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Eatery Agrees to Stop Torturing Animals

Written by PETA | September 2, 2010

syrist / CC by 3.0
live prawn


Crustaceans can’t moonwalk, and they don’t dance the cha-cha, so when we received complaints from horrified diners about “dancing” prawns at Sacramento’s Nishiki Sushi, we knew it was something that we needed to look into. Turns out that the restaurant was peeling the skin off live prawns and encouraging patrons to squeeze acidic lemon juice all over the conscious animals’ exposed flesh, causing them to writhe in pain (or “dance”) before they were eaten alive.

We reached out to Nishiki Sushi and let it know that while prawns may not be able to scream, they feel pain just as any animal does. The owners responded by swiftly 86ing the “dancing prawns” from Nishiki Sushi’s menu!

That’s something that makes us kick up our vegan heels. Now to get other restaurants to take a stand for crustaceans and remove their Lobster Zone machines.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Charline says:

    Human beings are the most despicable, heartless and shameful creatures on this planet. Whoever though up this cruel “act” has got to be punished in the same fashion. It will never cease to amaze me at how twisted, people can be. All living, breathing creatures on this planet feel pain.

  • Frank says:

    The japanese diet disgusts me to no end. Their animal torturing food culture deserves to be destroyed. If we could replace their food culture and every food culture with western style vegan practices this world would be a better place.

  • Dresden says:

    I sent a thank you card to the restaurant for stopping this cruel practice. We need to encourage those who do the right thing even if they probably should have never done it.

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    please stop being cruel to these innocent little creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie says:

    That’s just $$ed up.

  • bobipineman says:

    I have seen a video of sashimi on youtube and their back where sliced maybe they where already death If they keep moving is not because they stile alive. Anyway Peta is the master of desinformation so ehat its say it’s not sure

  • Steve in AR says:

    What is it with the japanese and marine life. Not too long ago there were reports of japanese restaurants in NYC that were eating live octopus in little bites. How can anyone think that is OK?

  • claire says:

    Wow that’s disgusting and vile. Just horrible.

  • Shannon Joyce Martel says:

    Lobsters scream when boiled alive. What’s different? If you must eat Lobster freeze them first. The cold makes them fall asleep and then they die peacefullynot screaming in mortal pain from being boiled alive. Crabs also and all crustaceans for that matter. I do not eat any crustaceans meatpoultry as they die horribly also. I am a vegan and proud of it. My actions on this earth do not include hurting nor eating any live creature of God. I am NOT a corpse muncher. Eating rotting flesh makes my skin crawl.

  • Audrey says:

    That’s sick. I’m glad they stopped. I was watching that show “Master Chef” the other day and they were making crab and one of the girls didn’t know what she was doing and ripped the crab apart ALIVE and Chef Ramsey jumped down her throat a couple times about animal cruelty and that she’d be smart to NOT leave the crustacean in pain and to do something about it ASAP! Maybe he was just doing it for show but it’s nice to see someone actually pointing it out and here we all thought he was just a big ahole. Same w Simon Cowell his work w the WSPA who would’ve thought!

  • ella says:

    thats sad and im glad its over i hope the world will change their minds the next time the next time they eat a animal thats still alive by the way im only ten and i know its wrong to do that to those pore innocent animals go vegansss!!!!

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    Ugh… I think I just lost a bit of my lunch. Every time I read stories like this I lose a little more faith in humanity… It never ceases to amaze me how far people go to inflict pain on another living being and then dare to say it’s in the name of being worldly and enjoying fine dining. May karma strike them… and HARD.

  • Lindsey D'Antonio says:

    OMG those poor things!! Im so happy this has ended at least in one place. Hugs to all those poor little creatures

  • simara says:

    just when you THINK that ONE animal cruelty is the worst you have ever heard another comes into reality.ALL animal cruelty is sick and evil. time to go vegan world it is after all 2010 not 1902.

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    ow ow!!!!!! i believe prawns have feelings. yes they’re small but they feel pain!!!!!!!!!!