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Ducks Quack Up a Storm Against Foie Gras

Written by PETA | October 5, 2009

On Saturday, dozens of PETA UK members in duck masks descended on the Oxford Street Selfridge’s for a flash mob–style protest. The “ducks” converged on the storefront, did a few rounds of the “birdie dance” (affectionately referred to as the “chicken dance” on this side of the pond), and dispersed.

The action was part of PETA UK’s campaign against foie gras—and against Selfridge’s for its refusal to stop selling the cruelly produced, diseased, fatty liver.

Oh, and they were led by the most adorable duck costume I’ve seen yet.


Are there words to the chicken dance? No one seems to know for sure.
Birdie Dance


Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Jade B C Bell says:

    Ethical opinions aside consumption of meat is dangerous and unhealthy but whilst stubborn people refuse to accept this fact they must see that foie gras is produced in a particularly revolting manner. As well as obviously not buying this revolting overpriced tin of corpse it is imperative that people boycott Selfridges until they realise the people of Britain won’t support a company like them especially when they’re so close to more responsible department stores like John Lewis. On the Oktober fest issue PETA must be cautious tackling meat eating vile as it may be the stigma of a “crazy hippy” community is the last thing the vegetarian and vegan community need. People need to accept the most cruelest things are unacceptable first or they may reject the rights of animals altogether.

  • Chuck Piorkowski says:

    Thats just nasty! Who would ever want to eat that? That has got to be one of the nastiest things I could think of.

  • Ellie B. says:

    I don’t wanna be a chicken I don’t wanna be a duck so kiss my butt! was what we always sang.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    It is possible to find vegetarian schnitzel nonleather Lederhosen and of course beer has no animal product in it it is also easy to find nonleather boots…with a little effort Oktoberfest can be made into a vegan celebration. Maybe that is why PETA is not protesting it.

  • Jackie says:

    I thought the words to the chicken dance just were like “Nananahnanananah bok bok bok bok!”

  • Edward says:

    Where are the articles about how Oktoberfest is a disgrace to humanity? I’d expecting PETA to be going crazy about how evil schnitzel and lederhosen is and how Oktoberfest should only be serving pretzels.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    WE will reamain a fallen race if we continue to eat meat pork poultry fish and the carcasses of any other creatures. People who consume foie gras are materialistic.