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Evangelist’s Wife’s Body Reportedly Kept Like Frozen Food

Written by PETA | August 4, 2008

An Alabaman evangelist named Anthony Hopkins was apparently arrested last week when his wife—who’d been missing for three years—was reportedly discovered in his freezer. (Now, why does that name sound so familiar…?)

Local police reportedly found the body of what they believe to be Hopkins’ wife, a mother of eight, and reportedly arrested him on a murder charge as he preached at a church in southern Alabama. We’re not sure what the subject of the sermon was. News reports say he’s now sitting in a Mobile County jail, awaiting a bond hearing.

He’s not been tried yet, so whether or not he planned on eating her liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti is a matter of speculation.

While people are rightly horrified at the thought of Hopkins’ frozen wife, we’re hoping that some good might come from pointing out that there’s something wrong with stowing away any flesh. To highlight this, PETA has launched a new thought-provoking billboard, which we’re attempting to run in Mobile, Alabama. We hope it makes some folks stop and think about how everyone—not just humans—is made of flesh, blood, bone, and emotions.


So, how about trying an easy and tasty vegetarian meal?

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  • N.I.4.N.I. animal liberation front says:

    to meall living things have the right to life.yes i think an animals life is just as important as a human life.when was the last time you saw a group of animals beating and pulling the skin off a human?when was the last time you saw a dog put 2 humans in a ring to fight to the death?did you ever see a monkey inject poison into the veins of a human while being restrained?the human race really needs to wake up to the atrocities being done to innocent animals everydayfrom the meat industry to the clothing things like this that makes me ashamed to be a part of the human race.God bless peta and other animal rights groupfor without themwe would never know what goes on behind those doors!!

  • Mike says:

    I agree with sh1976. Everyone putting the value of a human life to an animal life. I respect everyones opinion really I do. When you compare a families loved one being killed and stuffed in a freezer to a steak or lobster that is just disgusting. I eat meat and love it. And no matter how many animal protestors yell or scream at me I am still going to eat it. A few people are saying God created us all… You are right but in the bible was it not Jesus who fed many with bread and fish… SO I am guessing if God wanted us not to eat animals Jesus would have served bread and tofu. But because I am an american eating meat is my right just like not eating it is mine…. The point is not is it wrong to eat meat or wrong to kill animals.. Let me ask those of you who kudos the idea… what if it was your mother? would you be hi fiving peta then.. I doubt it…

  • sh1976 says:

    I really think using a family’s pain for a live one isnt gonna change how people feel about animals.You may want to research and find something else thats not as harsh at what you are trying to display.Iunderstand how you feel about animals.the way you want to sow it off is like you have no respect for the family

  • Michele says:

    Jill way to go on your recent switch to vegetarianism. Don’t be too hard on yourself about making what you call “mistakes” in your attempts to go vegan! Most people do not instantly make the changes it’s usually a gradual thing. I know when I first “went vegan” it didn’t even occur to me that honey was something else to look for in the ingredient list on a label until someone asked me if honey was okay for vegans. There are some great books out there about making the transition maybe you have a local public library where you can check them out. Best of luck and definitely don’t think in terms of mistakes you’re just learning something new all the time and every change you make no matter how small it may seem will be helping to save more and more animals every step of the way.

  • Siobhan M. says:

    While I like the idea and the correlation is there I have to agree with people saying that Mobile won’t take too well to it. I feel like they will just be offended because their minds at this point aren’t open to the subject. They will all be more focused on the immediate horror at hand the women in the freezer. We have to use the ideas of the “Tipping Point” more often. Capitalizing on huge scandals is getting us nowhere. Small changes result in big changes.

  • lito mabaquiao says:

    it surely the right thing so that people will be reminded that animals and human beings are the same creations of God and no one should have the right to kill any person or animal…

  • Joann says:

    I believe whole heartedly that animals should have rights and I do believe that they feel and think but in no way shape or form would I ever compare them with a human life. I think this billboard is tasteless and disrespectful to the family of the victim. How do you think the victims 8 children will feel when they see that thier mother who was missing for a long period of time and found dead in thier fathers freezer is being compared to an amimal. PETA has done many great things for animals and I admire that but this billboard in my opinon will only cause a bad and tasteless name for itself. Where does PETA draw the line???

  • Judith FFFA says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Great idea!!!!! Evangelicals what can I say! Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • vegancoin says:

    Straight out of some sick and twisted hollywood nightmare one that loosely is called success. Once again the power of men triumphs over the wanton and careless suffering of others and of animals in this case a human being. What a horrible series of events yes it’s hard to fathom. That is beyond disgusting the “preacher” man has some serious psychological issues. The american dream seems to be a little out of reach for some people yet still holds sway and influence. i guess he expected to be rewarded for his actions and his obscene inhumanity. Pointless.


    was his name anthony hopkins or hannibal lecter?

  • V Oooo says:

    The billboard will not win people over in Mobile AL. The subject is too real here. And why would people who completely support capital punishment care about Miss Piggy?

  • L.Smith says:

    I think the ad has a real point on how PETA feels about animal cruelty and murder. But this message is really unacceptable during this family time of grieving. Those kids lost their mother not a family pet. A lot of people would consider the ad as a joke. Please take in consideration what those kids and the rest of their family are going though.

  • sarah says:

    ughhh thats sick! no doubt what the hell was he planing on doing with his wifes body ? O.o

  • Joan says:

    Hi! I shouldn’t laugh about a story like this but after spending the evening at a meeting to fight a proposed pet limit even for those of us who take very good care of our pets in our borough you guys made my night!

  • Jill says:

    I agree. I just recently became a vegantarian TRYING for vegan but making mistakes here and there and I just FINALLY got it. I finally saw the whole truth. I would have always agreed with you but now I understand WHY I understand it’s always been in my heart I just had to be shown. I now see we are the same animals are the same WE ARE an animal. We are the same. When I see meat I see flesh of a being that once lived and had thoughts feelings and probably never got to enjoy one moment of hisher life. I get it. Thank you Peta for showing me the whole truth. Its WRONG ti kill a person just as it is WRONG to kill an animal.

  • chris says:

    this is the most stupid thing that i have ever heard of they talk about killing animals to eat people have been doing this for ever cant people find anthing more important to complain about!!!

  • erika says:

    OMG THAT IS NASTY AND SICK AND TWISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim says:

    Why is PETA so antireligion?

  • Curtis says:

    All animals have the same parts.

  • BBR says:

    Good luck with making people see how animals and humans are one in the same. At any any rate don’t be surprised if people don’t understand why you’re comparing humans to animals. It’s like comparing apples to oranges in a lot of peoples minds. And some people just won’t get it. But I do.

  • Crystal says:

    Oh what sad kinda twisted story! I think the new ad is great! I hope it works even if it just changes one person views. But hoping for more. After all BIG small god loves us all!

  • Tabitha says:

    I think this is the most tasteless yet. No pun intended. I’m sure her family will appreciate it so much.