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Elizabeth Hurley’s Wardrobe: As Dead as Her Career

Written by PETA | November 24, 2008
harpersbazaar / CC
Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is making headlines—and no, not because of her hot acting career (Ha ha ha! Right.). No, Liz’s fame has had a renaissance because she is the only living “celebrity” apparently willing to front Blackglama’s old “What Becomes a Legend Most” ad campaign. (We have another take on Blackglama’s ad, but that’s another story.)

But wait—”Legend”? Who, exactly, is a legend here? Seriously—in the days when people thought fur coats came from animals who died in their sleep on fluffy pillows, Blackglama got major starlets like Catherine Deneuve, Judy Garland, and Elizabeth Taylor to pose for their ads. But that was eons ago, and now Blackglama has to resort to using a 41-year-old actress whose last successful movie was almost 10 years ago. As PETA Europe’s own Robbie LeBlanc said of Liz’s new gig, “Her wardrobe is now as dead as her film career.”

This news, of course, follows stories of stylists having to lie to (*cough* successful *cough*) fur-free actresses about the faux-ness of their fur. Fur is dead, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who tells you otherwise is getting paid to do it.

I guess those DVDs of Serving Sara just don’t pay the mortgage.

Written by Amanda Schinke


Speaking of legendary, here’s Amy Sedaris’ classic PETA ad, “What Becomes a Loser Most.”
Amy Sedaris
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  • sani says:

    I would not insult her age because she is still young. But I really do not like how Elizabeth Hurley made a comment about how Marilyn Monroe is fat. Because Marilyn Monroe is more alluring and a more real person than she will ever be. Even Lindsey Lohan loves Marilyn but would never say crap about her. Any woman on the face of the Earth would love to play Monroe and if she turned the part down then that is Elizabeth’s lost and someone else’s gain. More people love Marilyn Monroe than her.

  • Red says:

    As if that old has been hag Hurley could convince any one that fur doesnt make you look like a prostitute.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Dear Elizabeth Hurley I cannot believe you are so stupid as to wear fur knowing the animals suffer for this action but then I never could understand why you had anything to do with Hugh Grant after he was caught with that hooker! I guess you don’t care anymore for yourself than you do for the poor animals suffering to put fur garments on your pretty body. But then again “pretty is as pretty does”.

  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    I do not support any movie or tv star that wears fur because it does not look nice the only one that wear fur are dogscatstigers or leopards and they were born with it.

  • Kristy says:

    Barbara thank you so much for the scoop on her “website”. I just looked and am mortified. You can buy “half or whole suckling pigs”??? They’ll kill an animal and send it to you??? She is one NASTY WHORE. I am doing an official boycott of that sadistic “actress”.

  • Frank says:

    Would all of the good karma people please think for a second before they defend that hag? If anyone made a joke of her age it was Hurley herself. Come on ‘the supposed crime of turning 41’..? Take Sigourney Weaver who was and is one of the most attractive women on the planet at age 59 but maybe that’s got something to do with being ok with her age and having a real personality. Anybody who put themselves up as a target as Hurley does anybody who chooses money over conscience should be expected to be publicly bashed and very hard at that. And that is absolutely legitimate and a very very good thing. It’s freedom of speech.

  • Jocelyn says:

    Shame on you as you stand there Liz. The animals fur you have on were more than likely skinned alive. Unless they died while being skinned alive. Yes thats what they do. Electric pole in their rectume. While the animal convolts they skin it. Can you imagine the agony to their last breath. Their death for your fashion.

  • Blu says:

    Well the only movie I ever owned with her in it and you all are gonna laugh at me for this one was Bedazzled. It is sitting over on my bookshelf. I love Branden Frasier in that movie he was hilarious. Her? Not so much. So now I am torn. Throw the movie away… or just skip past all her scenes like I always have. Hmmmm… P.S. KD I posted but honestly those people have no brain and will not be able to comprehend the words I typed I fear…. how violent they are in their opinions of PETA yet I bet they have never watched any of the videos here If they did they would understand…

  • Kannon9 says:

    This is so pathetic another famous person who is no longer popular flaunting their disgusting fur coat! HollywoodMusic BusinessFashion IndustrySports have produced too many of the most self centered narcissistic egotistical greedy no compassion people in droves. There are a few good actors who do care about animals but not enough. Unfortunately there are too many like Hurley JLO Bouncey Olsen Twins and too many other uneducated ignorant famous people need to be boycotted lose their money and their fan base and be forced to watch how these animals are so senselessly murdered. These people are ignorant because nice beautiful FAKE FURS which no animal had to die for have been available since the 1970s thanks in largely to people like Mary Tyler Moore. I saw this to anyone who loves animals boycott their TV shows Movies Concerts and Public appearances then they will be nothing and this will be some of the justice they need to experience it is the public who fuels their unworthy fame. People you can read a good book go for a walk and appreciate nature or watch Animal Planet instead of wasting your time and learning NOTHING but ignorance from these socalled Hollywood Spoiled Demon Gods. The only way to make these sick idiots understand is to take their power away and educate them to the evils of fur and meat eating if enough people would just boycott them then maybe they just might listen and get the message and gain some intelligence and compassion to stop their dysfunctional moronic behaviors! Don’t give them your money and educate your friends and family not to give these bad people! When you do that it will decrease to the plight of suffering for the animals suffering. No Empowering or stop worshiping these vampires and ghouls! Love yourself and love our animals no actorsingerfamous athleteRich person is better than you empower yourselves by standing up for what you believe and know is right SAVE THE ANIMALS. Our animal companions love us unconditionally no actor or any other famous person is going to love you even though you probably added to their wealth by watching their movies TV shows attended their concerts ect. But our dogs cats birds rabbits ferrets mice ect. companions love us and they are worth the time and effort to have our attention so we can love feed keep clean play and exercise them take care of medical needs and proper sleeping beds. They love us when no other human does and always show the love and appreciation to your companions. I would love to see minks and other fur demanded animals running free in the forests like they should be and have every opportunity for happy lives! No Fur factories Fur farmsFur Stores should even be in existence nor should any slaughter houses for meat! This is the way it should be no steak to rot in the colon causing cancer and NO REAL FUR COAT on the back of a Heartless Spoiled Ignorant Witch. Let the buck stop with you and keep in your wallet or if you can spare it send it to PETA or another animal rights group and not to these bloody people who dont give a damn about the environment the animals or their fellow human beings!

  • Kristen says:

    I try not to judge others on a personal basis especially people I don’t know and honestly I don’t spend much time thinking about celebrities but… Elizabeth Hurley has always seemed to me to be a particularly unkind individual. I remember reading a comment that she made about Marilyn Monroe several years ago “I’d kill myself if I was as fat as Marilyn Monroe.” As a Marilyn fan I feel that I must correct this misstatement first Marilyn Monroe was not fat. In today’s clothing sizes her average size would’ve been about a 6 her waist was only 2223 inches wide. But regardless of whether someone is overweight or not that is a very very cruel thing to say about anyone. Especially to a reporter where it will be printed for all to read including many who already struggle with a negative body image. She seems to be lacking in compassion for others. It is not surprising unfortunately that she is now in ads for the fur industry selling dead animals to wear as “fashion.” In this day and age wearing real fur should be a thing of the past. If you must have the look of fur faux fur has come a long way. If warmth is an issue there are many other manmade materials that provide adequate warmth. The only reasons I see for why this cruel unneccessary practice has continued is image wanting to flaunt wealth with “luxury” items and reinforced ideas over the years that equate fur with fashion luxury sexiness wealth etc. I sincerely hope that in the future the wearing of animal fur will continue to decline until it eventually ends.

  • Alicia says:

    I don’t think she had a career to begin with!

  • Robin Lynn says:

    It’s hard to believe that there isn’t a celebrity in the United States or Europe who hasn’t heard about PETA and anything about how animals are really killed all over this world and for non human needy and superficial purposes. No matter how much bashing you do these stars and others who can afford to wear fur and eat meat poultry and seafood will continue to do so. In their world the animal lovers are the ones who are crazy not them. So the best ways to approach this is to get the world and world leaders together to come up with a way to use animal fur that does not harm or kill the animal. And only use an animal after it has died a natural death. Then the other best way to spend time and money is by signing Petitions donating money hiring lawyers who write bills that may get passed into law putting an end to any animal mammal etc. being hurt or killed. No one likes to receive bad publicity or be sued for money which is why the best attacks hit people where they really hurt. We watch a lot talk a lot and tolerate a lot but how many of us really take any kind of real action on anything? I mean look at all that Sarah Palin Governor Alaska has done against animals including her latest fiasco where she is interviewed in front of a turkey that is being slaughtered and just smiling away and promoting this. And yet she is still Governor. PS I support PETA. but as a non profit organization they are not allowed to have any public political view or stance this is why we have to find other outlets to stop Palin and the like. And work with PETA. only on the non political end. Anyone interested in getting a committee together signing a mass Petition filing law suits writing billspassing laws on behalf of animals worldwide email me at

  • lisa says:

    LLewis.. I guess back in those days.. ie. 30’s 50’s. people were more or less in the dark as to how animals were bred farmed and killed for fur.. frankly I don’t think this notion even ever crossed their minds.. nowadays with so much media and information available.. there is NO EXCUSE to claim total ignorance.. in fact fur farming is even worse now.. I guess people may need to eat meat.. but they DO NOT need to wear real animal skins and furs.. and support this most horrendous inhumane treatment of animals and methods of killing ie. in order to ‘preserve the quality and authentic original condition of the pelts at all costs’.. so methods of killing are extremely cruel and brutal such as skinning alive.. or electrocuting.. I hope this EH can go and hang her head in shame forever now.. for being a blatant fur pimp flaunter.. friend of suffering animals or any animals for that matter she is NOT !!!

  • Barb says:

    Shame on you! I do not agree with Ms. Hurley’s promotion of fur but picking on her careerand her supposed sin of turning 41 gasp! is cruel and off the point. It demeans what might otherwise have been a good point. Good luck.

  • simran says:

    OMG!!!! She has her own food??? Huh? SHE IS EVIL!!! she kills soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many animals

  • KD says:

    Please take a look at the nasty blog at on this issue. I hope some of my PETA friends can take a moment to explain to her readers why it’s wrong to say that “they’re just animals”. I already have. Thanks friends httpfashionista.com200811lizhurleyforblackglama.phppostcomment

  • Barbara says:

    Has anyone checked out her website? It is an animal nightmare. She has her own food? This woman is a monster I had no idea she was like this. I always thought she was very pretty now I just see cruelty when i see her.

  • Kyra says:

    Maggie said I don’t like seeing anyone get bashed in such a manner. It doesn’t help anything to go on insulting someone even over such a disgusting thing as wearing a dead animal. Maggie You might not like us basing ‘stars like Liz Hurley’ but we will continue to ridicule her anyone else who’s actions are similarly despicable. Nice doesn’t cut it with these animal murderers. If this upsets you don’t come to a Peta blog. What kind of reaction did you think you’d see from animal rights advocates who are damn fed up with repeatedly asking these worthless bitches not to wear fur because of the cruelty involved?

  • David Gould says:

    She is a walking graveyard for those denied a grave she is a walking mausoleum for those we forgot to bury.

  • David says:

    I agree with the posters who suggest or encourage an educational approach rather than a personal attack on anyone who crosses their more enlightened path hate the sin love the sinner otherwise the attacker seems just as repulsive as the person attacked in our culture it takes an education to even consider that animals should have rights so why not start with a polite direct approach and ratchet up from there in an appropriate manner which will retain the respect of those who disagree with animal rights rather than hardening their viewpoint they will likely soften and over time reconsider their views. The aggressive attacks to me indicate more than animal rights is in play and that is not a compliment.

  • Maggie Amaya says:

    I don’t like seeing anyone get bashed in such a manner. It doesn’t help anything to go on insulting someone even over such a disgusting thing as wearing a dead animal. Wearing fur is wearing not just death but murder. Everyone who has the audacity to wear one should be made to witness what actually goes on in the ‘industry’. And the same goes for all that continue to eat animal flesh! Seeing it first hand would open a lot of eyes and minds.

  • BRENDA H. says:


  • BRENDA H. says:


  • Raymond says:

    Elizabeth who? Oh that loser.. get her some help.

  • beth says:

    Legend?.. E Hurley?! You have GOT to be JOKING.. She’s now just a hasbeen fur pimp..

  • John says:

    Uh just a thought but if actors and actresses are against animal abuse then why do they star in movies? film is made with gelatin so all of them support animal killing. Money animals there are no good actors

  • Laura Lewis says:

    First of all I went to the Blackglama site and I was appalled by the furs and the campaign. Fur is murder that is established. HOWEVER if your going to put someone in the same “What becomes a legend most?” campaign why pick Elizabeth Hurley. She does not compare to the other women on that campaign from years back such as Lucille Ball Judy Garland and Gloria Swanson. Guess it is hard for them to find REAL legends who will wear fur anymore.

  • Joycey Berry says:

    What a has been she is. Fur belongs to the animal. Anyone who wears it has a black heart. And Miss plastic surgery sure has one. I’m glad she is nothing. Not that she ever was anything. Now I can understand why Steven Segal left her. She’s a hag.

  • Becca says:

    Make life as miserable uncomfortable as possible for the talentless un evolved greedy fur hags. With publicity whores like Gwyneth Paltrow its all about their egotistical need for attention monetary gain. That their wealth comes from animal suffering death is not even an after thought to these plastic people. The voiceless victims the animals need all the help they can get. So many actresses could use their celebrity money to help our cause instead their greed takes over. They are willing to promote these hate mongering furriers other type of animal derived clothes accessories just to have more. These vultures never get enough media attention or material possessions. I just read Kristin Bell actress in Fogetting Sarah Marshall is a vegetarian. She’d be a great Peta spokesperson. If you haven’t contacted her yet Peta should attempt to get her on board because with all the trashy unscrupulous ‘actresses’ with no compassion for life the good ones seem to be a minority in fake Hollywood.

  • Mia says:

    Instead of progress in attitudes about animal rights many celebrities particularly actresses seem to be taking major steps backward. I rented the “Sex The City” movie recently was pissed off offended at how they made fun of animal rights. “Samantha laughed about an animal activist throwing red paint on her white fur coat while on a shopping spree in New York. She said “God I missed New York” as if being a target of Peta antifur protesters was a badge of honor. Including this rhetoric a disain for animal rights belittles perpetuates the notion that wearing animals for coats hats accessories is glamorous acceptable instead of what it really is out of touch mean spirited MURDER. In another scene Carrie Bradshaw Sarah J Parker’s character was about to get married. What kind of head piece did she wear? Well it wasn’t a traditional bride’s veil it was this gaudy hair clip made of flowers a beautiful dead bird. That’s right an atrocious hat made with a WHOLE DEAD BLUEBIRD attached to the side of her head. Kristin Davis’s character ‘Charlotte’ told her the dead bird looked beautiful when ‘Carrie’ asked if it was over the top. In unbelievably bad tase yet these sick subplots lines were said in one of the most popular movies of the year What is wrong with these supposedly sophisticated modern actresses to be so obscenely indifferent callous bitter toward anyone who tells them wearing dead animals as coats or hats are causing inexcusably misery torture death to millions of animals kept prisoner in fur farms or trapped in the wild. I will boycott any actress I see behaving in an arrogant clueless way by clearly showing a hatred of Peta contempt for animals. All these spoiled shallow narcissistic has beens will do anything to stay in the spotlight. As long as they aren’t the ones being electrocuted trapped skinned alive they could care less about fur farms trapping etc. Lets loudly protest their barbaric tasteless offensive choices of clothing acessories. Make their lives a living hell with protests bad publicity until they will think twice before ever wearing fur belonging to an animal killed for it ever again. They have so much more in life than most. But instead of being thankful respectful of non human sentient beings they destroy everything in their path for what material things they don’t need.

  • Gemma says:

    This comes as no surprise she is the type that will never care think an over the hill English JLo. But we must still ATTEMPT TO RAISE HER AWARENESS regardless of how little she cares about what happens to the animals she puts on her back. Harass her do whatever it take to make it unpleasant difficult for Ms. Hurley to wear fur in public. Send her letters literature emails protest throw red paint on her wherever she may pop up in fur to promote the animal profiteering company she represents. Make life as miserable uncomfortable as possible for the talentless un evolved greedy fur hags. Just like Gwyneth Paltrow its all about their egotistical need for attention monetary gain. That their wealth comes from animal suffering death is not even an after thought to these greedy plastic people.

  • Monalisa says:

    It’s not necessary to bash Elizabeth Hurley nor any other human being to get one’s point across. We’re all connected. Drag one of us down we all get dragged down. Lift one of us up we all get lifted up. Let’s stop with the harsh judgement and keep the focus on keeping animals safe ok? Negative for a Positive Back at Zero. Positive for a Positive Now we’re getting somewhere… PEACE through ONENESS

  • Tom says:

    What was Hurley’s claim to fame? Austin Powers? So she contributes to the torture of animals to deal with her own inner turmoil. I get it. It must suck for her knowing that when she is 60 years old she will undoubtedly be sitting in a pub somehwhere and babbling through 6 whiskey sours about how “Iiii wassh Misssh Kensshington !hick” Anyway she looks stupid and fake. Too bad her coat only looks stupid.

  • Maria Isabel says:

    Remember that joke they made about her on Family Guy? Lois told Chris that in England instead of toilets everyone just uses Elizabeth Hurley. HAHAHA!!! She’s a skank.

  • Roxanne says:

    She is a bimbo no longer Hugh Grant cheated on her. She is trash

  • Karin Davies says:

    I don’t care for Ms. Hurley and never have…however I have to take issue with the statement that “Blackglama has to resort to using a 41 year old actress….” Speciesism is not OK. Neither is ageism.

  • David says:

    Whether it’s the cheesy smile the fake boobs or the or the money she received to pimp herself to Blackglama apparently it’s murder if the price is right for furhag Elizabeth Hurley.

  • brad says:

    PETA you guys need to set up projecters in front of places that sell fur and screen your animalskinning videos.

  • gem says:

    has anyone ever dragged this stupid ignorant hasbeen woman to a mink fur farm in Europe or anywhere else for that matter? and let her see for herself all the poor caged up animals born into a life of caged misery imprisonment only to await their inevitable premature deaths? .. if not.. well they should.. but this awful EH most prob already konws and doesn’t care.. which sadly is more usually the case with these selfcentered airheads who flaunt advertise or buy wear real fur.. they make me ashamed and revolted to be the same gender let alone the same species as them..

  • kelly says:

    Liz Hurley is such a dumb peasant