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Eli Roth to SeaWorld: Free the Animal Prisoners

Written by PETA | March 20, 2010
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Eli Roth

Faster than you can say Frau von Hammersmark, actor-director Eli Roth took to Twitter following last month’s death of a SeaWorld trainer to speak out against keeping marine mammals in captivity.

The Inglourious Basterds star knows that if SeaWorld continues to exploit and abuse animals, then a sequel to the fatal horror show will inevitably surface. So Roth has written to Hamilton James—the CEO of Blackstone, SeaWorld’s parent company—asking that the theme park immediately move its imprisoned animals to coastal sanctuaries and replace them with state-of-the-art virtual reality exhibits.

Having helmed groundbreaking horror films such as Cabin Fever and Hostel, Roth is an expert on humane alternatives to live animals in entertainment—from CGI technology to animatronics. In his letter, he suggests these technologies and lets James know that “showing visitors a more realistic version of what life is like for real marine mammals rather than displaying the captive animals’ unnatural and repetitive behavior patterns—which are linked to their oppressive environment—is actually more educational, with no risk to human life.”

Join Roth and the many other stars who have spoken out against SeaWorld by urging James to release these jailed animals to sanctuaries before another animal or human dies.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Michelle says:

    It’s encouraging that so many celebrities are coming out against keeping orcas in captivity but if they really want to make a difference they should take PETA’s lead use their inflated salaries to buy up Blackstone stock…how about THAT for a campaign PETA???

  • Natalie says:

    Many of the animals at the sea world parks were born in captivity granted some of the older ones were caught when it was legal but that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t have that survival instinct that the animals in the wild do. Releasing these animals would hurt them more than it would help them. I honestly don’t think they are treated as badly as people think they are if it is okay to have a dog why cant sea world have sea lions birds dolphins and whales? Where is the proof that these animals are being trained in a cruel manner if a whale can harm a trainer what makes anyone think that they can be forced to perform at these parks?

  • margaux says:

    people are animals to… and people are anamalistic too. is any body ever equating the care some people get to abuse of animals. i am getting sick watching the animals die and always caring for animals. but my life was not ever concerned for in my own abuse as animals are cared about. i would love to do a peta on people and doctors abuses.

  • Carly says:

    You know I believe we do learn things from keeping animals in captivity. BUT I do not agree how they are kept! If they are to be kept their tanks or cages for that matter should be appropriatly sized for an animal that travels X amount of kmday in the wildtheir living habits and their size. Decor as well should offer stimulation. A rock window full of bangingscreaming kids or a stick just dont cut it.As for setting them free I wish..however they would die.its happend again and again look it up We decided to take them out of the wild or “raise” them its our responsibility to care for these animals and put their best intrests first.

  • Steve says:

    All that artificial entertainment needs to go. Orlando is just mindless nonsense. Florida is so beautiful from a naturalist’s standpoint why support theme parks when Florida has the real thing like the ‘Everglades’. It’s also so unimaginative to patronize these theme parks. I picture nothing but overweight mass debree of human existence wandering about aimlessly waiting on long lines and causing terrible traffic on I4. For what?

  • EricaKim says:

    Eli is my herothe dolphins should all be in the wild! Animals are not food and definately should not be our entertainment. Let’s make the oceans clean teach the captive dolphins how to survive naturally and set them free.

  • CiaraDell says:

    I love him. D