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Why Every Week Is Shark Week

Written by PETA | August 4, 2010

Just in time for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week comes news reminding us that sharks are not just predators but also often prey—for humans.

Brazil’s Environmental Justice Institute has claimed that one seafood exporter has illegally killed nearly 300,000 sharks—just let that number sink in for a moment—in response to growing demand from an increasingly affluent middle class in China, where shark fin soup is considered a delicacy.




While sharks aren’t particularly cuddly, that’s beside the point. All animals feel fear and pain, and what kind of justification can there be for the hideous cruelty involved in pulling sharks from the water, cutting off their fins, and then throwing them back into the sea to spin to the bottom while they slowly bleed to death? While sharks’ predatory nature may give nightmares to anyone who’s watched Jaws, humans beat them by far when it comes to the number of victims each species kills for food. And killing sharks in huge numbers threatens the balance of the marine ecosystem.

To its credit, Discovery devotes resources during Shark Week to raising awareness of finning. In light of Hawaii’s recent ban on the possession, sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins, perhaps the tide is turning (geddit?) in their favor, but sharks and other threatened aquatic animals still need help.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • K.COOK says:

    Each one of us can make a difference to save the sharks!

  • Yvette says:

    WOW!!! im SO happy that an organisation like this is also looking at shark finning! WELL DONE!! I am tired to the bone about animal activists just focused on “land animals” and as for sharks & dolphins & whales – they just get overlooked cause no one “gets” the importance of these awesome creatures in the ocean. Do yourself a favour and watch Gordon Ramsay on Youtube – he did a WHOLE series on shark finning in Japan and it is terrible!! It is a REAL problem and non one is doing anything to stop this. People are just blaming sharks more and supporting the fact that sharks should be killed cause they are the monsters. I come from South Africa and the “save the rhino” is a big thing here! I am surprised everytime that you hear about someone who got out their cars at our national parks and a lion would attack them, they everyone blames the guy cause he was an idiot and a lion is just a predator so it was a natural reaction. Now we do the same thing – we get off the beach into a boat and into “shark territory”. Then someone gets attacked and the shark is the idiot cause they reacted normally within their ways… CONFUSING!!! I saw in our local newspaper (Rapport dated 2 Oct 2011) the ad that you guys have regarding shark attacks – LOVE IT!!! made me look you up and write!!! i am a very passionate scuba diver and understand the risks everytime i get into the water, into their world. wish i could do more and get more attention to this topic!!! Please let me know how i can enable the connections around me, so we can stop shark finning as the sharks are becoming extinct and now they are starting to take on dolphins & whales for their fins. its freaken cruel!!! cant take the humanrace and their complete lack of respect and forward thinking to this ocean life.

  • Alyona says:

    people!!!!!why you are so cruel?can you imagine that some body do the same with you and you are with out any protection just slowly die with unbelieveble pain…..

  • tracy says:

    to kill these sharks just for there fins.? to make soup? ridiculas is that. china has no conscience with this the fur trade..they disgust me to no end.

  • madison says:

    I agree with nabilenriquez. Most people say they don’t go vegetarian because the animals will over populate. Nobody ever thought humans of overpopulating now did they? But nobody cares because they will destroy the earth and the food chain because humans are selfish and greedy

  • Stephanie says:

    people sharks are not terrifying they are great fierce and intelligent sharks I respect them and they are a big part of the food chain. They dont deserve to suffer this way…

  • barbro dahlberg says:

    Tose murders must come from an other planet. I hope they will be sharks in the next life if there is any. Anyhow they are not humans in this life.

  • nabilenriquez says:

    that’s so cruel why humans think they control all the world? they have no rights on killing any animals not even sharks they are not our enemies!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Quang Li I understood you you were fine. You don’t like finning…neither do I. In fact I don’t like any kind of fishing. What I like is sailing just for the sake of sailing or whale watching.

  • sean says:

    stop killing sharks!!!!

  • Qiang Li says:

    Finning’s unnerving and certainly kills poor elasmobranchii tunafish also murdering every abject thing. I hope my english is ohkay I’m not native speaker

  • yolibeth says:

    This really gets me so mad upset and especially Heartbroken to know that they get cut alive and then thown back into the ocean. They don’t deserve this they are innocent and with out them it wont be the same!