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Don’t Buy Nestea—or Its Propaganda

Written by PETA | September 13, 2011

After we told you earlier this week how animals were being tormented and killed in crude experiments for Nestlé’s tea brand, Nestea, Nestlé went into crisis mode, furiously tweeting that its “#Nestea product has never been tested on animals.” But just like Nestlé’s tainted teas, you shouldn’t swallow its desperate attempt to spin the ugly truth.

While Nestlé’s final tea products may not be tested on animals, the ingredients of Nestlé’s tea products—including Nestea—have been repeatedly tested on animals, according to published studies. But don’t take our word for it—you can watch as Nestlé’s own U.S. CEO admits it. In these tests, mice and rats have been poisoned, electrically shocked, surgically mutilated, and decapitated.

Nestlé claims that “[a]ll safety authorities rely on animal testing as part of the dossier that industry has to provide to demonstrate that foods are safe when there is no history of safe use” and that Nestlé’s tea experiments on animals provide a basis for developing food with “novel ingredients,” i.e., that its tests are conducted for safety purposes. But not only has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) written to PETA stating that it’s “not aware of any circumstances that would result in the FDA requiring a food or beverage company to conduct laboratory experiments on animals,” Nestlé also forced animals to ingest common tea ingredients (green tea extracts, flavonoids, catechins, etc.) to determine their health properties, not safety. In fact, none of Nestlé’s published tea studies on animals that PETA identified involved tests for safety of the ingredients—meaning that Nestea’s “safety” claims are false.

You can learn more and send a message to Nestlé that cruelty to animals isn’t your cup of tea at


Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ever since this info went out Nestea products actually went on sale!! I went out today and bought tons of 2-liters of it before the prices went up.

  • AngryMaru says:

    Also, bad news for those going to Disney World – One pavilion in EPCOT, The Land in particular has been sponsored by Nestle (which is EXACTLY what Nestea is named after, so you’re stepping in bloody terrain there, buddy!). And also, the dolphins. My best bet for you tourists – STAY OUT OF EPCOT! You know it should definitely make sense!

  • claudeusgothicus says:

    To everyone sending letters of protest to the Nestea addy’s provided , you might also want to mention that you will no longer purchase products manufactured by, and/or those affiliated with Nestea. I’m sending letters to these companies in addition to the letters to Nestea. I just wish PETA had made that easier to do by providing the contact information for those companies also. Nestea is owned by Nestle, and they have an affiliation with Coco-Cola.

  • cathi says:

    I am an avid tea lover, but I WILL NOT drink I cleaned out cabinets today, I chucked a whole box of instant flavored tea in the trash! Thank you for posting the list of cruelty free teas…but my question is..if Nestea is OWNED by NESTLE…is NESTLE also doing testing of this kind in other products???

  • Creed says:

    i cant beleive how easily people are deceived into drinking into NASTEA. really makes me want to put a stop to this. together we can all make a difference.

  • 4mula1 says:

    ive heard it said not only are there many companys that not only do NO!! animal testing. but it isnt required by any law, and its done for legal reasons. (read below) “animal studies are done for LEGAL REASONS and not for scientific reasons. the predictive value of such studies for man is MEANINGLESS” 1964 james gallagher, medical director of lederle laboratories (uk).

  • Christian Gomez says:

    I’ve bought Nestea products for quite some time now.. I had no idea they could be so random, so cruel, such – i was going to say animals, but i don’t think animals behave this badly – they’re just horrible human beings. arizona iced tea here I come 😉

  • Amy says:

    Nestea is NASTEA!!! Shame on you. Karma….

  • Lisa says:

    Absolutely disgusting i had no idea that tea was tested on animals until Peta UK imformed the British public that PG tips was tested on animals yes we are aware that cosmetics etc are tested but it was a huge shock to find that tea is tested not just me but people family and friends i told were totally shocked, that is why i ony drink Twinings now, anything and everything seems to be used for testing why the hell do they feel the need to torture and abuse animals all for the sake for a cup of tea???

  • Rahul says:

    Thanks for sharing this information..sharing it with all my friend circle…

  • Coren Direbrew says:

    Nestea the “NO” Tea