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Donna Karan Caught Lying About Fur

Written by PETA | April 25, 2011

Cameras caught notorious fur hag Donna Karan as she lied about using fur in her cruel collections. Maybe her fingers were crossed behind her back, because a quick glance at her stores and shows proves that she’s still in the bunny-butchering business.

We already knew that the yoga follower was a New Age hypocrite, but now it’s obvious that she’s an old-school liar too.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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    Terrence, I see you are one of those ignorant, sanctimonious, “there are bigger problems in the world than animal rights” hypocrites. Do you realise that 50% of the world’s grain is used to raise animals? That this is a horrific waste? That this makes the price of food rise and is a leading contributor to world hunger? That fur is also produced by farming? Any person who claims to care about human rights then consumes animal products, is frankly, a hypocrite.

    Also, do not clain to worry about the environment. The environmental crisis will cause even more world hunger, it has and is continuing to cause mass extinctions, raising the rain belt above the equator and causing desertification. In the future, there will be famine just South of the equator. A leading cause? Animal farming, because it uses grotesque amounts of land, food, water and resources.

    Is it really extreme to want to ease starvation and malnutrition in the developing world, and ease the environmental crisis? Is it even extreme to want to end animal suffering? People who have no respect for animals have no respect for humans.

    Is it really extreme to boycott the use of animal products, considering they are absoltuely and completely unnecessary to humans? How will it possibly affect anybody’s life to not wear Donna Karan’s clothing? It’s not exactly an extremist step.

    What exactly are you doing to save the world and what right do you have to label us hate-mongering… self righteous blah blah blah? You are almost certainly doing absolutely nothing to help ease suffering and are most definitely contributing.

    Animal rights people are the last legitimate victims of prejudice. YOU are the self-righteous hate mongerer. We are the only ones who dare to see the whole picture that our entire lifestyles need to change to solve all the problems that are global concerns. You are just too selfish to admit this and would rather pick on honest animal-rights campaigners, who have no motive other than to help ease suffering of all creatures, than admit the truth to yourself. You keep telling yourself that we’re just extremists, and and have fun in your hypocritical, pious “humans-are-more-important” fairy-land of ignorance.

  • Rowan68 says:

    It starts with one person, during one day at one moment to make a choice to make a difference. And thank you, I have chosen to NEVER wear, buy, sell or even donate Donna Karen stuff!

  • terrence says:

    wow, cruel human… so? the car you drove your self to work today was created by billionaires/millionaires who rape underdeveloped/undeveloped countries for the non-renewable resources everyday, that diamond, gold, silver, steel, nickel you are wearing, sitting on, typing with was torn out of the earth for the sole purpose of making money in the most cost-effective way… and here you are boycotting some bunny killer? get life in perspective people… change your selves first before you go condemning the world… self righteous hate mongering fanatics… only thing keeping you apart from being extremists is your fear of blood.

  • Pets Over People says:

    @ Animal Lover, I could not agree with you more! You said it, she is irrelevant anyway and I haven’t seen anyone wearing Donna Karan since Kid N Play had a hit. Love you, PETA!! 🙂

  • EliseStarz says:

    omg. I don’t know what else to say. Horrible!

  • diya says:

    This is never going to affect Ms. Donna Karan unless people stop buying her products and clothes! Love Kelly’s comment; she will come back as a bunny, and karma will bite her. Lying about using fur does not change the fact that she did use fur and kill animals for the sake of fashion… People start boycotting her products if you really want this to stop!

  • Ozzie says:

    Just how many of PETA’s celebrity members are actually non fur non animal skin wearers anyway? I’m really curious. What sort of twisted freak excuse for a human being would want to even consider wearing something that came from a living animal anyway? Fashion that includes cruelty is nothing but a shallow materialistic waste of money. Go and spend your hard earned dollars on something that didn’t involve pain and torment.

  • Irina Seifert says:

    Nobody needs your ugly clothes!

  • kelly says:

    I hope she comes back as a rabbit and meets herself.

  • ANIMAL LOVER says:

    Is DKNY even “in” anymore? A tasteless clothing line, a less than desirable designer….and now a lier. Thanks PETA for calling Donna Karen out on this one.

  • ANIMAL LOVER says:

    Thank you PETA for calling Donna Karen out on this one. Real fur doesn’t help her clothing line anyway….other designers surpass her by miles. Aside from being a tasteless designer, she is a lier and an animal killer.

  • anna Guizar says:

    Your clothes are ugly and the cruel blood on them makes you ugly….your also fat!

  • Peggy says:

    I will NEVER buy DKNY fashion. I wouldn’t want it even if it was given to me.Disgraceful and disgusting!!!

  • erika hughes says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a cruel, heartless, disgusting human being with no soul. I will NEVER give u a dime of my money again. I will be sure to tell anyone I can not to buy your products!!!

  • sunrise-express says:


  • Barbara Noon says:

    We are not fooled by your words, when fur is in your stores. Why would you use rabbit fur when there are substitutes? Spend some time with introspection.

  • kathy says:

    Is it surprising that she’s a liar considering she skins bunnies alive for money? Ethics certainly aren’t her forte. She uses “new age” as another fashion accessory.

  • Julie Roohi says:

    Hey Donna (aka DKNY), selling fur in your line is one thing, but lying about it and then selling it is another. I have a lot of DKNY in my closet, but until you give up this awful practice of murdering animals for the sake of fashion, I will not buy one more stich of clothing, perfume, or any other merchandize your are hocking. Count me off your list as a customer. Julie Roohi

  • Alicia says:

    I have a keen sense that if you look back to when you began designing clothing,long before you earning a penny that if you had a chance you would have made a promise to NOT use real fur if you could only have one chance. Now so disconnected, you care not how you continue to earn your living even when it includes taking a life of which you are NOT entitled to do. Make excuses, don’t read what concerned people think about but I can assure you that your ignorance will someday haunt you. I would not based on what I know buy one item with your name on it. Just one person here that believes you are being hypocritical and that therefore leaves a bad taste in my mouth with any association of your name. Please stop using animals for the small population who wear it, its is much better Karma!

  • Lisa clarke says:


  • jocelyn says:

    I won’t use or buy any product your company sells, if you dont stop the cruelty in your products. Will everybody I know knows that your company is not a cruelty-free as you promove.

  • Pamela Garlisch says:

    I used to buy your clothes all the time until I found out where and how you get your fur. I will not purchase ANYTHING with your name on it until you clean up your act and come clean! Is the almighty dollar worth so much to you? Why not spend your money in research and development trying to make a realistic FAUX fur?

  • Jennifer Trier says:

    I will never buy DKNY unless you decide to STOP using rabbit fur! This is a disgrace!

  • animal lover says:

    Hi, I don’t know how talented or famous you are, but I know you are so cruel. Stop selling fur!!!!! Have you got any heart?????

  • christine says:

    she’s disgusting..