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Who Are Dynasty, Blue, Ice, Diamond, and Dallas?

Written by PETA | September 26, 2013

PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP) delivers doghouses, straw bedding, toys, and affection to forgotten dogs in deeply impoverished areas of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. These neglected dogs have seldom if ever been cared for, much less shown any kindness. They are chained 24/7 through bone-chilling winter nights, raging storms, hurricanes, and blisteringly hot summers. Last winter, PETA staff and weekend straw-delivery volunteers found hundreds of dogs in desperate trouble—among them, Dynasty, Blue, Ice, Diamond, and Dallas.

Last February in Portsmouth, Virginia, volunteers spotted a plastic dog crate partially concealed by a doghouse. Since the carrier was old, dirty, and surrounded by trash and there was no food or water nearby, they thought at first that it had been junked, but then they heard movement inside: A dog who was trapped inside began barking, thumping his tail, and jumping up in excitement. With mounting horror, they noticed that there were actually two dogs in the carrier—and one of them wasn’t moving.

Inside the crate, they discovered the remains of a skeletal female pit bull named Dynasty. The surviving dog, a male pit-bull mix named Blue, was also malnourished, and his white paws were stained yellow from having to stand in his own urine. The crate was so small that Blue couldn’t move without stepping on Dynasty’s body. The volunteers called the police, and Dynasty’s remains along with Blue were both relinquished to PETA. Thankfully, Blue was eventually adopted into a loving home. An examination by a veterinarian revealed that Dynasty didn’t have a single ounce of fat on her body and had been suffering from an untreated broken femur. The only contents of her stomach were a few pieces of straw that she had eaten in an attempt to sustain herself. Blue and Dynasty had evidently been put in the crate the day before PETA found them so that they would be out of the way while their owner and his family decorated their house for a birthday party.

On Tuesday—after a judge heard testimony from PETA and a veterinary expert from the Virginia Beach SPCA—the dogs’ owner, Adriane Mason, was found guilty of cruelty to animals for starving Dynasty to death and depriving her of emergency veterinary treatment. Mason faces a sentence of up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine and will be sentenced in December. The horrified judge said that he wished he could impose on Mason a sentence similar to the one that Mason had imposed on Dynasty and Blue—confining him to a crate without food or water in the middle of winter—but, he said, that would amount to “cruel and unusual punishment.”

In another horrifying case of starvation and neglect, PETA also gained custody of two adult pit bulls and a puppy in Bertie County, North Carolina, after finding the severely malnourished dogs chained amid junk, filth, and their own waste last winter.

The puppy, Ice, was near death and was rushed to a veterinarian, who determined that he was critically anemic and emaciated. Ice’s gums were chalk-white, and he weighed just 16 pounds, less than half of the normal bodyweight for a dog of his size.

The dogs’ owner refused offers of free veterinary care for the remaining dogs, Diamond and Dallas. PETA persisted and gained custody of both adult dogs, who were dangerously emaciated but, fortunately, bounced back with care—Dallas gained more than 30 pounds, and Diamond more than 25, in less than a month.

This week, the man responsible for keeping these pit bulls chained and starved was found guilty of cruelty to animals, ordered to pay restitution to PETA for the cost of the dogs’ veterinary care, and, most importantly, prohibited from ever owning or harboring any animals ever again!

What You Can Do

Donate here to support PETA’s efforts to expose cruelty, push for the prosecution of abusers, and save animals’ lives. If you suspect that animals are being neglected or abused, call your local animal control or police department immediately. If the agency isn’t responsive, contact PETA.

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  • teri says:

    Good Job peta!! glad to see you active in stopping these cruel owners of animals. Thanks and to all report whatever you think looks like a unhealthy animal we are there voices.

  • HEGESIPPE says:

    merci merci merci merci merci……………………

  • Maria Carmela Sozzo says:

    Chiedo a gran voce pene severe x chi si macchia di queste cose, nesuuno può e deve fare ciò ad un’altro essere vivente VERGOGNA!

  • Ana Paula Maria de Santana says:

    Crueldade! Fazer isso com um pobre bichinho, povo sem alma!

  • Tamara says:

    For everyone, keep reporting what you see and be relentless about it. Sign petitions – there are many on Facebook and other social networks. Give money when you can. There are so many good things happening in the world of animal activism. It is definitely a time of high awareness and enlightenment. It’s most likely because of the internet. Don’t give up, don’t turn away….just keep doing what you can. THANK YOU PETA for all that you do 😉

  • LisaF says:

    omg!! I just can’t comprehend how anyone could do this to any living creature!! I work in rescue myself and have seen some deporeable tings but nothing like this. The owners of these SHOULD be punished by having to endure what was to those poor babies!! it is considered cruel and unusal punishment for humans so what does that make it for the poor pups who have lived through it….


    ils nous donnent leur vie, et en remerciement les hommes les font souffrir, que tout ces bourreaux soient sévèrement punis, il faut créer des lois pour protéger tous les animaux

  • Eleanor says:

    Every time I read these things I really want to go over to those people and smack them senseless but I know I can’t because it reminds me about how my two dogs were. My first dog (Amber) was found wandering the streets and my other dog (Titan) was cadged 24/7 before someone dropped him off on our porch and they were both really bony thankfully we adopted them and they are living quite happily with lots of love.

  • Deane Brockway says:

    I think people should earn the right to own an animal or better yet, as the judge said, give them the same punsihment they gave to these innocent animals! Understanding sick people who do this is impossible, forgiving them? Never! Ihis type of behavior shows innate character flaws that just don’t go away!

  • CatWhispurrer says:

    Still wiping tears from my face after reading about this HORRIFIC ABUSE of innocent dogs Dynasty, Blue, Ice, Dallas and Diamond. Ironically, these are the handful of “Lucky” ones who were saved by PETA, but how many THOUSANDS suffer & die so painfully, needlessly, wrongfully??? I have to ask again WHEN WILL OUR LAWS AND THESE JUDGES allow SOME JUSTICE and ake the punishment FIT the crime??? These CRIMINAL ABUSERS get a fine & walk, despite the neglect, abuse & Death by Starvation! What a disgrace!!! Why are they NEVER doing serious TIME BEHIND BARS … for these indefensible CRIMES? WHEN will animal RIGHTS trump heinous human WRONGS??? Grrrrrrrrr!!

  • Deb says:

    Bless you all for helping these poor babies! I wish I could help with a donation but I just rescued a little dog off the street and she has vet bills .

  • Mike Czwakiel says:

    I find it disgusting how people treat such great animals like this, scaring them and making them fearful. My friends dog was even beaten by its previous owner. Today they show their dog ruby love and care. I’m glad peta is giving recognition to animals and to aid in the prevention of abusive owners. I have to say thank you for helping creatures and I hope these do well in the future.