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“Environmentalists” Called Out in Cowspiracy

Written by Heather Moore | June 16, 2014

Move over Spider-Man, Cowspiracy is the new must-see movie this summer. The riveting documentary is produced by Kip Andersen, an amateur filmmaker who became increasingly concerned about the environment after seeing An Inconvenient Truth. While the film inspired him to recycle more, take shorter showers, and use energy-efficient lighting, he felt like he wasn’t doing enough to counter climate change and other environmental problems. After doing some research, he realized that animal agriculture is destroying the Earth more than any other industry—but that many environmental groups aren’t talking about it.

Animal agriculture is largely responsible for climate change, deforestation, water depletion, and other environmental problems. At least 51 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, according to a Worldwatch Institute report.

Kip wanted to know why the high-profile environmental groups that should be challenging the meat and dairy industries were essentially ignoring them. So he teamed up with producer Keegan Kuhn and put representatives from Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and other well-known environmental groups in the hot seat and asked them.

If you want to hear what they had to say, watch Cowspiracy. The movie is coming to theaters nationwide this summer. If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco or Los Angeles this week, you can catch a special early screening:

The flick will also be released on DVD and on some streaming channels, including Netflix and iTunes, but why wait? Check your local theater for listings.

Spoiler alert: Cowspiracy makes a lot of the environmental groups’ reps squirm in their seats. It explains exactly why everyone—especially people who care about the environment—should go vegan and calls on environmental organizations to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

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  • lisa says:

    I love this documentary! Thank for exposing the truth so I know where my donations are supporting.

  • Kade says:

    It is the ‘method’ of ‘large scale farming’ that is the problem be it animals or monocultures. And scale is relative to greed. Greed is the disease that needs to be addressed.

  • Tech Guy says:

    I have been an environmentalist for 35 years. I hope that more organizations will not be afraid to speak out against THE VERY POWERFUL MEAT AND DAIRY INDUSTRIES.
    these industries have spent a lot of money to brainwash all people into thinking we have to eat lots of meat and drink lots of milk. this is not for our good they do this but to makes LOTS OF MONEY. the worst reason of all !!!!

  • Imara says:

    This documentary is well done, thanks to PETA for this post – other organizations should be so bold.

  • Dianne Rochenski says:

    I’m vegan because I love ALL animals. I cannot wait to see this documentary. Thanks to those involved for making it.

  • Rose-marie Grobbelaar says:

    The factory farming industry, and that includes all dairy, all animal flesh, all animal skins and fur, has become the most brutal, sadistic and violent industries that is controlled by governments. And the farmers and butchers are to eager to kill millions of animals each day for profit, which largely goes to governments. A vicious cycle that will only stop when their is no demand for animal flesh and their skin and fur. But with 7.2 billion people ( and counting!!) there is no hope for animals on this planet. There is too much greed, and an overpopulation of humans.

  • Sue Melnyk says:

    Go vegan …we can make a difference. This factory farming has to be stopped.

  • Vegan Virtues says:

    “I definitely believe in God. How can you look at anything and not be overwhelmed by the miraculousness of it?” Chris Martin had said this and now he’s gone ‘CARNI” hypocrite or what?

    • chrry huggett says:

      Our only power lays in NOT BUYING meat, or at least reducing it and boycotting MacDonalds, Kentucky Chicken and Co. I think there should be more action groups at a local level as well. Internet is fine but people, including myself, still feel isolated and therefore unlikely to stand outside Big Mac with a placard and leaflets.

  • Gail Stanton says:

    Pardon me, it was closer to 6 days later the Chilliwack farm resumed delivery of milk after the video of 8 employees beating the cows.

  • Gail Stanton says:

    Yes and the farm in Chilliwack BC Canada, that sells to Some big names is back in business 10 days later. Sad sad!!!

  • Jacqueline McKay says:


    • cherry huggett says:

      I hate it too (factory farming). I wish people would at least try to reduce their meat intake. But dare you ask them too? Raising the issue of vegetarianism to meat eaters is considered rude and offensive. It’s almost like you are not allowed to talk about the cruelty involved. People defend their ‘right’ and their ‘biological need’ to eat meat passionately. Ask them to go and rip an animal apart with their so called canine teeth though and they think twice! It’s a joke.
      I hate humans. I hope the planet does destroy us all.
      It’s just a shame that if it does, the same power hungry, mind controlling, greedy elite will still survive and continue on in the same thoughtless, selfish vein in the new world.
      Still, I am really pleased to see that someone has taken the plunge and made this movie. Why can’t more action groups who receive our donations do this as well?. And make the movie explicit and confrontational. I am sick of pussy footing around and not telling and hearing the truth. There was once a time when animal rights activists went on demos with placards and loud voices and parked themselves outside MacDonalds. Now we are expected to write to our MP or the supermarket. What a load of tripe! Well done to the person who made this film.

      • OH says:

        This stonewalling and denial by mainstream self-described environmentalists has been driving decent people up the wall for decades.

  • Lisa Scharin says:

    Looking forward to watching this!!!

  • Gail Stanton says:

    There is a video from one of the largest dairy farms in Chilliwack B.C. Showing the cows being beaten and hoisted to the ceiling with chains, now there is good healthy milk to feed your kids

  • Gail Stanton says:

    Oh thank you to the makers of the Cowspiracy film, and Blackfish, I too may have my house burned down due to my opinions about the slaughter industry but with you all I feel stronger than ever!!!!!

  • Barbara Paz says:

    Is this movie coming to Israel? Is this a feature film? We have to get this information out there. thank you for making this movie!

  • sharon chang says:

    don’t forget that going vegan helps animals!