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Dress Made of Sushi? We Can Top That

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 7, 2012

London Fashion Week hasn’t even started yet, but already up-and-coming British designer George Nemsadze’s dress made of nori (the seaweed paper used in sushi) is getting media attention. Our thoughts? Love it!

Then again, seaweed, schmeaweed—PETA’s been making clothes out of lettuce for years:

As well as out of cucumber and kiwi:

© Photo: Ricardo Sanit-Cyr, Stylist/makeup artist: Isabella Scott, Splurge Studios Production


© Photo:, Hair: Lorenzo Martin for True Beauty, Makeup: Mitzi Spallas for Cloutier, Dress: Mia Gyzander Costumes, Inc. 

and beans:

© Le Studio (Paris) Design, Daniel Jasiak, Photography: Martine Houghton 

The seaweed dress is a thousand times prettier (and more eco-friendly) than the foul-smelling clothes that designers have made out of milk or meat, and with the increasing demand for animal-friendly clothes, vegan clothing lines are set to knock our succotash socks off.