • Mark says:

    This is horrible!! The people who are responsible for this should be jailed for a long time, hopefully this would give them time to think about how poor Pokey suffered!!!

  • Carla* says:

    Thanks Peta for trying, much respect to you!! I hope these sick individuals get what’s coming to them… Keep us posted.

  • Tina Nelson says:

    How could human beings do this to animals!!! Animals are a true blessing from God and we need to learn to respect them!

  • Megan Thomas says:

    I want to know what the law is doing about occurrences like this! This is an act of animal cruelty and this family should be punished – if only to never be able to do this to any innocent animal again!

  • Daena Morales says:

    This is an example that makes me feel so ashamed to be human, how can somebody do such terrible thing to that poor creature…..

  • Dalila says:


  • steche says:

    I believe the law needs to be changed. It should be the same sentence for animal abuse as it would be for abuse of a human being.

  • Sophia says:

    That’s so horrific. I dont understand how people dont realize animals have feelings and hurt, and often times their emotions run deeper than some humans.

  • Jason W says:


  • Jack says:


  • Michael says:

    Your rude and crude and mean like a bean but seriously this stuff is gross 🙁

  • Irene Leggett says:

    What depths have we, so called humans’ sunk to? How can anyone just leave an animal to suffer a long, painful, miserable death after an equally painful, miserable life. RIP little one, now you are free, lets all hope your so-called owners pay the price for your misery. Perhaps its time the justice system got a backbone and gave out punishment that fits the crime and not just painted over the cracks with a slap on the wrist.

  • Ky says:

    People are so sick. I believe people treat animals very close to how they treat animals. I bet theyre horrible parents. This happens so much in phoenix, people lose their house and to save money they they leave their dog or cat behind. they leave them in the house and leave them for dead. Atleast drpo them off at a shelter or a vets office would take them, or put an ad online.