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Elephant Artificially Inseminated About 50 Times at Zoo Known for Herpes-Related Death

Written by PETA | June 18, 2008

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of baby elephant Hansa’s death from herpes at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Activists braved the wind and rain to commemorate Hansa’s brief life and demand an end to breeding at the zoo. The zoo, on the other hand, is preparing to artificially impregnate Chai, Hansa’s mother, for about the 50th time.

Bruce Bohmke, the deputy director of the zoo, said, “She’s fine. After a couple of days, from what I’ve read, they move on.” Oh, really? Because from what I’ve read, an elephant never forgets.

—JoelPosted by Joel Bartlett

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  • Vae says:

    Just in case anyone’s forgotten it was an UNKNOWN form of herpes virus that killed Hansa. Now that they know about it the zoo is doing obsessive checks on ALL of the elephants all the time. And just curious where did you hear that it was Chai’s ’50th’ ai? It isn’t mentioned in the article kinda makes me wonder if this is another statistic someone made up to try to prove their point.

  • jennifer Gardner says:

    we treat animals like inanimate objects kept for visual pleasure. What is wrong with people! If you really want to appreciate animals see them how they are meant to bewild and free! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VEGETARIANS!

  • Lola says:

    From what I’ve READ? Do these people know nothing about the animals in their care?

  • Marcie Larson says:

    I am so sad to hear about Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I am from there and remember the days when the big cats were in barred cages with nothing but a concrete pedestal to lay on. And the elephant was chained in a large area. Even though there have been improvements we can liken it to spending your entire life in the bathroom with foreign creatures bringing you food. Not only should this Zoo not breed elephants they should phase out the elephant exhibit altogether.