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Family of Four Eats $200

Written by PETA | September 1, 2010

It’s happened again. After forking over a couple hundred dollars for tickets to a Ringling Bros. Circus performance in Everett, Washington, a lovely family had a change of heart after talking to PETA demonstrators outside the arena. Rather than watching trainers whip tigers and smack elephants with bullhooks, the entire family decided that it was worth it to sacrifice the money! (The venue refused to give them a refund.) Gotta love ’em.


Family leaves circus


If the circus is coming to your town, remember that leafleting can and does change minds. Contact us and we’ll help you convince people never to buy tickets!

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Julie messick says:

    Kat M where are you from? Are you from Salisbury? Don’t make a hasty generalization about my town and the people who live here. Because most of the people work for Perdue doesn’t have any effect on our intelligence. The Perdue family has done alot for Salisbury and the eastern shore in general so to say what you said is an insult.

  • stephanie lipford says:

    My family and I went to the Circus once when we were young and did not know any better..but now that we know and are wiser to what really goes on with the animals and how they are being abused and belittled by those hedoius and monsterous evil people..WE STOP GOING TO THE CIRCUS! We always sings..” DONT GO TO THE CIRCUS ITS THE CRUELEST SHOW IN TOWN… THEY BEAT THIER ANIMALS AND PUT THIER LIVES DOWN …AND WOULD THIS MAKE YOU FROWN TO HEAR THE SADNESS OF THE ANIMALS ITS A SAD SAD SOUND”. some people look at us like we are crazy and some like what we sing.. some people just do not care. For entertainment we go to the Monster Truck and other events that does not include animals.

  • Stan says:

    Never been to a circus before. I have no real reason to either. At least the zoo doesn’t whip their animals and make them “perform”

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    I was there when it happened. Our PETA posters and leaflets did it! Everywhere Ringling goes we must be there! I hugged these lovely people thanked them praised the Mom for having such compassionate children. I also told the girls how lucky they were to have such a wonderful Mom. The youngest daughter was actually sobbing…it made us cry too. It was the best experience ever. With PETA there we are making a difference for all Animals. And it made us forget the insults of some horrible circusgoers! I’ll remember this beautiful family for a long time! Thank you again!And long live PETA!

  • Maggy says:

    They are in Salisbury Maryland now but the people in Salisbury are not very bright. Half of them are employed by Perdue.

  • Kat M says:

    What kind people! Oh you have to admire that sort of kindness and sympathy. Bless these people this story really kind of made my day. D But I kind of agree with Andrea can we give them a vegan meal or some Daiya cheese or something for their show of …for lack of a better word goodness?

  • Michele says:

    In Ottawa Ontario over the past 2 summers we have succeeded in turning away at least 2030 people from the local Shrine Circus and have convinced even more people never to go again they frequently get free tickets and end up watching the show anyway all the while taking the leaflets and considering what we are saying once they watch those animals they realize how wrong it is. These types of demos DO have an impact. People should protest circuses in every city.

  • Aud says:

    Maybe they should each get a free PETA tshirt?

  • Justin says:

    Integrity is doing the right thing even when you have something to lose. Bravo to this family for standing up for animals.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    It’s remarkable how quickly one can change when exposed to truth.

  • Andrea says:

    I live in Ohio and would be more than happy to leaflet I see the circus is coming to Cleveland in October. Is there any resource that I can use to find others in the area?

  • Alexandra says:

    PETA did you give them $200 as a gift of kindness? I would have gave them at least a free vegan meal or something $200 is a lot for some people.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Let’s find out the name and address of the venue and then lets deluge it with polite letters stating that every time they host an event that exploits animals in any way circuses dog shows rodeos etc. PETA will be there and they will lose a lot more than $200.00! How about their reputation? The respect for any ushers and vendors who work at those events? A little bad publicity can work wonders. Thanks to that family for not attending the circus even though they lost the money…and by the way I hope they keep pressuring the venue to return the dough…even hiring an attorney if they have the money to do that. It’s not just the money it’s the principle of the thing….