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An End to Veal Crates

Written by PETA | August 8, 2007

Veal_cow.jpgThere is an end in sight, and while this isn’t going to stop us from doing everything in our power to end all abuses of cows right now, the announcement this week by the American Veal Association that they will phase out veal crates by 2017 is a major landmark for the animal protection movement and proof that decades of pressure on the industry to end its cruel practices has paid off.

Veal, which rates a full 10 out of 10 on the WTF? scale, is made by chaining calves by their necks inside solitary crates for up to 23 weeks. The AVA’s decision to finally abandon this torture means an end in sight for what will one day be regarded as among the most vile practices in human history.

This announcement marks the latest in a series of victories for the animal protection movement in its long struggle to eliminate the solitary, intensive confinement of farmed animals. Earlier this year, three of the world’s largest pig meat producers—Smithfield Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, and Cargill Meat Solutions—took steps to phase out gestation crates for pigs, and recently, following years of discussions with PETA, Burger King made a commitment to buy 20 percent of its pig meat from suppliers that do not use gestation crates and 5 percent of its eggs from sources that do not confine chickens to battery cages. Shortly afterwards, Wendy’s followed suit, pledging to purchase 20 percent crate-free pork by the end of 2008 and increase that percentage over time.

This is an important step forward, and, put together with these other victories for animals, it’s clearly part of a trend. As Ingrid Newkirk puts it, “While the best way to prevent cruelty to animals is to simply stop eating them, any progress made toward mitigating their suffering is commendable.”

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  • jason says:

    the truth is this world will not quit eating meat and accept the truth until every animal that exist is excinct. and at the rate the human race is going its not impossible. we need to end all cruelty to every animal and realize what is going on in this world . otherwise its just ourselves we’re killing in the end..

  • Shannon says:

    While veal crates being “phased out” in ten freaking years sounds great to the public just as “cage free” “free range” “cruelty free” and “humanely raised” it’s all pardon the pun bull. I frankly can’t believe the FTC lets these murderers falsely advertise like this!!!! All it does is make the public feel better about the animals they pay to have murdered for their greedy taste buds and speaking of greed more money for the murderers. Animal “welfare” is only a tiny tiny bit less suffering and usually stops there. I am frankly very disappointed in PeTA for joining and settling with the “welfare” movement and calling it victory. To me it’s a total sellout. I expect this from HSUS but not PeTA. I joined PeTA because I am an abolitionist not an activist that claims “victory” over a decade to go to reduce slightly the suffering of any animals. It’s purely propaganda and PR greedy agribusinesses realizing more profit and jumping on the “welfare” bandwagon. When will people realize that “welfare” only HURTS the animals and our movement?????

  • Maya says:

    Hi Dan! Great point. What is important to understand is that we as consumers decide what makes a profit and what does not. Right now what we are spending our money on are completely unsustainable practices. After all if we keep having to cut down forests to harvest coffee there will be more ecological disasters and we will run out of land and valuable trees and natural resources like wood. If on the other hand we as consumers purchase ecofriendly and sustainable products we can give poor people money to make products that do not harm the ecosystem. Also ecotourism when done correctly hinges upon a country protecting its natural resources. Costa Rica is a great example of this. People there were brilliant in figuring out that they can save their country’s natural resouces yet still earn great money by attracting tourists and students studying science who will indeed demand that the country protect its land and wildlife. These practices by their very nature give native people a chance to earn more money with progressive practices work jobs that are less dangerous and keep their local food supply abundant and protected so that local people can still eat and afford it. What we must understand is that this is a transitionary period it won’t happen overnight and it takes creativity but slowly poachers and farmers will hopefully make much more money and live a better life with consumers asking for better practices.

  • hugo pottisch says:

    Can I post links? Sorry for another long rant! Stumbled across this on CNN Humane Livestock Production Costs Hard to Gauge httpmoney.cnn.comnewsnewsfeedsarticlesdjf500200708091034DOWJONESDJONLINE000605FORTUNE5.htm Yes if you are a “product” your production costs are hard to gauge.. But that is besides the point.. The point is that the livestock industries will argue that they cannot afford a switch to more humane farming methods plus they will argue that it is questionable if welfare for the animals really improves. And anyway we cannot “gauge” anything and therefore no action can be taken! The scientists are in disagreement regarding climate change and therefore no CO2 caps are necessary… I liked the Newsweek story on “climate deniers” next to the zoo story httpwww.msnbc.msn.comid20122975sitenewsweek And they are right a marginal halfassed change would indeed cost more than it would yield both humans and the animals. It would be as successful as declaring a 5 shift to renewable energy by 2075.. not enough.. no spark to set fire.. not worth the paper it is printed on. But a true paradigm shift to really humane and freerange farming would yield so many environmental and health benefits that they would economically outweigh the investments. btw I think that one can recognize a humane farming method when no drugs like antibiotics are necessary during the life span of an animal. Currently even “organic” farming allows for antibiotics to be used routinely! Once the citizens and the government could not ignore the link between cancer and smoking anymore after many decades of distraction from the tobacco industries meaningful measures were introduced to save our children. Right now the cigarette antibiotics and hormone and toxicity industries are allowed to do advertising in schools. If there were better transparency regarding all the implications humane livestock like 2000 years ago would not be more expensive but less. Yes there might be less overall consumption but that is mandatory anyway due sustainability and math and due to health and our children. Most importantly at some point everybody “who has made it” deserves more quality and less trash here and now! It is 2007 we want at least the same quality food as people 100 years ago had or we should never again utter the word progress? When it comes to food I want a Caterpillar a Leatherman a Maglight a KitchenAid and not some crap? I am as many around the world too poor to buy crap? I know that modern popculture fancies white trash to some degree but not because the toxic burger tastes better than the freerange one but because they are junkies who would consume anything chemical or selfdestructive? What is next we will allow our kids into StarBucks or what the average dairy fat cake there is as healthy as 3 BigMac? It is not like we are exporting this shit to our worst enemies we are consuming this ourselves!! Right now pricing of agricultural products is not transparent at all and controlled by special interest groups and gov bodies that are oftentimes controlled and policed only by themselves USDA anybody? But we do not know where tax $s are pouring maybe into stuff that is not recommended health wise the modern equivalent of cigarettes only worse and what environmental costs there are animal products have the worst CO2 water and landerosion footprint imaginable. The livestock industries argue for example that “more humane pig farming like in Sweden would cost additional $200 million per year in labor costs…” Do they mean more costs or more jobs? Costs apply when the water gets polluted.. nobody see The Simpsons Movie? When children get strange diseases etc? When people started talking about restricting cigarettes the industries argued think of all the jobs that would be lost.. suddenly they do not see how much labor costs the economy would save but are concerned for the workers.. those hypos they are like old children who have never grown up and everybody suggests change they see it like a personal attack from their mothers and fathers? it takes only a few rotten leaders and many numb sheep to produce a disaster? The livestock industries should not have to fight those changes but could use them to their advantage. Instead of prolonging the inevitable and make it even more expensive ask your government for help financially. From a ROI point of view those would be the best $200 million the Gov has invested since Arnies solar initiative make it $50 billion and it would still be the best ROI the US has ever seen not like now where factory farmers get ca $ 20 billion in tax $ subsidies and organics virtually NOTHING compared to the concentration camps? but this time in good conscious. no more subsidies of products that are unhealthy environmentally damaging or overconsumed etc. They could look themselves in the mirror again. It is also a real pity for EVERY leader who misses such a unique opportunity to build the best legacy since Washington Lincoln etc. No 20th century president has done anything that would have so many longlasting positive implications for America and the world. The US could be a superpower again and not a corrupt cop. We know the legacy of Vietnam Afghanistan Iraq etc. it sucks! But imagine HeShe saved the country literally the country and its people. HeShe was not afraid of tough decisions bomb this football field over there is NOT a tough or IMPORTANT decision! One stumbling block will be that the few large factory farmers would lose marketshare compared to the status quo. They do not care if the new cake is healthy compared to the old one or even better tasting they just want the biggest possible piece and so do politicians when they want to fill up their campaign war chest? And since the few do most of the lobbying and bribing… And I suspect there is no money left in the US budget anyway to clean and save Americas land rivers water and forests.. to keep us save from mad diseases and from hormones and antibiotics? Our life expectancy has decreased for the first time in decades the climate is going down the drain and our phones are being bugged to protect us from terrorists? WHAT? Clint Eastwood vegan for president pronto? Get rid of those sick fat apathic and numb factory farmers.. tear those walls down Mr President. Liberate us from poor quality poor life poor selfresponsibility. Anyway going vegan has much more positive impact on the world than going 100 organic. Best is both but if you have to chose out of concern for your children go vegan!

  • gino says:

    hello dan and everybody who is interested i found a very interesting site called i think for dan it’s the right thing for to see that there are millions of people in this world who include humans and animals in their concerns! also ingrid newkirk is mentioned as one of their role models! a really fascinating site!!!

  • Dan says:

    Thank you shadowfax Maya and Ana for your responses. My concern in recent times is that these ideals would be forced upon people in unreasonable ways. We happen to live in a country that enjoys a high standard of living we have high disposable incomes we don’t spend very much of our income on food etc. That is not the case in many other countries. As someone who has worked with other organizations that deal with these problems I can say that there are logistical problems with limiting peoples food choices…I know it sounds like a simple solution but it does not seem to be so. For example the rainforest in South America is mostly cut down by the poor people living in the area trying to make a living.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Ted You nor Ingrid are Gods. I remember Ingrid attacking The President of the Humane Socity because he was not able to stop the end of animals being killed for their fur but one designer stopped selling fur from dogs a little at a time. She sent him such a nasty little letter saying it should end now. How dare she fight with such a nice person. So it’s ok that you are trying to sell us a little at a time? I’m not buying it. What is Ingid doing lately. While Mr. Pecelle is in Ill. trying his damnest to shut down Cavels horse slaughter house. And speaking at the house about farm animals. I do not except 10 years. They are just throwing you people a bone to shut you up for awhile. I will not stay quiet. I support P.E.T.A. Ingrid you are a good person. But not always right. Judith

  • Ana says:

    Dan I share my home with 4 cats but I never refer to them as pets. They are part of my human family and they are “house cats” because it is infinitely safer for them TO STAY INDOORS. They receive the proper care love and respect they deserve. Cats do not take orders nor can they be trained and that suits me just fine they live happily. 2. I have never heard an animal advocate say “slaughter people” so that took me by surprize. 3. People are poor and not eating wellenough because all advanced nations cannot live without their steaks and burgers and all of the numerous other species humans dominate and eat. Instead of feeding grain to the poor animals that will be slaughtered why not feed the many people in need? Much land is used to raise cows sheep pigs chickens goats for slaughter when that land can be used to grow rice vegetables fruit beans etc. Going vegan allows EVERYONE to live! 3. Liberation to me means being free from human oppression and free to live without fear according to the needs of that species. No factory farms fur farms aquariums rodeos bull fightsdog and cock fights dog or horse racing vivisection fishing hunting etc that serves only man’s desires most especially for capitalism. Anyway it’s about respect for all sentient beings. Living off of the backs of animals for profit and greed is cruel and oppressive.

  • Maya says:

    Hi Dan I hope you don’t mind if I address your questions! 1. Owning a pet is not treating them as less than us. For example approximately 10000 years ago wild cats began coming to human settlements such as agricultural and maritime communities because there was an abundance of rodents to eat. Humans like this because cats controlled the rodent populations. It was a symbiotic relationship. Eventually cats became dependent on humans. But they still benefit from us we spend lots of money on them for toys and food we provide them with good homes we give them affection we give them excellent medical care. if you ask me they enslaved US! LOL I’m just kidding!!! So it’s still a symbiotic relationship. 2. I tend to avoid the words “Freedom” and “Liberation” of animals. To me liberation makes me think of dancing around in my living room LOL. i prefer the term “Biological Imperative”. It’s not as poetic as “Freedom” but it’s more specific. In other words animal rights activists are striving for animals being treated to natural conditions sunlight fresh air correct nutrition and the ability to exercise and move around. Even cows have a biological need for these things and keeping them in dark confining spaces is extremely cruel. Of course ideally everyone would go vegetarian but in the meantime it’s not about “LIBERATION” but about UNDERSTANDING what conditions are natural for each species of animal and simply giving them those conditons for humane reasons. 3. No one should starve to death. In fact if we all lived an eco freindly and animal friendly lifestyle it would benefit every human on the planet. This is complex but I can give you examples if you want. So there you have it. As far as animal rights activists saying people should be slaughtered well Dan I think you’re intelligent enough to know that no matter who says that they must be mentally ill. Ignore them. 99 percent of animal professionals and activists are extremely kind and logical and peaceful. That you should know.

  • shadowfax says:

    Dan referring to your above statements i can tell you this 1. concerning pets i can assure you that most animal protectors don’t have pets but animals from shelters or found in the street. me as a vegetarian would never go to buy a dog or cat from a breeder because these animals also need meat and here in france i can’t buy vegetarian animal food but i have a rescued dog and a rescued cat because there was no other solution for these poor animals! it’s normal that now they are my pets! 2. yes at least it’s an end in sight but for me it’s too long for every animal lover every second counts because in this second animals are dying. 3. to the contrary if we would live in a vegetarian world and instead of feeding the cows and pigs for the steaks of the first world they could plant potatoes grains bananas rice etc and the whole world would not be hungry anymore because for example this hunger in africa is wanted! nobody can tell me that it would not be possible to pack 20 big plains and drive down there and bring them all the before mentioned things to survive. it’s not because of the vegetarians that these poor people are starving but because of the ruthless meateaters who even accept that the south american rain forest is cut down for to get ground for the cattle slaughtered for the first world mainly europe and north america! pls study the peta files there was much written about this before! i love animals but people also matter to me and i think we can be strong enough to have a heart for the two! ok?

  • Aleasha says:

    Finally there is an end in sight!

  • Dan says:

    Some questions and comments… By being members of PETA you support animal rights and full animal liberation…then why do so many of you have pets? Surely having a pet signifies that they are not fully equal in status to a human being right? I do not see how you can have a pet and want animal liberation or is that narrowminded??? Secondly look at it from a different perspective. 2017 seems a ways a way but it will probably provide a chance for new more humane methods to be brought into practice. An immediate and drastic switch as most of you want I’m sure would only lead to more cruel less humane methods of handling animals. You’ve worked hard to end the use of gestation stalls but not giving the industry time to adjust will lead to the adoption of even less humane practices. Are you animal welfarists or animal liberationists??? That is the big question. Do you want liberation??? You speak of humans being so cruel…Is it cruel that you think poor people around the world should starve to death in order to meet these ideals?? Is it cruel that you say that these people should be “slaughtered” as you call it? Slaughtering human beings does not ring well… I don’t mean to sound critical but I think these areas should be addressed before everyone parties to hard…

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Jack! Good of you to jump in. Granted we know that PETA isn’t in charge of that hellish situation and that we’re all fighting for the change…which “yesterday” could not have been soon enough and that these things take time…step by step…VERY unfortunately for the animals. The thing is I’m sure you understand that we are SO passionate and outraged about this well as Ana put it best quoting her in part “…this is a bureaucratic success.” Then her surrounding comments justified that. And as ar’s activists we ALL know how bureacracies work…and about huge industries. what I would really like to say about them wouldn’t be acceptable for print! But just for the record the consensus of comments are not expressing outrage about PETA. We are expressing that we are outraged that such an atrocity even exists and that socalled “civilized human beings” are allowed to drag this out… at their convenience yet! Jack with PETA’s power YES we WILL DO IT much sooner than 2017! And thank you so much for all that you and everyone at PETA does for the animals!

  • rojo says:

    ariel it’s just hard to decipher facts when incorrect claims are made.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I agree with Philip s. All these meat people are trying to do is silence Ingrid for a few years. And in 2017 they will tell her that they still have not found a good way to stop this horrific cruelty. They could have this finished within 3 months top. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE CREDIT…..THEY DESERVE NONE. Judith

  • Anonymous says:

    Jack Make that I will be shouting loudly!!!! And yes MANY people need to shout the message…..

  • Ana says:

    Jack I will be shouting loud!!

  • Jack says:

    I wonder if I can jump in here. The point is not that we’re settling for 10 years or even that we’re settling for veal still being made. Cuz we’re not. Our campaigners are working as hard as ever to get this atrocity stopped right now. Frickin’ ASAP. But massive changes almost never happen overnight especially when you’re talking about a huge industry. You don’t get from point A to point Z without hitting some of the points in between and every time you advance a step further towards the goal you take a minute to say “We’re getting there” which is what this post was about. Then you take a deep breath and plunge back in. Of course 10 years is too long. 10 days is too damn long. But we aren’t in charge we’re just the ones fighting for change. It is a good thing that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel but that doesn’t mean we won’t fight every day to make that light arrive sooner. How quickly that happens depends on how many people we can get to help us and how loud they can shout about it.

  • Ana says:

    Philip S and Ariel Thanks for your intelligent comments. This is just another way for animal eaters to feel better about eating nonhuman animal cadavers and for the industries that abuse and slaughter them to appear like the “nice” guys. PETA should only be promoting veganismthat’s how you save the lives of animals. Friends of Animals is abolitionist and recognizes what these killing machine industries are about. Don’t sleep with the enemy. This is NOT an animal rights success this is an animal welfare and a bureaucratic success. “See how nice we treat animals….they will be suffering with crates until 2012 but even without the crates they will be slaughtered” violently!!!!

  • Scarlett says:

    People say that we are at the top of the food chain. Such words confuse me for that term yields some very interesting remarks for me. Such as that term is like saying we are somewhere in the wilderness hunting like it’s 4000 B.C. No we have disturbed nature and this “food chain” as we breed our prey in captivity such as these veal. They have no chance at happiness families or living on their own terms as nature should have it. So such things as a food chain do not exist because we have ruined it. We have ruined nature and created a world only humans can enjoy but I must say I am not having fun.

  • Craig Petersen says:

    Philip S don’t apologize for you post at the top. It’s TAME compared to what I would of posted. I like you am furious that the meat industry thinks that 10 YEARS is an acceptable time frame to eliminate veal crates. I would say 10 MONTHS would be a more realistic goal the meat and dairy industry DOESN’T want change they want things to stay the way they are. The human race is still in the STONE AGE in the way we treat animals it’s only been recently within the last 100 years that some of us have begun to realize that ‘animals’ are sentient living beings like us. Humans have been led to believe that ‘animals’ are dumb dimwitted and have no souls you can thank the dimwits who purposely rewrote the Bible to excuse our current behavior with animals for this. However it is going to take disease environmental and finical disaster to get the meat and dairy industry to change their ways. We are stewards of this planet and we have done FAR more damage than ANY civilization in recorded history. If the human race is ever judged by the way it treats ‘animals’ then we are ALL doomed to hell.

  • Steve says:

    Of course we want the world to go vegan NOW not take a small step toward reducing animcal cruelty 10 years from now. I’m encouraged a bit by the success of Barbara Kingsolver’s book “Animal Vegetable Miracle” on the NYT bestseller list for 14 weeks since it promotes the idea of humane treatment of animals on small family farms instead of factories. I have HUGE issues with her arguments for eating meat and disagree with her every step of the way on her reasons for abandoning vegetarianism. But until we live in a vegan world we have to work toward incremental improvements to reduce animal suffering as much as possible. Meanwhile keep pushing hard for the big changes they are coming!

  • Jaclyn says:

    By 2017????

  • Ariel says:

    to ROJO I suspected there was an undercurrent to your question so if you think that I was out to help to prove anything for you wrong. I simply answered your question that Farm Sanctuary is not part of PETA. However PETA did indeed have a GREAT part in the veggie burger issue and a lot of animalrelated orgs. are involved in the same issues…and I applaud all of them for their efforts and accomplishments for the sake of the animals. So which ever way you are going with this of course each org. will announce their own participation in their achievements…and I guess it will “seem” to the reader that they are taking the total credit. BUT this is about the animals not about one org. trying to outdo the other.

  • stasya berber says:

    a beautiful cowlicked and obviously overmothered calf was born a few days ago from the small farm next to me. Im glad he will lead a quiet peaceful life with his mother. But a life like this is rare and it seems like it will be even rarer until 2017? how long does it take to realise chaining a child to a fence without the comfort of their mother is WRONG!!

  • silent tongue says:

    to hugo pottisch thanks for the great statement! specially referring to the slave problem we can see that martin luther king whose family is completely vegetarian adopted the guidelines of leo tolstoi also him a vegetarian and mahatma gandhi also a great vegetarian and human and animalrights activist! all these runners for human’s sake were also concerned about animal rights and after the situation became a little bit better for humans they quickly turned to the animal cause like formal runner dick gregory a real great gentleman and rare in our days! i’m a great admirer of his attitude and his whole universe a great personality indeed! with him this planet is richer and a better world!

  • rojo says:

    Ariel thanks. It’s just they seemed to be claiming the veggie burger idea.

  • hugo pottisch says:

    While I understand that the many baby cows in singleconfinement right now will not be celebrating this announcement this is dahh a step in the right direction. For the veal industry to make such an announcement means that they officially agree that current standards are unethical. If PETA and other animal protection organizations can now prove that just like in Europe veal crates can be phases out much faster without overall GDP of the US economy to suffer there is a good chance that they will disappear even sooner? As an Animal Rights organization PETA has never fallen into the trap of being pleased with Animal Welfare successes per se. But foodanimals today are not even recognized as slaves or beings but as mere products and objects instead. Animal welfare announcements such as these from the veal industry however start to acknowledge cows as slaves or beings who need respect and not mere machines. This in turn is an Animal Rights success. Blacks were not given humans rights in the US because they were not recognized as fully human by the constitution until the 1960s. In order to avoid recognizing blacks as fully human and therefore applicable to simple human rights the term civil rights was cleverly coined. Blacks would remain 2nd class beings but the laws would be altered and adopted to guarantee better treatment for blacks. When the blacks realized that the US was accusing South Africa of apartheid based on human rights violations via the UN while not recognizing their own population as human.. things started to change QUICKLY. The black leaders started talking about going to the UN themselves! Well they mysteriously died and soon after the constitution was magically changed before anybody could reach the UN on that matter. Point of the story every time the meat industries officially recognize their slaves for what they are and not mere objects the foundation for their liberation is strengthened not weakened. Animal Welfare stops there because they endorse slavery in principle as long as some virtual level of welfare is promised Animal Welfare believes in the concept of a good and just dictator which nature and history has proven to be a fantasy as the unicorn has never been sited. AW needs their own vital lies to justify their existence?. Animal rights and PETA doesnt. It is fine that men are not allowed to kill women randomly any more although it might be natural based on strength but that is never enough for those compassionate yet professional folks at PETA? I do not know many vegans who go back once they know the crack somebody who quits having slaves out of principle would not endorse slavery again because the slaves are treated better or she was never really against slavery but a social butterfly and nothing else. Same with racism and sexism etc.? You do not start treating women as 2nd class again only because they are now being respected more by society quite the contrary. I bet that there will be a female presidential candidate by 2017 in the US? Well lets make it 2027 this is not the UK Germany Turkey or India after all? In other words I do not see vegans or meateaters starting to eat more veal because the crates will disappear. The meat industry will try to promote it that way but this is damage reduction and nothing else. The fact that milk does more bad than good that mothers and babies are separated and that dairy products have the biggest CO2 and landerosion footprints of all things consumed by humans will be pressure enough for the animal slave abusers. Kudos also for the improvements for chickens and pigs they too can barely move and are separated from their mothers at birth! Again these are very important successes with even more important implications! If Burger King thinks that freerange is better why not 100 freerange instead of 5 if the retail price does not change much anyway and if supply can follow suite very fast as in Europe? Next what is better slavery or freedom? But the first 5 are the hardest! Party party party afterparty! The slave master is wounded.. the wounds he has never get better but only worse we will slaughter him humanely one day when he is too fat to move! Besides if you have been active in AR for many years you need to celebrate everything you can get or run the risk of burn outs. There is so much suffering that it cannot be eliminated over night but at the same time every little step towards better treatment of animals lessens more suffering on earth than anything else humans do globally today?!

  • mino says:

    i am a western hindu and this is indeed a very sad day for me! just for your information the word ‘cow’ comes from the hindu sanskrit word ‘go’ which means ‘earth’ or ‘cow’! you got the point! shameful shameful shameful that in our dark age we are more backminded than other nations six thousand years ago! another hundred years and we shall be cave people again lovely idea isn’t it specially in winter but with the actual global warming not even fur clothes shall be needed just bikinis and tongas! when i’m joking here don’t get me wrong it’s sarcastic sardonic! i’m not smiling and i wish that every animal abuser goes to hell where he belongs to!

  • Ariel says:

    Hi ROJO no Farm Sanctuary is not part of PETA. Someone I know who is a very strong ar’s activist visits there occasionally and had told me that it is a really good place.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    This ruthless and cowardly decision to wait another ten years shall provoke very bad reactions from mother earth! You lawmakers don’t think that this planet is dead and has no feelings as you do you already made a hell of it but your greedy attitude and your anthropocentric stupidity don’t allow you to get conscious that you are already on the brink of ruin you bastards

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    until now i was a vegetarian but considering this new abuse i’m seriously decided to go vegan! anyhow i shall reduce the milk products to an absolute minimum!

  • Sean Miller says:

    Ten other years of torture I don’t understand the lawmakers! An animal baby has to stay with it’s mother! We get enough from the big cows so it’s criminal and shameful to abuse their babies what a rascal attitude and this in a ‘christian’ state!

  • Sacred Cause says:

    To animalfriend you are completely right here the animal protectors have to move! Ten other years is unacceptable! But it seams that also inside the animal friendly circle we got people who just care about cats and dogs and stable animals are not their business! Public protests should be organized I can’t act because it’s an american law and I’m living in Europe but you overthere it’s time to manifest yourself!

  • Isabella Marks says:

    Yes 1017 is a long way away.. but think about it this is the association that and I quote this because it’s on their site! the lives of veal calves “The Good Life” and says that the calves can interact with neighbours live in nice stalls and can lie down and behave completely naturally. We know that’s not true at all. So for them to say they’ll stop the crates by 2017 is a huge step. Good on you PETA! P.S you can go to the site and see the ridiculous ‘facts’ about the great lives the animals live

  • rojo says:

    Ariel httpwww.farmsanctuary.orgnewsletterburgerking.htm Is farm sanctuary part of peta?

  • Rat Queen says:

    dont let the poor little calfs be made into meat when they have their own life to live for they shouldnt have to be eaten

  • rat lover says:

    why should they have to take cows from there moms and put them in crates to be eaten its cruel and unusual and it should stop!!

  • Philip S says:

    I apologize immensely for my above comment which is the second one from the top and the one with steam coming out of it. I normally do not write with such terrible lame ass sloppy sentence structure and misplaced words as I did above…However like a school boy with A D D whose told to sit in his chair and read a book about ..well anything ….I was semi losing it mentally to say the least when I wrote the above comment and never even proof read it. So forgive me for that at least yet…and..However.though..I’m still really disgusted by this Happy Meat CRAP. I must tell you that it seems to me that the animals again have been let down. HARD. Like a puppy being gently dropped out of a speeding car on the freeway. Sorry but yeah…that brutal. That sick! That lame! PETA needs to NOT walk away from the humane farming hoax and failed world of animal welfare. But run …and run fast as if the veal calves lives depended on it. Like for reals! The solution is not to fight for the phasing out veal crates in slow motion over the next long hideous 10 years…but to fight for no veal …and to fight NOW!

  • LiveVegan says:

    Another way to personally end of barbaric veal crates is to go vegan. Every year hundreds of thousands of calves are born on US dairies. Calf dealers or calf jockeys make daily rounds in their livestock trucks stopping at dairies to pick up calves born during the past 24 hours. Some are literally minutes old when they are put on the truck. Where these infants go next is something the dairy industry would prefer the public didnt know about. Baby calves both male and female are taken to calf ranches and relegated to small crates never to see their mothers again. The females called replacement heifers are raised to replace dairy cows in the milking herd. Because most cows only last about three or four years in production the industry needs this constant supply of replacements. The male calves experience similar crated housing on their way to being raised as beef The fate of the remaining calves those who are considered too small or sickly to be raised profitably is even more upsetting. They are taken directly from the dairy to the slaughterhouse sometimes within hours of birth to be killed as bob veal. Their flesh is used in TV dinners and other inexpensive veal products. Harsh handling and the ride to the slaughterhouse can be torture for fragile newborns especially when bad weather compounds their misery. Many become downed animals too sick and weak even to stand. A 2004 USA Today article describes slaughter workers who routinely receive veal calves that come in that are one two or three days old who arent able to walk due to weakness. Although USDA regulations technically prohibit the slaughter of nonambulatory cattle the agency is not adequately enforcing this provision. This is just a snap shot of why those who really believe in animal rights should do their best to adopt a vegan diet. Theres plenty of information on the web to make the successful transition. The above excerpt was from “Secrets of the Dairy Industry revealed” by Farm Sanctuary.

  • Valerie Fetterolf says:

    how can the human race be so cruel. this is just so horribly wrong….who are these people “farming” the poor cows. I just never understand how anyone with a heart could take the calve from his mommy….and so on…so saddened….soymilk is my answer….

  • Kelley says:

    2017? It takes 10 years to unchain some baby cows????

  • Ariel says:

    PHILIP S. SITA and KEITH I couldn’t have said it better myself. 2017 a whole decade away…nothing more than a ridiculous appeasement! Somehow this reminds me of when “Murder King” made a compromise with PETA that they would sell veggie burgers. Then they started and are still advertising their meat sandwiches BIG time!…more than ever before.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Why do the animals have to wait so long before things change? When people were going around saying that violent video games made people murderers within 6 months it was illegal to sell mature games to minors in California. Why does everything involved with animal welfare take so long? I was watching the Genesis awards a few years back and they said that it would be illegal to use elephants for entertainment in the the year 2012!!! Why not just say “You have to stop torturing animals as of RIGHT NOW!.”? I’m pretty sure the world would appreciate it seeing as MOST people don’t approve of torture…

  • rat king says:

    stop murdering the innocent cow babies what a criminal act!

  • animalfriend says:

    2017 this is too long! on this blog here should be the same outcry like before on the vick blogs! here i can’t understand the animal friends! things moving so slowly are many times the fault of the animal protectors themselves not the others those and their micro brains we know! so animal protectors where are you? this is really disappointing!!!!!

  • keith says:

    2017 thats crazy. why does all these reforms take so long.. don’t you just get tired of these money driven jerks who run these Bastard Companies.

  • sita jayaram says:

    it’s always great to hear news announcing better conditions for animals anyhow even if i’m not american i think 2017 is far too long! it’s barbaric to isolate these sensitive loving creatures from their mothers who are also our milk giving mothers! it’s shameful to treat cows in this way and not being content with all they are giving us milk butter cheese ghee labour and for many people around the world their excrements are used for different things this is panca gavia the five gifts of the cow for this they are so much respected in india but the west has no mercy this is an attitude i never shall understand people always wanting more and more….

  • Philip S says:

    2017? This is a step forward? NO…promoting this as a step forward will do two things…it will reenforce the status of animals as products and property. The other tragic consequence of applauding this lame baby step…is that it will WITHOUT A DOUBT help meat eaters feel more comfortable about eating the more and more baby calves. This is a deceptive tactic by the meat industry to have veggie folks come back to eating meat or keep those people from giving up their cruel foods. The whole HAPPY MEAT industry is killing more and more animals not helping them. PETA should be only promoting veganism as the only choice!!! This is kind of phony achievment is like assisting Michael Vick in giving his dogs longer chains and more space before they are forced to fight to the death. It’s MORONIC! Would you applaud a victory like that? Would you applaud a chinese butcher because he was going not put the dogs and cats in a cage before he clubbed them to death?

  • Maya says:

    Kudos to Newkirk for saying this. Yes everyone “should” go vegetarian but wouldn’t it be great if by COOPERATING with our “enemies” we could achieve 100 percent humanely raised meat and somewhat ecofriendly farms? Anyone who thinks the world will stop eating meat tomorrow is dreaming. It will take several years at least. In the meantime ending these cruel practices is 100 percent something to celebrate! Good work PETA!