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An Evening With Moshe Solomonow and Friends

Written by PETA | October 24, 2007

UCHSC/Creative Commons

We’ve talked about Moshe Solomonow a bit before. He was a candidate for Vivisector of the Week a few weeks ago (he lost, in a last-second upset, to a deceased monkey butcher named Thomas Langfitt), and his other accomplishments include performing invasive back surgery on cats without, apparently, using proper anaesthetics … for the past fifteen years. Well, if you’ve checked out the main feature on the PETA website in the past couple of days, you’ll know that the latest on Moshe and his pals at the UC Denver and Health Sciences Center is an entire litany of complaints from a whistleblower about shoddy animal welfare practices, neglect, and outright cruelty in their labs. Here are some of the things these folks have allegedly been up to over the past few years:

  • Failing to provide veterinary care or euthanasia in emergencies
  • Failing to properly train animal care employees
  • Improperly reviewing experimental procedures
  • Skimping on anaesthesia during painful surgeries
  • Leaving a monkey with a prolapsed colon to suffer for hours
  • Killing a conscious rabbit with a heart puncture

And the list goes on—to the tune of a 30-page complaint that we just submitted to the NIH, gently suggesting that they have a look into the way these people are spending their money.

Rabbit with skin lesions

If you’d like to write to University of Colorado’s president about his labs, you can do so through the form on this page. We’re asking them to dismiss their Animal Care and Use Committee (these folks were supposed to be checking up to make sure there weren’t any violations in the animal labs—I guess they spent their time playing minesweeper instead, or maybe keeping up with Us Weekly), and to ban ol’ Moshe from ever using animals in research again.

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  • Aletheia says:

    Although PETA revealed Moshe Solomonow’s cruel experiments on cats in 2007. Moshe Solomonow and his pals continue their unnecessary research like before. Quoting from his newest article on Clinical biomechanics 200924107928. “…The lumbar spine of anaesthetized cats was subjected to cyclic flexion loading at high magnitudes for six periods of 10 min each with 10 min rest in between followed by 7h rest…” These brutal behavior must be ceased and be sustainedly concerned by whom care animal welfare.

  • anonymous says:

    It is always easy to judge people from afar. It is easy to read an article about an “apparent” problem and wish hell and every other ill will on someone. Instead of prejudging a man who you really don’t know anything about do your research and find something more productive to do with your time. The research this University does is to find ways to pinpoint causes and find relief for back pain that millions of Americans suffer from. If there were another way to do this research I am sure it would be utilized. What would you recommend? That we perhaps experiment on people instead. Would you people like to volunteer for getting this research done on you to save your cat?

  • Caboose says:

    Not true. “Hell” has infinite space. As long as you believe in it along with its counterpart

  • Kimberly says:

    Rest assured darlings HELL is going to be a crowded place.

  • Caboose says:

    Maureen You mean a Kim Jong Il

  • keith says:

    ” Thank You Berrin ” for your comment and agreement with my views. Now come on Peta.Org. get your blinking fingers out and start blasting these experimenters and places of Torture. You have been served notice.

  • stasya says:

    theres a reason some people dont want to take mammalogy at my college the killing of animals for skinning in mammal collections which is something you must have for credit and is ofcourse apalling and old school and useless to learning when all you learn is how to kill procedures for killing the animals ive heard involved whatever the student sees fit some use traps for small rodents or acetate injection to the heart hanging and electrocution ive heard rumoured there are no formal measures for killing the animals humanely. but how do you do anything about it? or learn more?

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Maureen Don’t you mean a Kim Jong Il?

  • Maureen says:

    He is a sort Saddam Hussein of the cat world!!

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Ana Speaking of the “cut and paste” if that were actual materials I would have gone through several pairs of scissors and quarts of glue on here already! And I’m wondering why certain letters of the alphabet on my keyboard don’t have to be replaced yet “This is an ANIMAL RIGHTS’ blog site.” perhaps Jack can have a permanent moving banner going across the screen which reads that Anyway ALL of these vivesectors have me totally and seriously convinced that there is a subhuman species in existence. And they would have to look UP to the animals to learn how to be decent living beings. Judith Freedom Fighter Thanks for the info about Judy Giuliani. I’m apolitical so Rudy wouldn’t have gotten my vote anyway but I appreciate the info about that barbarian Judy disgusing! who made a big deal in the press that she doesn’t like to be called “Judy.” oh such a horrendous name to be called! But what she did to that pup is supposed to be ok according to her. Well here’s to JUDY JUDY JUDY! May she be SO upset about being called “Judy” that she won’t be able to function to torture animals!

  • Berrin says:

    I agree with keith. Peta should make those cruelties more public. Print the names of these monsters and pictures of them and also the names of the institutions on posters!!! Those psychos don’t care whether they are discredited in this or similar forums. What would really hurt them is to discredit their socalled work. It should be outlined that what they do has nothing to do with science!! Discredit their university reputation.

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Aim charge fire. Yeah Spartan Lasered!

  • keith says:

    I have just been reading again Peta’s 10 most hated University’s. What are these places doing with the tens of thousands of animals locked away for experiments. Are these establishments of learning or hellholes for said creatures. Peta is and words to this effect have been aired in comments before becoming complacent with far to much revenue. I think they Peta are just not using the vast resources in hand wisely. They should be singing this abuse to the rooftops.


    This Mister Hyde coming out of hell should disappear as soon as possible and go back to hell where he comes from! I hope that a heart attack will free the suffering animals from his presence! In this case he would at least have a better death than his furry victims!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Another person we should be talking about is the Amazing Judith Guiliani. Soon she hopes to be our first lady. She has worked for the medical field for many years. She demonstrates procedures to the Medical Community. The one that was so very upsetting to so many people is when they brought her out a little dog and she was going to demonstrate what staples can do. They sliced the pup open by the way this liitle guy was still awake. As he started bleeding staples were put in place. Then she went a little bit nuts and decieded to show what else these staples could do so she filled this poor pup’s body cavity full of water. All she could say in an excited voice was “SEE IT WORKS.” This article came out in the Post Vanity Fair Times Newsweek and so many others. On the New Youk Post the words said “JUDY’S DOG DAYS” She and her husband refused to even answer because they said it just was not important… Well this is important so PETA lets go after her. Maybe we need to go after this lady monster. This is the truth. Use your search engine. Maybe we could get Judy. And tell alo more people about her. Judith

  • keith says:

    I was going to make a comment about ‘ Moshe ‘ but it will provoke the ” Cretin Twins Sue Nad.” ‘ I thank you. ‘

  • Carla says:

    We all know that when these animals are crated and destined for laboratories they all suffer. These individuals don’t feel for the animals because in their mind be it a cat or rat their there to make profit on theirour expense. And as long as useless animal tests go on the more needless suffering will continue. There are alternatives to animal tests and as far as I know have been in production for a long time with a greater success rate. I just hope one day the vivisectors of today will all die out and the new generation will succeed in future nonanimal tests.

  • Ana says:

    Ariel Michele Mike Quinoa Get ready for the cut and paste routine!!! LOL This guy Moshe should be banned from the planet. The violence in his labs have nothing to do with science but with only the machinations of a depraved mind.