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Don’t Let Your Kids Become Hookers

Written by PETA | September 21, 2011

Although I’m now a writer, my parents raised me to be a hooker—and my dad was even a preacher, for heaven’s sake! OK, I’m talking about hooking fish, which, while it may not be “the world’s oldest profession,” is long overdue for retirement. 

Unfortunately, PETA wasn’t around when I was a kid to help prevent me from getting caught up in the abuse of aquatic animals. But a brand-new anti-fishing campaign launched at the Seattle waterfront on Tuesday aims to do that for today’s kids. Seattle was picked for the first of a series of PETA actions leading up to Saturday’s National Fish Amnesty Day after being named one of the top 11 urban fishing cities in North America.


Many people stopped to take our leaflets and talk to the demonstrators. Some were so intrigued that they asked in-depth questions about how fish suffer when they are impaled in the mouth and pulled into an environment where they cannot breathe. These curious folks left agreeing that fishing is wrong. If two animal advocates can change these people’s minds, what could PETA’s 2 million members and supporters do?

All parents who fish send their kids the dangerous message that it’s entertaining to torment and abuse animals. Want to raise your kids to be compassionate toward fish instead of cruel? PETA can hook you up!


Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Robert says:

    You see there is a difference between a PETA member and a responsible fisherman/hunter, as a member of the second group there I respect nature and want to preserve it for future generations and what I take from nature is not wasted. I enjoy fishing, I enjoy hunting, but I don’t just go out and kill something just to kill it, I only take what I can eat and only what is legal. I respect the beliefs the members of PETA live by, but, that’s NOT my beliefs. PETA does not respect other lifestyles and wants to impose its beliefs on everyone. If you want to be a vegan than fine have fun enjoy but if I want to have some meat with my potatoes than that’s my choice, not yours! You see those of us who enjoy fishing and hunting want to coexist and help preserve nature, PETA members don’t want to coexist with nature, they want to be ruled by it.

  • Louie says:

    If so, I was wondering where would all of the funding for the conservation of aquatic ecosystems come from, if not for the fishermen who through buying gear and licences contribute over millions of dollars to conservation? Scientific research has shown that hooking a fish in the mouth does not cause it great harm unless something goes wrong and the fish is deeply hooked. Yes the fish do feel the hook but what the fish perceive we may never know because no one can speak fish. As for most fishermen they do respect what they catch and we do try our best for the fish to quickly return it back to the water as soon as possible with the least amount of handling possible. I accept and respect PETA but I do not agree with PETA. Why must we oppose each other and stir up hate in people. Should we not work together with everyone no matter who they are and strive to be stewards of the environment and everything in it? We are wrong to press our beliefs and views on others; so should we not simply present our views and allow for the people to decide themselves and simply respect them for it even if it is different than our own. I am a fisherman and a hunter and I respect the animals that I pursue, I am not out there to simply kill something I am there for food. All I am simply trying to say is respect one another even if you do not agree with them. Like I have said before I respect PETA but I do not agree with PETA.

  • Abacus J says:

    What has happened to my country God help us all

  • Saucy says:

    Reefcreature, The Lord was a fisher of man not a blood spilling reaf destroyer. Why is our government covering up the collapse of the ecosystems. Let’s lead the way in earth recovery. Com on USA. We can do it. You can do it. If the world would fast from all living creatures for seven years we might be able to turn this thing around.

  • Shinki says:

    Jeez why can’t you people just shut up and let people enjoy meat? No one is forcing anyone to go on a strict vegan diet so why try to cram your ideas down someone else’s throat?

  • DorothyVJ says:

    “Fishing” is a nice term for MURDER and all the people that defend it are out of touch and disconnected with life!! My dad took me fish murdering when I was a child and I was HORRIFIED!!My dad promptly ended the trip and stopped fishing himself! (See, older people can change their evil ways!) People that kill fish for amusement are SPECIESISTS, period, end of story. People need to find a better way to entertain themselves than taking another living beings life…

  • bug says:

    to be honest i cant fish, i cant kill things and be ok with it….but i dont think that fishing in general is the issue…the issue is how its done and that has been over looked for too long…if you prolong the death of anything its messed up, but hunting to eat for just u and your family i dont necessarily find to be bad there just needs to be grounds set for how its done.

  • Julie says:

    My brother took me fishing when I was a child. I realized then that it is very cruel, in fact, I felt sick at the sight of the cruelty. Of course fish feel pain! Thank you Peta for addressing this issue.

  • Sarah says:

    Sorry my Child Will fish.. I love fishing and that will be passed down to my child.. infact my neice went on her first fishing outing last weekend she loved it

  • reefcreature says:

    Come on PETA! do fish feel pain? i personally don’t know. i would think so but that is not going to stop me from fishing. my 9 year old granddaughter just recently took up fishing. to me it is a pleasure to spend quality time with her and there is no way i am going to tell her that it is wrong, because it is not wrong! if the Lord was a fisherman as well as a fisher of men then i see no wrong in catching fish whether it be by hook and line or by spearfishing which is my prefered method of HARVESTING fish. i teach my grandaughter to keep only what is legal and to keep only what can be eaten whether the limit is caught or not. PETAs misinformed and misguided approach does nothing but confuse children as well as some adults. Pauls comment is spot on.

  • Ben says:

    I agree with paul im all for the equal treatment of all life but without fishermen native fish that arnet suited to take forgien fish end up dying so if hook and net fishing is inhumane wouldnt it also be inhumane to let a other fish go extinct at the expense of another fish speices

  • Rufus Firefly says:

    So, PeTA is cheekily saying that being a hooker (as in prostitute) is bad, yet they are launching a hardcore porn site? Seriously PeTA, I’m with you on the issues of animal rights, but the porn site idea will completely undermine EVERYTHING you stand for and embarrass and drive away anyone who supports you. On to the article and the comments- killing fish does not amount to preserving, protecting, or appreciating wildlife. That “logic” is nuts.

  • Kaytee says:

    @Paul….you mean the fishermen are protecting the fish from what humans have done to the earth…? Right. That’s the whole point. Fishing and PRESERVING are actually completely different things. Of course those who ‘fish’ (kill animals brutally) want to make sure they can keep fishing (killing animals brutally). This actually has absolutely nothing to do with them being a good person. So, please…when you have a legitimately valid argument, please come back. Thanks

  • Yvanna Bresciani says:

    @Paul: Fishes are being overfished with hazardous methods that not only kill fish but any other sea creature you can name. By 2048 the fish stocks will collapse due to no more edible fish. Even if your child wanted to become a fisherman, he wouldn’t be able to. I advise you to watch End of the Line, for any further information.

  • Amparo Rally says:

    FINALLY!!! All my life I have heard over and over from fishermen, “oh they don’t feel anything, they don’t have nerves in their mouths.” Even as a 5 year-old that struck me as a blatantly self-serving lie and I never bought it for a second. At very least, I thought, they sure LOOK like they’re suffering but they just can’t scream and since we can’t ask them, let’s assume they are suffering and stop this horror. And even if they don’t feel pain, making an animal fight for its life for your entertainment is just as sick as it gets. Thank you PETA, for standing up for all animals, not just the cute and furry.

  • Paul says:

    Oh man, you guys are so miss guided. Soooooo many fisherman spend their lives helping restore and preserve our rivers, lakes and native fish. WIth out these people I would bet 100% that our fish would be in serious trouble. Your write up makes me so proud to educate my child to be a good person and not just some person that wants to take to a cause uninformed. If my child wants to be a fisherman I am going to encourage it 100%. Thank you.

  • melissam says:

    I have never understood fishing. I remeber going fishing once as a child (and never actually cathching anything)and asking if it would hurt the fish. I was told no because we were going to let them go and and the fish didnt mind which makes me laugh of course the friggin fish are going to mind.