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‘Encore!’ for Vegetarian-Friendly Concerts

Written by PETA | August 18, 2009
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No meat

I’m fascinated by some celebrities’ bizarre backstage demands—the Backstreet Boys’ list of “must-haves” includes black nail polish while John Mayer’s concert rider includes a demand for four soft-headed toothbrushes.

The most recent celebrity requests to pop up during my Internet perusing left me giddy instead of scratching my head. Sir Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, and Morrissey are making animal-friendly “front of stage” demands during their summer tours. Sir Paul has ensured that meat-free options are available for fans at his shows, two of the Pretenders’ recent shows offered only vegetarian fare for concertgoers, and Morrissey requires people working his shows to abstain from meat.

I can think of a handful of celebrities who could learn a lot from these three about using their clout to help animals rather than hurt them.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Anthony Atkin says:

    This is awesome! I think there are a lot of musicians who dont get recognized such as Matt Skiba of alkaline trio. There are videos you can watch of him on youtube that explain about why he is vegan and such. Also Rise Against are vegetarians too. Their latest cd comes with a sticker “meats not green”! So i think that there are more “famous people” out there that are vegetarian then people like to believe

  • Kat says:

    Thats a good thing Paul McCartney is the best

  • middleground says:

    “mary beth” your comment is ridiculous. “there is nothing more extreme more cowardly than making lame compromises with the enemy” WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Without compromise in society we’d be constantly at war. “There is nothing more extreme or more cowardly” How about a suicide bomber for one? How about a rapist? Please make intelligent points not ones simply to garner shock value. Your points are creating the exact stereotype PETA wants to avoid.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I sure wish the Woodstock revival my husband and I went to offered vegetarian meals. My husband and I had to smuggle our sandwiches and drinks in. Good thing we did because all the food stands except the one offering crepes involved meat.

  • Tom says:

    Federico I watched a video of Paul McCartney stopping a tidal wave with JUST his left handed bass skills. Ripping. Phat. Bass. Believe it.

  • Federico Javier says:

    We talk about cruelty to animals the fur the ivory tusk etc. But how can we ignore the bullfighting in Spain. The most cruel act of killing a species is how a bullfighter slowly killing the bull to its death and to the delight of shall we say civilized spectators. I dont think a Brigitte Bardot or a Paul Mc Carthney can stop a tidal wave.

  • Gina says:

    This is awesome news! If only there were more celebrities like this. Also it would be very cool if they could convert their friends into vegetarianism or veganism.

  • Hannah says:

    That is so great to read about! It sends such a positive message out there! Im a huge Paul McCartney fan anyway! Lots of vegan love xxx

  • Mary Beth Malooly says:

    Wanted you to have my email to HSUS over Michael Vick “Just a note to tell you my thoughts about your association wMichael Vick You have sold out. You have aided the enemy. PETA is right to avoid him unless he undergoes a psych test. PETA has the reputation of being the extremists but there is nothing more extreme more cowardly than making lame compromises with the enemy. We learned the facts from you you have betrayed us too. I can’t even look at the guy. He’s the Ted Bundy of dogs. There should be a protest against you for helping him get his career reputation back. What next? Give him some new pitbulls?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Macca Moz and Chrissie are the glorious trinity of extremely talented and ardent vegetarian animal rights’ paragons. Other longtime animal loving vegetarian virtuosos include guitar GOD Jeff Beck Howard Jones Boston’s Tom Scholz Moby Bryan Adams and rockers Joan Jett and Geezer Butler. Leona Lewis and Nellie McKay are the new generation. The over sixty years of age icons are Annie Haslam Judith Durham Ringo Starr and Jazz vocalist Michael Franks.