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Dogs in Taiwan Left to Drown or Starve to Death

Written by PETA | July 30, 2008

This was one of the dogs PETA Asia-Pacific found in horrible conditions.
Dog in ShanChong Shelter

For many years, PETA Asia-Pacific has been trying to work with the government-run animal shelter in the city of Sanchong (and others in Taiwan) to improve animals’ conditions. Rather than improving over the years, the lives of animals housed there—some of whom used to be people’s companion animals—have grown more hellish.

Although PETA Asia-Pacific has documented poor protection from the elements and a gross lack of veterinary care—including for dogs immobilized because of illness and left to die amid their own waste—the situation has gone from bad to worse. As a typhoon swept through the area, workers released 30 dogs (perhaps to avoid having to dispose of their bodies afterward) rather than simply moving them to higher ground for protection. The “shelter” sits in a flood plain where there is nothing for the dogs to eat and no way for them to escape their pens and avoid drowning.

Please help us make a difference in Taiwan by sending an e-mail urging ShanChong city officials to shape up and take their responsibility to care for these animals seriously.

Posted by Sean Conner

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  • Janice says:

    I adopted a stray puppy from Taiwan last summer. When she was found at 5 months old her leg was so damaged it had to be amputated. They figure she was either hit by a car or caught in a trap – they set bear traps for the stray dogs there. TUAPA, a volunteer pet shelter took my puppy in, gave her the treatment she needed and paid for her to fly to Toronto to be adopted out in Canada through the Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario. Harley and the doberman I already had became the best of friends immediately. She was the perfect addition to our family and I would recommend adopting a dog from Taiwan to anyone!

  • Ben says:

    I adopted a tiny Labrador puppy nearly 12 years ago. I had a puppy when I was a boy, but my father made me leave him outside to fend for himself. When I found this baby boy I had my own house. I brought him inside. I fed him, I cleaned him, exercised him, and most of all, gave him my heart.Today, he’s older,his hearing isn’t so good, and he moves a little slower. But every night, he snuggles up to me because he knows I’ll plant a ton of kisses on him, just like I did when he was a puppy, and he’ll move from the foot of he bed to my pillow for more. Pets should be treated like the angels they are, not like shit!!

  • Branden798 says:

    I have four dogs and hurts me deeply just to even hear a dogs cry. just because we have weapons doesnt mean were not animals i feel that the common housefly is smarter than us at somethings that we do.

  • Lois says:

    I hate animal cruelty of any kind. Those poor dogs! Where does the mindset come from that makes people treat creatures this way?

  • brenda says:

    We need to save the animals in Taiwan and educate the People how to treat animals. God bless you.

  • Cindy says:

    Taiwan is not China. if you are making this statement pls get your facts straight otherwise you are spreading false truths which doesn’t help in getting compassion. Taiwan is a separate country with it’s own govt currency military and policies with other nations. It is in no way a communist country like china where they treat dogs far far worse.

  • dave says:

    while i am totally behind getting something done about the situation in taiwan i find a lot of these comments equating taiwan with china pretty damn ignorant. here’s a tip before you comment take a chance to get to know the sociopolitical situation there. for example part of the reason taiwan continues to escape condemnation for its animal rights and environmental abuses is due to the fact it cannot be privy to any international laws or treaties because it cannot be technically viewed as a sovereign state. the place is a democracy unlike China and it can be improved through the collective will of its people. i’ve seen it improve even over the last ten years so perhaps we’re getting somewhere but ignorant comments will simply not lend any credibility to the cause so get educated you are making us look bad.

  • Jaci says:

    It’s part of the culture. They throw people away too. I live and teach here. It would break your heart to see it in person. It’s everywhere and not just with cats and dogs. Taiwan is not China. I hear it’s much worse there. Could the AKA name a special “breed” of Taiwan dog and make rescuing them more popular?

  • kris says:

    I live in the U.S. and I just adopted a stray dog from Taiwan and he is the easiest sweetest most loyal guy. So easy to train. Sweet Home Rescue and many others are trying to bring these beautiful dogs here to the U.S. to help them avoid torture. Get yourself a Taiwanese dog today!!

  • Fennie says:

    My sister runs a dog shelter in Taiwan. She devotes all her time savings and income to save stray dogs. She’s told me outrageous incidents that broke my heart. We grew up with a lovely dog in Taiwan and love dogs trememdously. Many animal activists yes there are animal activists in Taiwan want to present the world with the terrible stray dogs problem in Taiwan and hope the international community will apply pressure on the goverment to pass laws to protect dogs. I understand how the PETA’s story upset manys. However I can tell you that there are many volunteers and people like my sister who are devoting their lives saving stray dogs. They are also working hard to push the government to pass legislation to enhance the animal welfare. There is hope but presure from the international community will be a great help to the dogs in Taiwan.

  • Yvonne says:

    I have recently returned Dec 2008 from a 4 months trip to Taiwan and was shocked and horrified to find how such a so called civilized country like Taiwan is treating its animals worst than garbage. The streets are infested with stray dogs in poor conditions sick abused hungry furless. This is like a trip to hell seeing all these horrifying living creatures playing out daily on Taiwan’s street. There are no government laws enforcement to stop these cruel and inhumane treatment of animals there. People can throw away animals without any punishment because nobody can track them down they are not legally required to chip the animals. There are so many unregulated dogcat sellers and abusers who are never being punished because of the government’s ineffective regulations. All their animals laws are just on paper for public relationship and never enforced. Some of government shelters even sell dogs they caught in dog meat black markets. They were paid bonus for catching stray dogs by weight. Until one day those corrupted and greed driven government officials clean up their own act and were serious around solving this problem these poor souls will keep suffering. I believe it all begins with government’s serious action and education can these poor souls be helped. One way to encourage them to change is to boycott their tourism industry. All they care is money so money is the best tool to send them a message about their barbaric inhumane behavior. PETA please kindly use your international power to help these poor souls. I was there and know deeply how shitty their life are on streets.

  • Xena says:

    Perhaps you all should boycott everything made in China. Where all lifeeven human is cheap. That’s what happens when there is too many of anythingit becomes a surplus and is no longer considered valuable.

  • Vickie says:

    httpwww.savedogs.orgforumarticleview.html?fno7840 There is a dog’s picture from above The dog just left to die in Taiwan’s shelter. That is really an outrange! I just hope Taiwan’s goverment can do something to change it!

  • Vickie says:

    Things that happen to animals in Taiwan are beyond most of the public’s comprehension. They shock the souland any animal loving person to tears. I reall hope those global attention can really wake up Taiwan’s goverment!

  • sarah says:

    this is discusting! WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE THINKING?!

  • Jenny says:

    Please help these poor animals suffering in Taiwanese government owned animal shelters. Can’t say all but a lot of these people who worked in the shelters treat animals like garbages….. The only thing Taiwanese government afraid of is global attention. So please use the link the send emails and let Taiwanese government know you care and have them take action on improving those shelters…. Thank you.

  • Edda Niebank says:

    Please please help those animals

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Lynda my email came back also. There is no excuse for these conditions what so ever. The government needs to help out. And when the Typhoon hit there are ways to take care of the animals instead of turning them loose. We have a vacation home in Grand Cayman so a few years ago I wanted to learn everything about the people that I could. I went to their Humane Society to learn about what they do with the animals when a hurricane is on the way. Many families on the island belong to the H.S. and many people refuse to leave their homes during the storm these people sign up to take anywhere from 1 to 3 animals and care for them in their homes during the storm. It works great. After the storm the animals are returned and many of these folks end up adopting the animals they cared for. I think this is just a fantastic idea and it works out just great. I wish all the countries could follow their lead. Its a great idea. And it works. This is just awful. Something truly needs to be done to stop this and people need to start respecting animal life. This is just pathetic! Anyone that can turn their back on this has no soul. Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • emma turner says:

    How can you expect people to respect animals if they do not respect their own race. People can help themselves animals need our help so please help these creatures.

  • Carol R Hill says:

    These pictures make me really cry because these innocent animals didn’t ask to be born. They would give up their own lives for their owners and never think about it how come they don’t the same for them. This is just not fair but that is the way they feel about their own humans there so what can you expect when it comes to animals. If I had the money or the where with all I would get on plane and take all of those animals and bring back to the United States but we have so many here that not treated well either. But the more presure brought to bear on them the more they do the opposite that is sad to say but it is so true. I wish with all of heart that they would listen. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF HIS CREATURES LARGE OR SMALL NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE AS I AM SURE HE WILL!!!

  • alison ferro says:

    Peta can and should help these poor animals. Obviously if it has gone from bad to worse for this shelter someone needs to stepup to the plate at Peta and help them. We cannot depend on the government officials to do something because they too are obviously looking the other way.

  • lynda downie says:

    My email came back ‘undeliverable’.

  • Debra DAmbrose says:

    these animals deserve better than to be abandoned like that the world now knows how badly the animals in china are treatedstarved brutely beaten and skined alive for their furto let them loose in the streetsto be abused even more is inexcusible. I dont understand how human beings can be so cruleI pray the small dedicated group of asianpacific can achieve there goal of raising funds to help these animals they are an inspiration to us all I for one will not be watching the olympics but will be making a donation very soon

  • T says:

    Please let outsiders in to help care for these animals in this overwhelming time for you. I’m sorry for what has happened but that is no excure to force these poor animals to endure this horriffic fate. Please open your heart. T

  • Lisa Kotke says:

    This is absolutely disgustingthe evil that men do! This world is soon to end…and I thank God for that.

  • Jim says:

    I wish I was surprised. In fact it’s exactly what I expected to see. How dare any country in need ever ask for assistance when they have the power to assist their own powerless and they do nothing. Funny how one of the oldest civilizations on the planet can be so uncivilized!

  • Supermodel4u305 says:

    If what Joe Levesque says is true then maybe Peta should investigate this and and donate some money and volunteers so that they can see how to properly take care of these animals and what to do in case of natural disasters. This is indeed extremely sad and we should all try to do something to prevent this in the future because no innnocent animal should ever have to suffer

  • K says:

    why cant people rescue these animals and bring them to the US to get medical treatments then go up for adoption? cant we save these poor animals? they dont deserve this

  • bbr says:

    This doesn’t shock me. They have half the worlds population in their country. I would assume they only care about themselves if even that.

  • Mister Jingles says:

    Just horrible the human being seems to be the devil of this planet!

  • Carla says:

    Bottom line…. NO COMPASSION!!! SICK SICK SICK!! Help as many as you can help Peta Asia you have our support!! God bless them.

  • Natalie says:

    Geeeeesssusss just when you think campanion animals cant get any poorly treated? this happens…! It isnt their fault that they have takin form soo far below us?

  • lynda downie says:

    What a disgrace to treat animals like this.

  • angel alcazar says:

    I kindly ask for you to make some action and protect and thesthese beautiful animals. they have a soul emotions cry give birth and love just like you and I do so why let them die? please if a single soul can read this I humbly ask for you to make some action and take serious care for these animals

  • Joe Levesque says:

    I worked for Nortel in Taipei for a few months and discovered that there are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs some small mixed breed predominateson the loose in that city alone. PETA i support and endorse 99 of your petitions but these people are trying and what is required is federal help and some kind of grantlike from your affiliates to solve a tragic national problem.

  • Stacy says:

    How cruel can a person be?

  • Candy Silva says:

    Hey China if you want to be a super power get some compassion for animals and clean up your fur trade industry

  • grace says:

    Please take care of God’s creatures who cannot care for themselves. They also feel pain and lonliness. Please do the right thing. God bless you.